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Topic: cordless phone vs. cell phone

Am I right in assuming that even though a cordless phone produces electromagnetic fields, it is a lot more healthy for my mind than a cell phone is? I am thinking about canceling my cell-phone contract and just using the cordless phone that will be in my home.   

My brain feels like it being fried when I use my cell phone.

A cordless phone doesn't fry your brain, or does it?

Is it the cell phone towers that are doing the damage when I use my cell? I feel so drained after talking on my cell.

Thanks, to anyone who can help

I want to use a cordless over a normal phone just because a normal phone restricts where I can talk and the phone jack is in a bad situation...any info would be appreciated

Thanks again

Re: cordless phone vs. cell phone

Buy a dozen normal phones and have them dotted around your house. Problem solved.

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Re: cordless phone vs. cell phone

Our cordless phone broke last summer and we needed another.  I was doing research for the best model to suit us and I stumbled upon info that showed how cordless phone bases constantly send out their highest frequency.  So they aren't as innocent as people think.     

Even though cell phones don't emit their highest frequencies constantly, I get terrible ear and head pain if I have to use mine and that's even using my speaker-phone.   At home we just switched back to a regular corded phone but my family doesn't like being stuck in one place to talk.  I love it because my headaches during and after using the phone are gone!!!

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Re: cordless phone vs. cell phone

You're not going to like this aNDRE...

The microwave band resides between 300 Mhz and 300 Ghz.

I have an old 900 Mhz, so it's just an older microwave phone.....

New ones are 2.4 & 5.8 Ghz.

Corded is the only way out. Buy white or matching decor phone wire and run it along wall/ceiling intersections and other crevices thru doorways, etc. I did this using a regular stapler, unfolded. The staples are very thin, don't show and are easily removed. Hide it best you can. Be creative. Or shell out the cash and have the phone co. put in multiple taps. Up to you.

Edit-  I meant multiple 'jacks'

Taps are for gov't. Whoopsie!

Wanted to clear that up.


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Lo, I have an interesting tale, and a challenge to those who dare.

And Point #1 is:
Isn't the real 'pain' the other party one speaketh to, not the phone itself?

Ok, true tale, I have a friend who hath done without phone device thingy, for, get this...

19 years.

No he's not a hermit. No he doesn't have odd predispositions. Well, no more than me I guess.

He hates phones. Period.
And I totally respect it. He takes some crap about it. but he forces people to deal with him vis-a-vis.

Think about letter writing, how much more is conveyed, you have something tangible, you can keep. This is what's been lost in the phone age. It's something I've never really experienced myself.

NO he's not a letter writer either. But deep down he knows phones are a disconnect, more than a connect. He says he'd never consider internet.

I just wonder how many of us could do it for any length of time. Not I. wink


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Re: cordless phone vs. cell phone

Thanks to everyone who replied

so a cordless phone is just as bad as a cell phone? I don't remember my head hurting that much when I used to use a cordless phone.....I guess I may take my cordless back to the store and get a corded phone.

So does a cordless phone cause brain cancer like the cell phone does?

Thanks in advance to any replies.

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Both cordless and cellular phones are basically nothing more than two-way radios.   Both are transmitting radio waves from their antennas directly into your head.   The only difference is that cell phones transmit using much higher power, and that's why you can practically feel your brain frying when you talk on the cell phone too long.     So cordless phones are probably the lesser evil in this case, even though they're using even higher frequency microwaves.

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thank you morningsun 76

Re: cordless phone vs. cell phone

Just to clarify, I am oversensitive to chemicals and EMF, and so that's probably the reason why I notice my cordless phone bothering me.   A normal person without my "issues" wouldn't notice.

Re: cordless phone vs. cell phone

Paix, hypersensitivity is likely a consequence of overuse by anyone. Another good reason to avoid/reduce more exposure to EMF.
I am hypersensitive to petrochemicals especially, due to overexposure, so I can sympathize.


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