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Topic: Created to exist? Or not?

If there are two aspects of creation, the existing and non-existing and given the assumption that the STS pathway eventually leads to the non-existing aspect of the creator and the STO pathway leads to the existing aware part of creation, is there a possibility to the idea that certain aspects of creation are just not designed to exist within the aware existing part of creation? 

That is to say in the human aspect and other sentient life forms aspect that certain individuals may just not be designed for the STO polarity, and specific for the STS I.E. non-existing unaware part of the creator?

How else would everything balance itself out if it were not meant to be that way?

For example if a human being was unable to rid themselves of STS characteristics and headed in that direction during the process of ascension, and one step further away from the existing part of the creator and given the assumption this individual carries on in this manner, can it not be said this person is apart of the balancing factor of the STS polarity that is a necessary factor for balanced creation?  And if this is so would that not mean that perhaps specific individuals are JUST designed for STS?

Re: Created to exist? Or not?

A lot of what we might consider STO which is the far side from STS as the pendulum swings, might ultimately be, when all is said and done, whatever we like or are attracted to.  How often has a person or group of people, attempted to do what they feel is of benefit to all concerned, only to find in the end that it had the opposite effect?  When a person is put into, or volunteers to be a leader of others, they have to make decisions and have certain things be done.  They mess up all the time, and particularly so if they are corruptible.  I suppose everyone is susceptible to corruption, it is when leaders have a weakness of character that makes them especially inclined to it, that many negative effects occur.  I don't think there is a person who would actually describe themselves as evil.  Strange, isn't it?  Since we see so much evil occur.  I suppose it is easy to rationalize selfishness.

I consider this Globe the middle Earth.  There are three before it, each one descending from ethereality to the dense matter we are at now.  Three after this one, ascending toward the more ethereal from this first gradation to the fourth.  We are really limited in our over-all awareness on this Globe.  We can't see far-ranging effects from our causes very well.  I'm just trying to improve the mind of my emotion and desire aspect.  The people who speak of things like meditation and astral realm conscience and doing things consciously on that plane, are going above and beyond what we are right now.  Before I immerse myself in such things, I'm trying to learn as much as I can about it, which really means I'm simply delaying the time that I rid myself of habits that I'm inured to.

It is still true that everything you are looking for is within you.  From the Divine came the first Cause.  This Divine World is in you in the form of a ray of emanation which is also a connection unbroken.

Good judgement comes from experience; experience comes from bad judgement.
You have to believe in the impossible in order to become.

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Re: Created to exist? Or not?

Thank you Antaeus for your reply.  I guess for me the most difficult aspect of all of this is what comes after the realization that theres more to everything then meets the eye.  There is a constant feeling of alienation, misunderstanding, and resentment.  There has not been one person that I have been able to sit down with over the past 4 years and share all of my experiences and learnings with, and simply "discuss" it.  I have had a few people who have "claimed" interest but in the end seem to disappear without a trace.  So what is one to do, in a world where he has been totally isolated from all that he cares about?  And its hard to post here on this forum because I feel like my words are somehow irrelevant or pointless or simply disregarded period.  I guess theres a fear of being scrutinized for my thought patterns and what not, but I don't care anymore. 

  In all honesty I'm not seeing any "positive" effects of any of the knowledge learned and any knowledge that has been applied.  Further away from humanity I feel, further away from myself I feel because I don't feel acceptable in modern human terms.  Some times I catch myself thinking, what the hell have I gotten myself into?  Is this what discovering truth is about? Alienation from all that you love?  I've lost a lot during my time on this path, a lot of respect, contacts, friends, even family members,  And I can't seem to figure out "why"?  I thought I was doing good?  I thought the assimilation of this knowledge brings about change, for the better! Perhaps for some but in my experience I'm not really aware of it, because I cant seem to see the unseen for whatever reason.

So I tend to think about the times to come, the future.  I think of the possibility that all my efforts will pay off THEN, cause nothing is now-at least nothing I'm aware of. 
Or I have to WAIT until THEN to ACT and do what I'm supposed to be doing, cause no one seems to care NOW. 

Then this further draws my thinking from positive end result to negative end result.  Alienation, frustration, anger, are these not STS "NEGATIVE" characteristics? 

So like I was saying perhaps some are are just meant for a negative destiny, i dont know? 

I'm sure theres something im not getting here....

I'm not sure what is the "smart choice" to make anymore.

So I humbly ask, what is wrong with this kind of thought process?

Re: Created to exist? Or not?

Can we clarify what Service-to-Self and Service-to-Others is ?

I've never been clear on that.

Re: Created to exist? Or not?

I was intensely depressed yesterday and into most of today.  I look at the calendar and see we just had a New Moon.  Moods swing this way and that.  Like a person with up and down blood-sugar levels that go too far in both directions.  Internal strife is manifested.  I remember a joke my friend told me, he's Christian, so naturally we debate often.  He said, "I prayed to G_D for patience, and I received situations that tested my patience." 

When a little kid wants to hang with the older kids, even if they do let him hang with them, they are going to resent having someone with them that is obviously not up to par with them.  Even if they are nice, it is still a test simply doing the things they are doing and keeping up.  Your divine aspect down to spirit and substance, or forces and matter, including sublimated matter, are stepped down to a very great degree before manifesting in the form you are now in.  I suspect they could do to you, something similar to what you do when blowing on dandelion spores. 

I don't think I ever hear from my divine plane, or my spiritual plane.  I like to think I use the intellectual plane all the time, but it may be the psycho-mental or emotional plane I'm really utilizing, making decisions based on the attraction/repulsion thingy.  I don't think I use the vital-astral plane very much, but of course I use the physical plane all the time. 

I'm playing with idea's and being abusive to myself.  My teacher tells me I'm simply the caboose being pulled along by those higher aspects.  I try to rule over my emotions and my desires.  That is no small feat or how those French people say, fete d'accomplise?  I probably got it wrong.  Study something four years and it still just flies right out of my head. 

Auscastian, you are a self sustaining individual, and you do not have to feel any attachment to anything.  Remembering this helps sometimes.  When it doesn't, batten down the hatches, lower the mains'l, watch out f'r the shivering timbers.

Good judgement comes from experience; experience comes from bad judgement.
You have to believe in the impossible in order to become.

Re: Created to exist? Or not?

A while back a close friend of mine asked me for some advice concerning how to talk sense to one of her son's friends, who was talking about joining a Satanic cult. I wrote this back to her, and it pretty much sums up how I would answer your question. Personally, I think that not all people are ready for adopting an STO mindset in this lifetime. This is because the path of least resistance is a seductive lure for those unable or unwilling to develop the necessary discipline. While initially easier, the culture of eat or be eaten becomes more and more difficult the farther you get into it, and it's sometimes near the end when a genuine understanding for some finally becomes possible.

While both paths (STO/STS) do have their purposes within this limited framework, it's quite clear that once past a certain point, the only genuine use for STS is to be used by STO to initiate action elsewhere. It's really that simple, since STS will generally move if it believes that there is an opportunity to feed, while STO can feed from ANY point of stillness...

Here's what I wrote:


First off, I'm going to say that I'm not a spiritual guru or someone who is even remotely interested in "saving" others, since it's not my job. Further, as a Gnostic, my definitions of Good/Evil Darkness/Light are significantly different than conventional/orthodox ideas but they are still deeply set within STO (Service To Others) principle. I would rather talk to you and your friend about this, because writing about it is really rather frustrating, as there are too many concepts to cover adequately. I'll do my best and try to "talk someone out" but understand that I'm more interested in giving them all the information needed to make an informed decision, and to clarify what such a choice really means.

I suppose if wondering what the point of staying on the positive/good/light path is, that would really depend on what someone's personal beliefs and level of awareness are first. The truth is that there are benefits and liabilities of ANY path, and knowing what you're getting into is far more important than blindly picking sides for any reason.

For example, if you don't believe in an afterlife, value only the comfort, power, and success of yourself and a small number of like-minded individuals, and have no regard for the needs of others outside your peer group or for society as a whole, you will find that going along a negative/evil/dark path to be much easier and more beneficial, provided that you can keep your intentions and acts within moderation, or if not, if you can at least prevent others from finding out the truth and punishing you for it. You'd be very surprised and probably horrified to know how many of our political, social, economic, and military elites are really truly debauched and perverted beyond what you or I would call acceptable, but if you take into consideration some of the choices that these people must make as a matter of course, then it really isn't all that surprising.

There are some problems with following this (what I call an STS - Service To Self) path - primarily that it's only valid if you TRULY believe that this life is all there is, and that there's no afterlife or judgment. If this is your truth, then it doesn't matter what others need/want/think/feel, does it? Your only real concern is getting caught, right? If you can get away with it, and if you can force everyone else to go along with it, then you "win!" A serious problem occurs when you come to believe that there IS more to life than what you can sensually experience, followed by ideas that there is more to come afterwards, and then the idea that you'll be forced to "pay" for your deeds in the next life will be a most certain and terrifying prospect.

You also have to take into consideration that the more enlightened perspectives such as charity, mercy, and tolerance are NOT a part of this path, (and are considered a fatal sign of weakness by your contemporaries) so you'll have to achieve your goals alone, unless you're willing to trust someone and grant them the opportunity to betray you if the person you're trusting ever realizes that they can, and you should actually expect them to if it's convenient and in their best interest to do so.

Another problem is that there is ALWAYS someone else who is bigger, badder, meaner, stronger, tougher, younger, older, healthier, hungrier, smarter, faster, richer, more spiritual, more psychic, more talented, more socially adept, more educated, more experienced, more magical, more ruthless, better looking, or better connected than you, and even if you do manage to get to the top, you'll find that getting there was the EASY part! Now that there isn't anyone left as a target to pursue, the new difficulty comes from those below you who see things the same way you do, and who now want what you have. KEEPING it is the hard part, and it insures that once at the top, you'll never have the opportunity to rest or relax to enjoy your position, because everyone else is gunning for you, and you're always in their sights.

This also means that if you were able to trust someone before, doing so from the top becomes impossible, and what's worse is that you never know exactly where the new threat is coming from, since you must now contend with ALL possible threats. This is the main reason why fools who get into power often lose it quickly, because they lash out at any perceived threat, which alienates everyone in sight, especially if their target happened to be innocent.

Remember that even the best people need regular breaks and time off, if only to protect their health. This is why so many high-powered individuals have heart attacks, strokes, and nervous breakdowns - they are too afraid to let go and it kills them. Then again, if you ever do get knocked out of the top, you'd better pray that the loss of station kills you, since you may find that once you've gotten to the top, lost it, and can't get it back, it's usually better having never been there in the first place.


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Re: Created to exist? Or not?

Thank You GibbleTronic for your response, its very interesting the timing of your response and Montalks post on Knowing Who you Are (and are not).

Ya know I completely understand the framework of how STS operates, and the consequences to such actions and what it will eventually all lead to and so forth, but my problem is Acting.  Showing the people what they're missing-or at least making the attempt to.  I have this feeling if I'm not doing this, then I'm not doing what "I'm supposed to be doing", but I'm afraid.  I'm afraid of acting, and taking a "risk". Getting out there and trying to make a change.  I'm afraid of what other will think etc.

The Fear....

It holds me back....

And its this fear that I sometimes get the feeling that knowing a lot of this stuff is actually a detriment to who I am.  But deep down inside I know it's not.

And I get "paranoid" that I'm heading in the wrong direction because I'm scared. 

Things have been difficult lately and I'm just trying to do my best and I look at it as if thats not good enough than maybe, in the grand scheme of things I'm just not cut out for "The Service"

Re: Created to exist? Or not?

Auscastian wrote:  The Fear....

It holds me back....

And its this fear that I sometimes get the feeling that knowing a lot of this stuff is actually a detriment to who I am.  But deep down inside I know it's not.

And I get "paranoid" that I'm heading in the wrong direction because I'm scared. 

Things have been difficult lately and I'm just trying to do my best and I look at it as if thats not good enough than maybe, in the grand scheme of things I'm just not cut out for "The Service"

I'm not paranoid about going in the wrong direction only in that it is what I have already done so many times.  There are already existing results from the many and various wrong choices I've made.  Many times I've been stewing in a pot of rage or shame, contrition, embarrassment, despondency or regret.  I enter into these states, tormented for hours.  In the end, it is intellect that finally arrives to look at all the mess and arrange it into order.  I suspect that most people do not rate intellect very high; due either to their opinion that they already utilize it in most of their decision making, or it's equated with scientist's who mostly seem to spurn spirituality.  In both, you can find the ludicrous. 

The scientist who out of necessity of chosen endeavor must use intellect; will resort back to the psycho-mental or emotional to use an 'occam' or speculation, to arrive at a conclusion, when his intellect has arrived at a plateau or rather, stopped at a wall due to the requirement of further data input.

The people who claim they always use intellect are liars.  They are suggesting that there is never any hint of like or dislike, attraction or revulsion, in their decision making.  I don't recall ever meeting anyone making this claim, and my believing them.  I don't believe them either because I have not known them long enough for observation, or I do know them. 

Now, this will be extremely unattractive to many people.  -That statement is vaguely amusing for some reason-.  I suspect that if a person is operating purely from the intellectual, that person has unfolded from their inner essence, the Christ consciousness, the realm of the Third Heaven.  It really is not such an exalted state, there are still many reasons for humility.  The higher an individual ascends, the more there is to see which is still unattained.  Intellect, unconditional willingness to give aid and comfort, a smile and a carressing thought to you all.  I still don't completely understand levity.  Excuse me, I just yawned.

Good judgement comes from experience; experience comes from bad judgement.
You have to believe in the impossible in order to become.

Re: Created to exist? Or not?

DNA monthly wrote:


your FREE online resource for cutting-edge news about who you truly are

February 2008 (Vol. 4, No. 2)

Food for Thought: "There is an energy going on within this planet that we call planetary life-force. It's the very energy you call Gaia ... In general, what happens on this planet regarding consciousness literally changes the cellular structure of your body ... You're about to have something very, very interesting take place. The potential is for the life-force of this planet ... to shift in such as way that it will change the diseases that humanity is used to dealing with ... You're about to see shift and change ... and you wonder why you're so tired? The life-force of your planet is going to change and ... put a lid on some of the diseases that have been uncontrollable. The reason is because you have chosen to change the planet, and with it, you're going to change 'planetary health consciousness.' Get used to it. There's a consciousness [here] that allows for certain kinds of disease to even exist. Remember that your biology is part of the dirt of the earth."

3. Our DNA: The Source & Goal We Call God

Divyaa Kummar

We often think in terms of gods creating us; but in truth it is we who create our gods! As humans, we sense our purest qualities and highest ideals encoded in our very DNA, but unable to accept them as "self," we view them outside us initially.

Seers of earlier days viewed these highest potentials, qualities and essences that we truly are, and in order to describe them to the masses, gave them form and name. Life force became Shiva; abundance became Lakshmi; wisdom became Saraswati, etc. To further elaborate on these qualities or essences, whose innumerable facets are highly nuanced--for example, life force can be thought of as simultaneously power, will, desire, and even awareness--stories and mythologies were woven around them.

This is an example of anthropomorphism, whereby we personalize or humanize an abstract quality to understand it better, even giving it a human name, form, and history! It seems human nature to bring the abstract to life to understand it better. The intangible aspects that make up our universe and explain what creation is were too subtle to be grapsed initially otherwise. Through such stories humankind could more easily understand and identify the purer nuances of Self--and thus seek to be them.

These stories also tended to project our source, our God, outside ourselves as our pure vision for ourselves, our goal. The fact is, however, that the qualities described in our mythologies are immanent in our DNA, the record keeper that keeps the whole of our being intact while we play the game of separation and ignorance.

The word "pure" is used without judgment in terms of being better than, for instance, "dense." The only difference between pure and dense is their vibratory frequency. Thus, while pure does refer to our "finer" vibrations, in the larger picture it is these finer aspects of Self which choose the denser experiences to add, ultimately, to their finesse! In other words, finer aspects of Self explore the denser realms to add to the perfection of Self. In this process perfection doesn't remain a static state of being. Yet while we explore the more tangible realms, we retain our purest aspects outside us as gods to merge with! And within us, our DNA propels us forward as seekers.

If our thoughts and feelings are the power through which we create life, it follows that a critical mass of humans conjuring their gods in any given instance will actually create these forms on inner levels. In such cases we feel the "presence" of these gods and consider them "real," thereby strengthening our belief in "them" and adding to the vitality that we first created, ourselves, on the inner planes. In so doing, we literally draw succor from these tangible (if not physical) forms that hold (or are shaped by) our own highest potentials!

If we can now make our gods more human(e)--not merely view them in the lofty, out of reach way appropriate to early humankind--our gods will indeed exist as you and I do ... and the new avatars that the world has been waiting for will finally be. Now is the time, and you are such an avatar!

Let's take this a step further and view our mythological gods even more clearly as the pure potentials and qualities of ourselves inherent in our DNA. I contend that our historical gods, such as Buddha, Jesus, Mahavir and Mohammed (to name a few), were human beings just like us who succeeded in actualizing these pure genetic potentials within themselves.

Similarly, we are yet unknown gods unraveling the potential in our DNA--what science sometimes describes as extending the frontiers of our brain. As for the God-self from which we metaphorically "descend" ... it isn't outside as we usually imagine. There is no outside, only the cosmic play of the Whole that we ourselves are. We are here in this time and space to grasp this truth at a deeper level than merely the intellectual--to play the game of becoming God ... within!

Our historical gods (like all of us) are each a unique exploration of the Whole; a finely honed focus of the Whole--actualizing an inimitable, distinctive aspect of the Whole. Thus each god displays a different facet, with no one "teaching" exactly the same things. Sometimes humanity gets confused as to what is the truth. That's the whole point of creation, in which each individuation explores and actualizes a unique aspect of the Whole for the Whole.

We imbue the Whole with a unique slant. We desire a distinctive experience of and for the Whole. We must not become perplexed by what the different gods are saying, but take from each god what helps us create our own vision and realization in and of the Whole. For if we all "go back" with the same picture of our travels here, what a waste of eternity! Yet bear in mind that actualizing any one aspect of our divinity to its fullest potential automatically leads to actualize all our other divine qualities--for each facet is only a doorway. Once we "enter" the Whole through it, we actualize all that is within.

If we keep in mind that our external gods, in the largest sense, are "earlier" aspects of Self, we do not feel so distanced from our highest potentials. Indeed, the gods are never stagnant, finished ... but change and expand every moment through us--their "selves." Perfection is a dynamic state of being ... not an end in itself. We contribute to our god selves even as they to us ... What a beautiful cycle!

"Beyond the stars a new world awaits me now" - Wintersun

Re: Created to exist? Or not?

Meditation can help garner self-awareness,  which is basically essential in allowing us to choose the path we're embarking upon. Yet for those who have a high probability of being STS, then that's how it goes, and although it may seem like a shame to us, it's just a cosmic balancing act. And they will come back around at some point.
Realizing when you're being "targeted" emotionally, psychically, in nightmares, etc. is crucial, but you have to know yourself before you can recognize these discrepancies.
As for predetermination, I think even those who seemingly are "designed" for STS have made countless choices in previous lives to reinforce their current state. The only artist in life is freewill, and some people need to experience that side of the coin so they can learn. As much as the actual actions these individuals commit are pretty horrendous and f*cked up, perhaps their actions will be the catalyst for others to increase their levels of self-awareness...and to hopefully, instead of emulating their torturers, they find another way.

"Don't eat any wooden nickels."

Re: Created to exist? Or not?

Looking at intelligence as the attribute associative with the Third Heaven can be helpful.  Feel good emotions always have their opposite, inevitably manifest.  So what am I suggesting?  Never have emotions?  Only have positive emotions and never have any negative emotions?  Only have positive emotions within a certain degree on a scale between positive and negative, never approaching intense passion, so that their negative mirrors will be limited to the same intensity when they arise? 

It would be nice to know what emotion and intensity is appropriate within every situation that may appear in the many moments of each day.  I saw Robin Williams be interviewed in front of a live audience.  The interviewer kept fishing and trying to draw from R W some insights on how he became so entertaining at comedy.  Robin would not give anything, but would just suddenly stand up and go into some hilarious routines involving voice imitations and skits.  I don't think he would be able to teach it, a person wanting to learn from him would probably do best by being around him all the time and observing him. 

How is intelligence suited to emotion?  They're not suited to each other.  At least not initially.  Which might mean most of a person's life.  I'm joking...  I think.  See intelligence as higher than emotion.  See intelligence as being somewhat disdainful of your emotions.  Of course, this is only written as being needed for the ensueing picture I'm trying to form, your emotions are not deserving of scorn.  See intelligence as different than emotion, and on a higher plane.  For awhile at least.  Perhaps a long while. 

A way of describing STS might be mentioned now.  When emotions have ruled an individual for a long time, a state or condition, that is on a plane or grade or sphere or world or heaven, that is below that which intellect is on, the possibility exists that this individual becomes poisonous, malicious, selfish.  Now, if after reaching this state or condition, they begin to utilize intelligence...

I'm being visited upon.  I guess I'll go do something else.

Good judgement comes from experience; experience comes from bad judgement.
You have to believe in the impossible in order to become.

Re: Created to exist? Or not?

google wrote:

Can we clarify what Service-to-Self and Service-to-Others is ?

I've never been clear on that.

http://www.llresearch.org/speeches/spee … m#_ftnref7

In third density the process of life will play itself out. When you die, you’re going to wake up in your next life on a positively-polarized fourth-density planet, on a negatively-polarized fourth-density planet or on another third-density planet like this one. Probably you’re going to have to make a choice because that is the scheme for third-density planets.

Here’s the test. If you’ll think back to some time when you had a sandwich, a nice little wrapped-up sandwich and you were getting ready to eat that sandwich, perhaps you can imagine that somebody you didn’t even know came up and said, “I sure am hungry. Can you give me some of that sandwich?”

If you gave him half, you’re headed in the right direction. But in order to make it into fourth-density positive a few years from now, it is necessary that you gave him the larger half. That’s all you had to do, give him the larger half, period. That’s the test.

Now, according to our contact’s words, it is necessary to be anything over fifty percent service-to-others polarity in order to get into fourth-density positive. It’s a simple test. You must be more than fifty percent for service to others. That’s the consciousness.