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I was talking to an anthropologist this weekend and mentioned to him my fascination with the great pyramids.  I told him that I didn't think that the current theories on pyramid construction were accurate.  He brought up "Chariots of the Gods" and mentioned how insulting it was to the Anthropology field for someone to insinuate that the technology for the great pyramid was extra terrestrial.  I thought it was very interesting to come in first hand contact with a good example of the closed minded anthropoligist that Graham Hancock, Robert Buvall and others talk about facing when they pose their new theories on Ancient Megalith construction. 

That however is not my point.  I also discussed how the sides of the great pyramid were optical quality, from my understanding this means that they have the same level of precision that the glasses you may wear, only on a scale of a few acres.  I noted how this is an impossible task even by todays standards of lazer precision.  Later on I was watching Transformers the movie and one scen showed the perspective of the transformers vision.  Everything the Robot/Alien/Transformer saw in his display was highlighted and boxes drew themselves around objects of interest, and targets had a cursor drawn over them in the robots field of vision.  Anyway even later on I was listening to someone give a talk about Ayahasuca, and I remembered the very first thing that I experienced on Ayahausca, just before reality completely imploded.  I remember looking at the stars in the sky and they were sooo amazingly clear.  Lines begun drawing themselves between the stars to form constellations maybe, but complex geometries began to form and shapes.  And I remember these were not random lines, these were just like the transformer was seeing, like my mind was playing connect the dots in my visual field with the stars.  It was as if I had some sort of computer overlay that was drawing things in my field of vision. If I turned my head the lines would stay connecting the same stars.  If I closed my eyes they would disappear and then opening would cause them to reappear.  I don't really remember this too well because shortly thereafter reality ceased to exist as it had for the previous 26 years of my life, and I was kinda overwhelmed by that. 

Now we have to connect all of these things together.  How did the builders of the pyramid create it to optical precision, as precise as the surface of an optical lens?  Well what if they could see the world as I saw it only temporarily?  What if this computer overlay in the mind could mathematically calculate and overlay in the subjects field of vision, a guide to how the stone must be placed to achieve this level of precision?  I know this is pretty far out, but its a better explanation than using the sun and mirrors, or string to draw a perfectly curved line over a couple hundred yards in length.

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Capitan - you would enjoy reading Shift of the Ages by David Wilcock , he talks about this stuff in great detail ;

Shift of the Ages wrote:

The three main Pyramids of Egypt at Giza are arranged in close proximity to each other, and Bauval was curious about the apparent lack of symmetry or geometry in their layout. He knew that there had to be some reason for why they were aligned in the way that is now seen overhead. inspiration finally struck as he looked up at the constellation of Orion, which has three main stars that form the middle section, referred to as the "belt." He realized that the Pyramids of Giza were configured in precisely the same manner as the "belt" of Orion, and he quickly proved his point by overlaying the site maps of the Pyramids and the star maps of Orion's belt on top of each other. Not only was each Pyramid in the proper position, but even the relative sizes and colors of the Pyramids were directly proportional to the magnitudes and colors of the stars in Orion's belt. (The Cheops and Khefren pyramids were both originally covered in white limestone and are approximately the same size, like the two main stars in Orion’s belt, whereas the Menkaure pyramid is significantly smaller and was originally encased in red granite, just like the dimmer and redder third star.)
As Bauval continued to investigate the matter, he realized that the architects of Giza had created a perfect duplication of the starry heavens on Earth – an idea that fit in perfectly with their concept of the connection between the physical world and the Duat, or spiritual world. Furthermore, the position of the Nile River relative to the Pyramids was identical to the position of the Milky Way relative to Orion's belt in the starry night sky. Further Pyramids near Giza seemed to suggest that several other significant stars of Orion and the nearby Hyades constellation were immortalized in stone on the Earth as well.
Figure 2.1 – Robert Bauval's Comparison of Orion/Milky Way with Giza/Nile Though this alignment is intriguing, it does not appear to give us any new information about the time that the pyramids were built. However, by using a program known as Skyglobe, Bauval realized that the only "recent" time that the Milky Way would be perfectly aligned with the Nile River was roughly 12,500 years ago. At that time, and only at that time, (unless you were willing to travel back more than 30,000 years ago,) one could stand on Earth and observe the Pyramids and Nile River at a distance, and watch the Nile align directly with the Milky Way, while the stars of Orion's belt would perfectly align with the positions of the terrestrial pyramids. This is caused by the phenomenon of the Earth’s precession, a long-term wobble in its rotational path that we will discuss later.
As a simple, preliminary explanation of precession, you would normally expect that when you get to the same time each year, where the Earth is at a specific angle to the Sun, such as the equinox or solstice, then all the stars should be in the same positions from year to year on that date. Nevertheless, the stars in the night sky will drift from those visible positions by one degree every 72 years, tracing a full circular path through an area of the night sky about every 25,920 years. If you build a temple to align with a star at the solstice time, then within a relatively short time your descendants would realize that something was causing these star positions to shift out of their previous alignment.

Hmmmm.. I was looking for a free PDF file for you and found this abridged and updated version (half the size of the original) … e_Ages.pdf

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You can also go here:
go to Start Here, and click on Articles and Books- Free
All of Shift of the Ages is there. plus many other great articles of David's

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Personally, I've always though it was closed minded not to give ancient man credit where credit is due,  and create some kinda theory that would separate humanity from his accomplishments. Now that i think about it, isn't that what the major world religions do also.

When I contemplate the ancient scholars, astronomers, engineers and architects, I always get the feeling they where  light years ahead of any of their present day contemporaries, intellectually and intentionally. I could be wrong, but i don't think so.

I do believe your theory of a mathematical overlay is very interesting and very possible. But as far as using alien tech, I don't buy it, they simply didn't need it, they where just that good..... Oh ya, plus tons and tons of elbow grease.

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Have you seen this thread, Capitan?

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I wasn't able to check the links without signing up for the forum (which I don't feel like doing at the moment).  This thread kind of reminded me of a concept I have been tossing around lately.  I think one of the reasons that we are so limited here in almost all aspects is we have locked ourselves into the brain, and maybe the body.  This pyramid concept ties mostly into the limitations of the brain though.  My experience with the psychedelic ayahausca showed me, if only briefly, that there is some sort of world exists that seems to be purely imagination, and it is somehow directly linked to this reality.  If I had to guess I would say physical reality exists inside of the imaginatory one.  However what I was suggesting is that if you could link into the imaginatory dimension that allows full comprehension and perception of whatever you are able to imagine, you could do things like build things in entirety in your mind before laying the first brick.  This is not normal imagination either.  It is imagination on the level that it is indistinguishable from the physical as long as you are focused on it.  However the moment attention fades it vanishes, hence the desire to physically construct this thing so that it has some permanence.  I plan on testing this but I think the true power of being connected to the cosmic mind, rather then living locked inside the body, the mind, the ego.

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