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the noosphere IS the matrix

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Ermolai, I read the hyperlink posted above and it does contain some valid points, Some which I'd like to expand on at a later date. The subject of drugs can be a bit slippery. Siri Arc has mentioned alchemy above which is a key point that deals with intent. Intent changes things.While I will totally agree that there is a band of children that are hedonically masturbating with drugs, there are some plant teachers that fall into a different category, the main one being Ayahuasca which is an alchemical elixr that mirrors  DMT as produced by the body exogenously. Many people are being helped and healed by this thing seemingly. The type of information that comes out of this vein is different and suggestive of another type of transcendence.
It is well known that the pineal gland has been beaten down by our ways of living that have gained force over time. There are many environmental poisons and vibratory pollutions that would seem against the awakening of the pineal, man's gateway to perception of multi-dimensions. EG, flouride, TV, cell phones, 60 cycle power, all false frequency grids. Shamanic use of this thing can be alchemical, it depends on the person and the intent. The astral worlds are a trap, I agree. We have to go beyond all that.
There is a unity beyond that unity. Ultimately I think its where you are in your heart that hooks you up to the greater reality, but even those words fall short of what I am trying to convey.
The fact that we live in a totally veiled reality has been very difficult for some types of beings that have incarnated here, some who may have come to serve this world, but got overwhelmed in the process because things changed along the way.
Even the LSD experience may have served as a valid part of someones path if it was used with that intent. What tends to happen is people get stuck in certain places and fail to realize and move on. Also the ego wants to make everything as itself. Siri Arcs mention of diversity at the top is inspiring.
Just a few thoughts.


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StarCat wrote:

There is a unity beyond that unity. Ultimately I think its where you are in your heart that hooks you up to the greater reality.......

The fact that we live in a totally veiled reality has been very difficult for some types of beings that have incarnated here, some who may have come to serve this world, but got overwhelmed in the process because things changed along the way.

Encounter at Farpoint

So Phi A / Gaia

Held captive [in the archonic matrix] as a ‘reality’ Generator

Barely kept alive by a trickle of energy

Later, Picard, Riker, and Troi beam down to the station to meet with Groppler Zorn, who seems very reluctant to answer questions concerning the construction processes of the station's power plant. Troi begins to sense powerful, yet despairing emotions, coming from an unknown nearby location.

Picard begins to suspect what is going on and accuses Zorn of capturing and exploiting as Farpoint's power source an entity similar to the jellyfish entity before them, one able to convert energy into matter. 

The crew pieces together the puzzle of what has been going on, realizing that the space entity was attempting to punish the Bandi people for enslaving its wounded kin and forcing it to change itself into the form the Bandi desired - that of Farpoint station itself.

Picard decides to give what he hypothesizes is a weakened entity on the planet's surface the energy it needs.

Farpoint Station absorbs and stores the energy of the beam, and a change occurs on the planet and the impressive center complex of Farpoint Station transforms into a living creature, floating up to meet what Picard guesses is its mate.

The Energy Factor / Light / Information

Sets Gaia Free and SHE is once again The NooSphere / So Phi A

And The Journey of Discovery Continues

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Awesome analogy SiriArc
and, when we " Become The Other " nothing matters as is once did
I had not made the Phi connection
The Organians


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Great thread, just read through this... Must add to the choir of praise for SiriArc, you are doing good work and it shows..

One thing that I kind of reacted to was this, quote SiriArcs third post here:
"Jose Arguelles believes that the planets are extrusions of the Sun, grounding information and energies received from distant star systems and Hunab Ku, the galactic center."

Now I know this isn't necessarily, exactly, a novel thought... But I kind of like it anyway, and besides, I've had sort of intuitive thoughts about this exact thing without having it input from anywhere else beforehand (quite a while ago now)... And when I first had those thoughts, I felt comforted and eased by them.

So what do people think, is this view as described by Arguelles accurate, or... ?

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Hehehe... SiriArc passed the abyss.

... and ate choronzon for a snack on the way. cool

no signs of indigestion yet. tongue

Love is the law, love under will.
     Zejith Themis

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For those reading these words .... the time is now ... you know why and what you are here for ... to hold and shine the human spirit for the others to see in their hour of darkness  ... there are no accidents ...  go out and let your human spirits reach out and touch ... everyone has a purpose and serves a function ... very soon you will know what you must do ... after harmonic shift 777 those in alignment will find themselves in accelerated healing and progression of peace and harmony ... aligning with those of similar resonance locally or globally ... what seemed difficult before will become much easier and flowing to you ... this is the harmonic law ... most if not all we say will come to be in this your lifetime and sooner ... it has already started ... as you accelerate towards zero-point .. divide-by-zero ...

Beneath your dream lit eyes ... sleep has driven you away far from within ... as you lay fast asleep in our arms ... we wonder where you are .... you still shine as bright as the stars did a million years ago ... deep sleep and vivid dreams are all you crave  .... as you travel light years across the milky way .... behind you ... earth is beautiful blue ... and there is nothing you can do .... to your heart you become a slave

.... until another time ... another place .... where SILENCE and PEACE shall speak as loud as war once did .... and MOTHER EARTH RETURNS to what SHE was before ....


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Great thread, just read through this... Must add to the choir of praise for SiriArc, you are doing good work and it shows..

...I agree with ontrack 24,

but also with the link that ermolai wrote.

So I am as confused as ever. Let me get this straight: the linking up of our consciousness into an artificial grid of false oneness unified by group central nervous system is the noosphere, but then it will transform into a true breakthrough of consciousness from those that pull away from it? Yes, no maybe? We have to let the matrix think we are "there" in order to truly have the freedom to resist it? There is no matrix after it has been bliss inducted with good cosmic vibes? A little help here.-lala

don't judge a book by its name

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The bottom line, Working Premise from this Zone:

IS and IS that WE are a Starship

Programmed and Sent From The Heart Of A Deeper Understanding

To Heal a distortion IN The ALLness Of This Set

YOU Are A Synergy Transducer

YOU Will Blend this, that and the other thing.......

The Result Will BE Uniquely:

For YOUR Edification:

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Why is the reward of trying to expand awareness always more work in trying to expand awareness? Thanks SiriArc, I will read those threads more in depth.-lala

don't judge a book by its name

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The Great Work Of Darkness And Light:

Transmute > Transform > Transcend


Modern archeologists have proven that the holy temples of Egypt and the cathedrals of the Middle Ages were based on human proportions and designed to symbolically represent man. In fact, the human form embodied in sacred architecture is symbolic of the Perfected Man, the final stage of man's evolution, his ultimate divinization or union with the Divine Mind.

   The Great Work of alchemy is to speed up this natural process of perfection and resurrect the spiritual essence of man that has become trapped in matter.

     Every human being participates in alchemy, whether in a conscious manner (through the intentional perfection and manifesting of one's higher nature) or through the tumult and suffering of worldly experiences that finally lead to increased spiritual awareness.

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nice thread Siriarc! You recommended reading Blood Music by Greg Bear and I finished reading it today and by golly it was a good read. I was always a fan of Greg Bear and read a few of his other books and this is sure one of his great ones. The noosphere is an interesting concept too. I like the name 'noosphere' hehe

"The universe is on fire with wonder, beauty, and ecstasy." - From the Undines to Humanity

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SiriArc wrote:

Steiner believed that the best way to oppose ‘evil’ is not through strident protest and negativity (which tends to be the monotonous approach of the Left), but by simply creating what is ‘good.’

Ahhhhhhhhhh : ) : ) : )

Thank You, SiriArc,
For showing Me that Someone has actually written about something I have been saying to Folks for years to try and help make it perfectly clear. I also believe that every unselfish good We create in front of Us in the now will be expanded ten-fold in the ether and shine upon the whole of life!

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Via MOnTalk[sup]TM[/sup]’s Link Here:   #9.......

[highlight]The Bridge[/highlight]

I have a question.  Every day we wake to violations perpetrated by a wounded race.  The more we are aware, the more we are prone to vast, transpersonal grief and anger.  I empathize with those who simply close down. How can we bear the vast grief and anger that burden the open heart?

There are many partial answers, from passionate action to therapy to mystical surrender.  All are valid but miss a fundamental point.  We can learn to transmute our private woe but we are not designed to carry or process global suffering.

I could not resolve this problem without the help of Tara.  This is what she says:

To all who read this: I know the aspirations of your heart.  I know that you long for everyone to be restored to their true estate.  You want to help.  I know that time and density have wounded you.  I know your courage.

You came to help, and you need help to carry on.  You need resources.  You need reSource.  The root of the problem is your seeming separation from your source-self.  Please contemplate these images:

Your source-self is your home, your base, your mothership, your family of being.  Even these images can only hint at your source-self’s power, intelligence and love. You are part of this resplendent being-system, unique and irreplaceable.

You lost the knowing that you are designed to receive help on every level.  Let us focus on a single consequence.  See the image of the mothership, a beautiful and complex light formation, like a star. You left the ship and came down to the planet’s surface.  In fact you were an extension of the ship.

You came down to scout the local situation and relay your data to the mothership. You had a built in communications link by which you could send and receive information.  For a while everything was fine. Then something happened.  The density of the illusion dulled your energy.  You began to forget who you are and what you are a part of.  Eventually you imagined yourself to be separate and alone.  Your communication link was silent.  The mothership did not receive your data.  You did not receive the ship’s transmissions. But you were still recording information.

You are recording now.  Consider what this means.  You are aware, through media and your sensing, of many things that violate your fellow human.  You know the effect of malice and stupidity.  What do you do with the information? You store it in your body and your subtle fields.  You try to sort it.

Whereas you are responsible for your own creations, you are not designed to sort this massive information. You end up carrying vast anger, and its isotope, vast grief.  In your body.  How can you manage a burden which regenerates from day to day? There are familiar strategies, some of which may offer some relief. Everything from therapies to numbing.  None of them really do the trick.

You need a way to release the backlog of information that is encoded as vast anger/grief, and to keep releasing.  Back to the data-link.  In your time it has been restored.  Remember, it is two-way.  You can use it to release the stored emotion.

In our image, the mothership is equipped to sort and analyze the information that you carry.  All you have to do is send it.  Here is how you do it.  The data-link is an energy bridge which connects you to the higher levels of your being.  Through it you receive.  Many people do not know that they are designed to use it to transmit.

The bridge is real.  Take this on as true.  Now, intend to send your information.  Much of this is stored in your lower body.  When you intend, you activate the process.

You do not need to bring the material into awareness. Indeed it is often better not to.  Send it up through your body’s central channel and its extension, the bridge of energy.  Ask your helpers to assist, if need be.  Keep doing this until you feel relief.  Make this releasing part of daily practice.

Some are ashamed of the heavy emotions that they carry.  From our point of view, the emotions encode the data that we need to do our work, to help you.  What may be junk to you, to us is valuable.  Let us do the processing.

Your electrical and central nervous systems will be relieved.  Your data-circuitries will be cleared of static.  Some bearable grief and anger will remain.  That is for you to convert into motivational energy.  You are here to help.  Once you become lighter - once you have shed data-mass, as Ray has called it, you will be clearer and more empowered to act.

Tara, in service, like the sun.

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