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Human beings are on a journey of awareness,
which has been momentarily interrupted by extraneous forces.
Carlos Castaneda, Magical Passes

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Re: Archons: "reality"/belief as a "Foreign Installation"

I heard John Lash, who created much of the metahistory site, on the Coast to Coast radio show and I liked the way that he presented his ideas.

Re: Archons: "reality"/belief as a "Foreign Installation"

Karmapolis Interview with John Lash


Castaneda's The Active Side of Infinity:

"In order to keep us obedient and meek and weak, the predators engaged themselves in a stupendous maneuver - stupendous, of course, from the point of view of a fighting strategist. A horrendous maneuver from the point of view of those who suffer it. They gave us their mind! Do you hear me? The predators give us their mind, which becomes our mind. The predators' mind is baroque, contradictory, morose, filled with the fear of being discovered any minute now."

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Re: Archons: "reality"/belief as a "Foreign Installation"

More on the Archons from John Lash:

"But Gnostics also had sublime good news to impart. They had a beautiful message about what guides us, the insuperable power of knowing that inheres in us and cannot be deviated. (This I call the wisdom endowment, or Sophianic endowment.) They presented a grand cosmic story in which humanity is intimately allied with the Goddess Sophia of the Pleroma, She who becomes Gaia. This story describes how Jehovah and the Archons were produced by the “fall of Sophia,”  before our world was created by Her embodiment. Then, when the earth emerged, it was captured in the planetary system, habitat of the Archons. Gnostics taught that these inorganic entities influence us by a kind of telepathic link. They use the power of suggestion when our attention is dulled by fatigue or over-stimulation. Gnostic texts contain vivid accounts of first-hand encounters with Archons, and they explain the motives and methods of the alien forces in explicit language.

But the message of Gnosticism is not "Blame it on the Archons." Far from it. The core teaching of Gnosis specifies that this alien species is not an autonomous force of evil that works against us. The Archons represent error, not evil. They do not cause mistakes in our learning process, but they affect our thinking so that our mistakes go undetected and extrapolate beyond the scale of correction. If we cannot correct our minds and redirect our actions, we cannot participate in Gaia’s process of alignment with the Pleroma, the celestial Gods.

Hence the Archons present a special test in our effort to recognize and actualize our divine endowment.

And the Archons are, after all, our cosmic cousins, the offspring of Gaia-Sophia, though in a different way than we are. They are not the only extra-human species with which we have contact on earth, but they are unique in their predatory role. Gnostics taught that not all that happens in our minds originates there. This is an occult observation, compatible with the most advanced theories of noetic science today. It is, I would say, the single most important concept in the entire field of cognitive psychology. It explains how humans can be programmed to act in deviant and destructive ways, contrary to good sense, compassion, gut emotion, personal conscience, and their sense of humanity. Since the agents of the global program of domination (the "Illiminati") use occult techniques of mind control, understanding the Archon thesis of the Gnostics can alert us to how we are being manipulated. The implications of “Archon theory”  are profoundly practical and far-reaching."


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Siri Arc I find your investigations fascinating.

"It is a real land, a pure land of the highest vibration. It exists before the formless infinite.
.....The energy of that place is not predatory, so only the truest intent and the purest attainment can herald entry."
Words of Don Juan from The Art of Sexual Energy by Merilyn Tunneshende.


Re: Archons: "reality"/belief as a "Foreign Installation"

It is a real land, a pure land of the highest vibration. It exists before the formless infinite.
.....The energy of that place is not predatory, so only the truest intent and the purest attainment can herald entry.

And Soon

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Re: Archons: "reality"/belief as a "Foreign Installation"

Siri Arc I am in with your message and I also love the Cats
You honor me and all
Love to the Kiindred and going home
What a way to feel


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Ok this stuff is a must read for serious students of Metaphysics.
Short cut and paste for effect follows.

This is very important, The Aeon Sophia is the Planetary Spirit [Goddess] of Earth [Gaia].

"Now we must try to imagine what Sophia dreams as She contemplates the template of Atu Kadmon, the Anthropos, before Her plunge. While She is still within the proper limits of the Pleroma, She produces the Dreaming of a world to come. Yet She does so in an anomalous manner, by Herself, without pairing off and sharing Her vision with another Aeon. This is, not a violation, but a departure from the usual operations of "cosmic law." "For it is the will of the Originator not to allow anything to happen in the Pleroma apart from a syzygy." (NHLE 1996, p. 486. Syzygy, pronounced SIZZ-uh-GEE, means pairing, coupling.) The will of the Originator does not constrain the Generators, the Aeons who always remain free to act without a counterpart.Let's imagine that in the original moment of Her Dreaming, Sophia previews a world order that might arise for Atu Kadmon, the human species, but this is not in fact the world order that does arise from Her descent. The material of Trim. Prot. and other texts, as well as the polemic paraphrases, all agree on one crucial point: when Sophia plunges from Pleroma, the effects that She produces in elementary matter are weird and unexpected. She has an initial vision of a world order, yes, and presumably She retains it on Her descent, but the world system in which She becomes enmeshed does not entirely and consistently reflect Her original moment of Dreaming. Sophia's trimorphic protennoia, the threefold primal intent of her Dreaming, was skewed by unforeseen conditions outside the Pleromic Core.
he Coco De Mer represents - pictures graphically - the triple world system Sophia originally intended to emanate.
In Her solitary dreaming Sophia imagined a threefold world order far out in the galactic limbs - a planetary system consisting of one star, a planet and a moon, but this was not the system that arose due to Her fall. The Gospel of Philip contains a famous one-liner that describes this bizarre development: "The world came about through a mistake." (NHC II, 3, 75.1)

.....The "mistake" cited in the Gospel of Philip was not the act of solitary Dreaming by the Aeon Sophia, but the unforeseen impact of Her plunge from the Pleroma. Her tumultuous descent into the galactic limbs produced conditions that resulted in the emergence of a planetary system distinct from Earth. This is the kosmos  we inhabit, the realm of the Archons who arose first, before Earth did. In the language of materialistic science, the cosmos outside Earth is the realm of inorganic chemistry. ..."


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Re: Archons: "reality"/belief as a "Foreign Installation"

Here is a Tim Boucher article where he goes beyond the interesting, but perhaps simplistic connection that John Lash makes in that Aliens = Archons.  Tim suggests that the concept of Archons may represent the whole Matrix Control System, of which the aliens are a part:


I just finished listening to the John Lash interview from Coast to Coast. In it, he talks at great length about the supposed connection between the archons mentioned in certain gnostic texts, and the greys and reptilian aliens encountered in modern UFO phenomenon. It was certainly an interesting interview, and well worth listening to, but I just wanted to highlight certain aspects of it which veered off very much from my own particular interpretation of that and other fundamental gnostic points.

In the meantime, if you haven’t already, I recommend checking out Lash’s work at There’s tons of reading material there and excellent food for thought. Or start out with this article by him elsewhere, The Gnostic Theory of Alien Intrusion. You can also brush up on thoughts of mine on archons and aliens and some other possible connections I uncovered at an older post.

Fantastic Planet actually put together an excellent article on the topic several weeks ago, which covered one of my major talking points already. In the interview, and on the site, Lash seems to more or less exclusively get on board with the idea that archons and aliens are definitely (or at least probably) literally the same thing. In this article, FP espouses the idea that rather than being the “same thing,�  modern day aliens seem to operate more as part of what Jacques Vallee believed was sort of a bizarre esoteric control system for humanity. And that the archons were somehow above and beyond that as sort of shadowy controllers.

I’m also especially interested in looking at the more symbolic view of archons. To me, that is the most valuable use of the concept. Archons aren’t merely occult entities or transdimensional aliens - as intriguing as either of those sound. They are in fact much more. They represent the inhuman, the inauthentic, and the dark obsession with control and power. They represent a mindset and a hardening of the heart. Their way of relating to people as objects to be controlled and taken advantage of can be taken up by anyone who loses sight of themselves and what’s really important.

For me, the closest I can get to a literal interpretation of who or what the archons really are is when conspiracy theorists use the word “they�  or “them.�  It becomes sort of a catch-all, a container which encompasses those in the real government who would rule rather than serve, to those in shadowy cabals pulling strings, to interdimensional tricksters.


Beyond issues of control, I’d also pull in attitudes and actions which are just totally artificial. Or any time we’re offered a chance to really and truly connect to another human being in a meaningful way, and we totally shut down or shut off.

I wouldn’t quite equate archons with “sin"  because I don’t specifically agree with the Christian concept of it. Actually, the word “sin" as it appears in the Bible is said to be a translation from a Greek word which means “to miss the mark."  A lot of people seem to construe sinning as being a total piece of shit moral fuckup. But if you look at it in this sense of “missing the mark,�  it actually means you’re trying to hit the target. Of course, as you go along and get better, you’re naturally going to miss the mark. It’s part of how you become a skilled marksman. With this in mind, I’d sooner equate archon-type activity as just not even aiming for the target. It’s not that you’re trying and missing, it’s that you totally gave up trying.

While this is perhaps a lot less flashy or succint of an explanation than “archons = aliens�  I find it personally to be of much greater use in my own life. Cause while I’ve never encountered an alien/archon in the flesh, there are definitely times where I’ve become one temporarily or had to deal with people who had been taken over by this mindset - and to me, that’s actually a lot scarier.


Here is a link to the article: … onnection/

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Re: Archons: "reality"/belief as a "Foreign Installation"

The Parasitic Factor by whatever name

Is Being Uncreated


Snips From: … arius.html

The Origins of Evil

I have long desired to explain how humankind’s penchant for sadism, cruelty and injustice came into being. In the course of the book I advanced the rather controversial theory which involves the intervention of alien beings from distant galaxies who, upon their arrival to our planet, engaged in several genetic hybridization experiments. As a result of their pernicious transgenic experiments, homo sapiens inherited a divided biology and divided psyche. These illegal and immoral invasions into the biological sovereignty of our ancient ancestors caused man to be perpetually at war with himself. His schizophrenic nature has given rise to schizogenic societies infested with injustice, crime, delinquency and perversity.

As I advocate in my other works, there can be no hope of positive change in our world until the true origins of the high malfeasance are understood, and until men take proactive responsibility for their corrupted inner psychic condition.

In fact, it is this author’s belief that we are now in the last days of the old paradigm. The time is coming soon when both protagonist and antagonist are going to have to face the legacy of the past and face the celestial forces which enter to restore balance and justice.

Our adversary is both a mutilator and a scavenger. It is a virus within the ailing body politic. It is literally a cunning alien force which has infected us with its own nature. It is within us as much as it is out there in our world. We are its prey and also its carriers. We are also its enemy by default. It hates us and, therefore, we are either of its kind and under its power, or we are its sworn opponents. In light of this, my study is not for everyone. It has been composed for the new generation of Opposers imbued with an ardent and unquellable Spirit of Rebellion. It is a manifesto for those who will, in their time, see the demise of the agents of evil, and the expiration of their control. It is not for those who cannot, at this time, comprehend the severity of the infamy in their world, or who lack the spirit of contradiction.

History, as we know it, will cease to exist, and the lives we have been living will be over, once and for all. The approaching revelations concerning our origins, history and destiny, together with the exposure of the roguery of clerical, academic and political demagogues, will occur because of changes occurring within the psyche of human beings, which is itself mapped in the stars. It is because of subtle, yet radical, inner changes within our hearts and minds, that the collective changes, visible to us on the external stage, are going to take place. It is this fact that must be remembered while we remain observant of the course of external events upon the world’s omni-directional stage.

These beings of strange birth certainly had the high scientific intelligence of their alien masters, but they also possessed of a different kind of wisdom that was wholly unknown and quite incomprehensible to their alien masters from distant stars. Homo Atlantis, had soul – the ‘Violet Ray.’ They had an umbilical connection to the Earth-Mother, and direct access to the Universal Intelligence. They operated from the Whole Mind, and knew themselves to be unique, under the stars. And so, after an undisclosed sojourn, Homo Atlantis decided to vacate the gardens of Atlantis, and after their subsequent exodus, they founded their own advanced civilization upon the continent of Oceana. There, where the Pacific is today, they founded the civilization of Lemuria.

In our own ‘Race Memory’ we still contain the engrams (encoded imprints) of this period. We all contain deep ancestral memories of the destruction of continents, civilizations, and of all the subsequent phenomena that resulted from this monumental upheaval. We also contain within us the memory of previous times, when life was harmonious and pleasant, and in which there was no evil, no slavery or disease.

As a result of the prolonged and intense genetic experimentation, all living humans contain within their biology human and alien DNA. Moreover, it was this transgenic experimentation which caused what we know as evil to come into the world and into our consciousness. Evil does not come into being due to the flawed mechanics of nature. Nature is in perfect harmony from the largest neutron star to the smallest quantum particle. Nature would, therefore, not be likely to so blunder as to create a proclivity in her highest species so lethal as to undermine her own sublime order. The human beings who believe this fiction are laboring under one of the greatest of all fallacies, and will inherit perdition as a result of this chronic misapprehension. No, evil does not come into the world because of any organic failure in nature’s laws, but from constant tinkering with, and violation of, nature’s inviolate ordinances.

The truth concerning the themes that I deal with (of alien visitation, the origins of evil and of secret societies, etc,) could not be wholly or lucidly revealed to humankind during the past centuries because the “time”  was not right. Specifically, the “astrological”  time was not right. In the present millennia, however, the time is right and, as a result, many secrets are going to be revealed to the human race which will alter perceptions more drastically than the advent of Darwinism, Freudianism, or Marxism succeeded in doing. Upon close investigation we discover that Darwinism, Evolutionism, and even Materialism have no logical authenticity whatsoever. Recent findings from top scholars and scientists of the world, (Allan and Delair, Michael Cremo, Otto Binder and Max Flint, Richard Milton, etc) help us prove that there were indeed highly advanced civilizations in the ancient world, and that our true origins are very different from that which have been indoctrinated into us from official sources.

The Rebel, the Cause
& the Age of Revealing

In this age of ‘Solution-Think,’ we will be given the chance to dispel the ideological lies and fallacies by which we have been mentally and spiritually enslaved. As the Maya prophecies inform us, we have been, since the year 1999, in the so-called ‘Age of Revealing.’ This is a time of literal “Apocalypse,”  when the masks of the false begin to come down. This period of catabolic action, and collective catharsis, will be deeply threatening to those morally unhygienic souls who have long profited from the ruin of their fellows, and to those consummate narcissists who have advanced at the expense of others around them. The approaching end-game is especially threatening to those connoisseurs of power whose insatiable penchant for destruction and deception has contaminated the world. The voices of their innumerable victims cry out from the deep places, but will soon be quieted and appeased by Lady Justice.

It is the world that once was long ago, which existed once-upon-a-time - pure, effulgent, realized and magnificent - one not of devils, demons, gods, kings, saints or sinners, but of men, FREE inwardly and outwardly, able and willing to holistically and reverently explore the mystery of themselves, and of the planet which has housed them throughout the troubled ages, and which has long preserved the secret of their salvation.

The enemy that we face, and which has haunted our world for millennia, will not concede of its own will. It will not yield, or even give ground. It is in fear, but has combined its fear with occult knowledge and this combination makes it lethal in the extreme. It seeks to humiliate the good, the pure and the true. It is the enemy of truth, and of freedom. It cannot triumph, since the Force it vainly opposes is eternal and self-sustaining. The problem of evil is, however, not solved with a clenched fist, but with an open, receptive and mutable mind.

We seek revelation to prevent revolution, and overcome evil with the force of our example not by the example of our force, by psychological weaponry, and by total conviction in our cause and sovereign power.

It is our mission to assist in the removal of the insinuated theological viruses which infect the minds and hearts of men, and which prevent human beings on this planet from realizing and tapping into their own divinity. Our sharp tool for accomplishing this psychological surgery is DECONSTRUCTION.

Shiva, the Holy Spirit
& the Return to Selfhood

The Lord Shiva (Pashupati). Symbol of nature and of the laws of deconstruction, Shiva is the third deity of the Hindu Trinity (Trimurti). His astrological correspondence is Pluto (Scorpio) while his Tarot correspondence is the misunderstood 13th card (Death). Alchemically, he represents dismemberment (Dissolutio, Mortificatio).

It is in accordance with true Gnostic precepts to identify this so-called ‘Holy Spirit,’ (the third spiritual essence and principle within the sacred Trinity) as our own Selfhood. The Holy Spirit idea, which may be traced back to the feminine ‘Sophia’ of the Egyptians, Brahmans, Gnostics and Orphites, etc., was referred to as ‘Wisdom,’ and was equated with Knowledge. This knowledge may extend to the Son of God, and then to God himself, but it must first begin with Self-Knowledge.  This is literally what Sophia of the Trinity is - Knowledge of the Self. The conspiring forces which sought to make this Self-Knowledge taboo, and who distorted and complicated our understanding and veneration of the true Holy Spirit, were attempting to blot out the Self from the Holy Trinity and from the spiritual canon. To imagine the Holy Spirit to be some vague presence, or to imagine it to be some indefinable aspect of the Virgin Mary, a white ethereal dove, an abstract metaphysical principle, or an inexplicable mystery, suited the desires of the Christian Priestarchy, but it denied their flock their most valuable key to the gates of salvation. What we were not told is that without the key of Knowledge of the Self, the others keys, should they even come into our possession, are worthless.

The abnegation of Selfhood is tantamount to Self-Murder. It is the epitome of sadism to the Self which is rampant in the world, both East and West. The loss of Selfhood has driven us perilously near to the gates of oblivion and not those of paradise. It is the aim of my work to rectify this, by deconstructing the maze of lies which has captured and bound our sanity and our truth-starved souls. Perhaps, we can now understand why it is that a man cannot be ‘forgiven’ for sins committed against the ‘Holy Spirit,’ that is, against his own HIGHER SELF. And perhaps, we can understand why it was so vitally important for early Judeo-Christian hierarchs and myth-mongers to obscure the identity of this feminine third party in the Blessed Trinity, symbolized by the Gnostic Dove.

Symbolically speaking, we find it more than suggestive that the dove was chosen to represent the third party of the Blessed Trinity, for it is not a Christian emblem. It is a very ancient pagan symbol. The origin of the mystical symbolism of the dove comes from astrology, and from the gnosis of the ancient Stellar Cults. The dove is, in fact, the symbol for the sign of Scorpio, which is one of the two major signs of the zodiac connected to the Spirit of Rebellion. So, we find it more than significant that the symbol chosen to represent the Higher Self - the true Holy Spirit - should relate directly and undeniably to the spirit, and act, of REBELLION, and to the Spirit of Contradiction. Ergo, we find it more than significant that the Bible should proclaim it to be the direst and most irredeemable of sins to contradict or violate the will of this Holy Spirit.

We can learn to rely upon the great Spirit of Rebellion physically, and socially, and we can also learn to rely upon it mentally. We need to become accustomed, even acclimatized, to the Spirit of Rebellion, because it is already moving in the world, and will soon make itself vividly apparent. When the Dove descends into our world, it will, however, don a quite different garb, a different persona than the one we may be familiar with. The Dove is Scorpio, and it channels the energy of Pluto. In psychological terms, Pluto is the ‘Shadow,’ (Jung), nature’s psychic surgeon, her organic hygienist that appears to cleanse the soul of all its toxicity, and repressed debris, so that it may be chastened and virginal enough to perhaps receive the clear elixir of truth. That Plutonic Shadow, the emissary of the Holy Spirit, has already been manifesting in the world, and it will continue to do so for a decade or more. Its presence is the harbinger of truth and above all - Freedom.

In short, the men and women who have done their spiritual homework, and who are psychologically and morally hygienic, have nothing to fear from the times ahead. What many paranoiacs, fear-mongers and doomsday merchants imagine to be the countdown to extinction, is actually the countdown to freedom.

Astrologically, the signs of rebellion are Scorpio and Aquarius. Scorpio is the eighth house of the twelve houses of the zodiac, and Aquarius is the eleventh house. There are many fascinating mathematical and numerological relationships between the numbers eight and eleven, and there are, likewise, many interesting correspondences between Scorpio and Aquarius. One of the fundamental correspondences involves the planet of rebellion, Uranus. Uranus is the planetary ‘ruler’ of the sign of Aquarius and is ‘exalted’ (of greatest power) in Scorpio.

Essentially, the Uranian Fool, is a proverbial Fifth-Columnist, or Agent Provocateur, working to bring down the crumbling and oppressive edifices and ‘dark satanic mills,’ which incarcerate the spirit of man. He is a true servant of the Holy Spirit, even if he does not  look like one.

The Spirit of Rebellion, and the return to Selfhood, will be humankind’s salvation in the dark times that are approaching. We have already been feeling, seeing, and experiencing the subtle, and not so subtle, effects of Uranus and Pluto for some time now.

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Re: Archons: "reality"/belief as a "Foreign Installation"

It is being uncreated indeed.