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Topic: What the heck was this?

On the www.halifaxwebcam.ca site just now..

I have NEVER seen the sun on this cam.  And it is setting (going DOWN)..   WTF!!  does anyone know what this is? (minus 17degrees,too)




By the way, just to the right and below the 'sun' there is a dark circle. It is on all 3 pictures, even the third, when the 'sun' has gone...

Re: What the heck was this?

I don't see anything...

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Re: What the heck was this?

I waited til I got home. I wondered if you couldn't see the 3 pictures I posted, but I see them.

(Just forget about the black circle, for now)

I realised, it must be the Moon, but the Moon doesn't usually cast a warm glow like a sunrise/sunset.
And the Moon doesn't  (nor the Sun) move AWAY from the Earth so rapidly. (EARTH is in orbit around the Sun, and the Moon  is in orbit around Earth.)

If this is a natural phenomenom, I should see (more or less, weather condtions, notwithstanding, the same effects, ) at more or less the same time, tomorrow.

Unless someone can explain this 'illusion' to me, beforehand..