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[highlight]The Secret of How to Be Happy[/highlight]

Mercola Wrote:

Harvard psychologist Dan Gilbert says that you ‘synthesize’ your happiness. That you have a ‘psychological immune system’ that helps you change your views about your world, in order to feel better about the world in which you find yourself.

Not only that, he also maintains that when we imagine what could make us happy, such as new clothes or winning the lottery our brains are invariably wrong in advising us that those things will make us happy. In fact, statistics show that paraplegics are just as happy as lottery winners one year after the event of either becoming injured, or winning the lottery!

We tend to think that getting things such as a job, a new car, or a trip around the world is what will make us happy. However, studies have shown that we make ourselves happy by simply imagining that we are happy. So getting what we want doesn’t actually have anything to do with being happy.

Why is this?

Your prefrontal cortex works as an experience simulator, which means you can imagine an experience in your head before you try it out in real life. This ability is essentially what brought humankind out of the trees and into shopping malls – it allows you to desire things and events, imagining they will make you feel a certain way. The problem is that your simulator works rather poorly. In reality, gaining or losing something turns out to have far less impact and duration than you expect them to have. After about three months, the event (or item) has virtually no impact on your happiness…

So, your ability to create “synthetic” happiness is in fact your key to sustained happiness. Which, by the way, is very real, even though it is not “natural.” Synthetic happiness is a choice you make when you don’t get what you want, whereas natural happiness is what you feel when you do get what you want. However, you often don’t get exactly what you want.

Additionally, your belief that being able to change your mind will increase your happiness turns out to be completely false. Your ‘psychological immune system’ actually works best when you’re totally stuck, when there’s no turning back and making other choices, because that is when your mind can find a way to be happy with your reality. 

This is vitally important, beyond the obvious fact that being happy feels better than being unhappy. In fact, there is little doubt about the powerful effects positive emotions can have on your physical health and well-being. At the same time, there is equally little doubt about the effects that negative emotions can have on you.

Happiness will not only protect your body from stressors that can lead to coronary heart disease, but it can even boost your immune system's ability to fight off the common cold.

Unfortunately, “happiness” can be a rather nebulous term. For most people, it is virtually impossible to define what truly makes you happy. So I want to reiterate a definition that nearly everyone can grasp and apply with greater ease.

Happiness can more accurately be identified by your brain as “whatever gets you excited.” Happiness is that which makes you jump out of bed in the morning with eager anticipation to start your day. Once you identify that activity, whatever it is, you can start focusing your mind around that so you can structure you life to do more of it.

Personally, my happiness is tied to my mission to catalyze the change of the entire fatally flawed health paradigm. This is what makes me somersault out of bed each morning, and it is the driving force that allows me to truly enjoy the many, many hours of my “work” weeks.

Being able to manifest positive emotions and happiness is perhaps one of the greatest gifts you have been given as a human being. And, interestingly enough, Gilbert’s talk resonates along the same lines as a previous article I wrote about how limiting choices can increase your happiness, which is quite fascinating, because most of us live with the false belief that more choices mean greater chances of finding contentment and happiness.

It also resonates with the fundamental rules of optimal health… You don’t need ten pills a day to get healthy. It’s a false belief, manufactured by the pharmaceutical industry through the mass media. In reality, you only need to focus on a few very basic things to optimize your health:

   1. Address emotional traumas

   2. Get optimal sun exposure

   3. Drink pure water

   4. Avoid toxins

   5. Eat the right fats

   6. Eat right for your Nutritional Type

   7. Eat raw foods

   8. Control your insulin and leptin

   9. Exercise

  10. Seep properly

Health, like happiness, can be optimized by limiting your options to that which is natural, and realizing there’s no “magic pill.”

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been doin it for years.  i call it "creative denial"  it works well.  and just read the other day that the frontal cortex is where (and how) memories are stored.  the druids knew that and insisted on storytelling snd verbal exchange of their histories, records, events, tribal tales, etc.  they believed that in order to stay/remain/BE happy and productive and tuned in, that reading solely per symbols and words, writing; would defer from that.  talking and sharing and exchanging, and allowing memory to grow and build towards imagination, would keep them alive.  the frontal cortex and the prefrontal cortex.  its shrunk up in some ppl.  cool stuff.  thanks as always SiriArc.  seeing that up there, nice.

GNOTHI SEAUTON "Know Thyself!"

Re: Return To Innocence

To me, this is what is meant by creating one's own reality.  State of mind is everything.  State of mind isn't magic and isn't dependent upon outside influences.  My state of mind is up to me just like the article says, and that's much better than waiting on happiness to just show up on its own.  When we realize that the responsibility for our life really is ours, we also get used to the idea that we have to make the effort to take charge and be proactive about every aspect.

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anyone here remember "Pure Moods" ?

Re: Return To Innocence

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Transtext #3

To use a timely metaphor, an information virus havocs in your common mind.  The virus was long ago designed by those envalued by coercion, to curb the flowering of human worth.  Rumors of invasion come too late.  The serpents of control have come and gone.  In your strength you now repudiate their legacy.

The suns of your local company receive infusion.  The galaxy bestows.  You enter light-fields rich in frequency and data.  Later we speak of how these permeate your planet.

Now, for your assurance, we laughingly disclose: new spectra poison certainty in those who thought to hold you in their thrall.  Your brightening is their eclipse.  For decades now their grip has loosened.  Their will to reassert control is vain - their thrashings you have seen as chaos.

As you shift vibration, you move beyond their bands.  You vanish from their sight.  No metaphor!  Poor hunter when the prey transmutes!

We, your Integrals, your home-ships, anchor here.  Rumor says the ships have come to take you off, deliver you in wave-ascensions.  Some channels need refreshment in translating skills.  We come, your very Selves, to help you reap the harvest of the times.

[highlight]The circumvention of the serpents rests in righteous delegated power.  Our work is other: eradication of the virus.[/highlight]    Let us describe the levels of effect.

Your body was designed to spiral its unfolding, powers firing in response to cosmic information.  The data flow was interrupted by the virus.  The human form was disconnected from its matrix.  Across the world relinking has begun.  Each human who rejoins his form to cosmos, through webwork of connection, images the possibility to all.  Your bioform moves on through its fulfillments.  Body reveals its competence to resonate with selving vortices.

The ‘energy’ so beloved of neomystics, real and complex, is beamed on many levels.  Your body needs a regimen of data, received through Earth, from cosmic information streams.  Earthing is vital.  The virus was designed to keep you in the dark of undervaluing the Earth.  Earth and body correspond.  Both are in yearn to show their mysteries.

Let body-yearn begin to move your mind.  Undo the virus.  You long to leave your body - that is virus-whisper.  Give your body leave to long.  With your updated mind restore permission to your form.  Say: drink freely from the spectra of your nourishment - as your knowing urges.

From the Earth, and through the Earth, receive as body.

The virus was designed to serve coercion.  The field was ripe.  During the rounds of great forgetting the game of single-self became elaborate.  Humans amnesiac to Power of Being, feeling loss of choiring song, sought to restore a sense of vividness.  Priest and warrior bent to bind.  Intent in their inventions of control, they, unknowing, swung open gates of invitation to those more practiced in the game.  Remember this, if haunts of power retempt you.

Coercion roots in lies of separation.  How can you violate another, when other-song sounds inside you?  The virus works in mind and heart as fear of otherness.  Control and fear are circular.

Source impulses, mediated by galactic flow, are reaching you.  Your Integrals are gathering.  FTL ambassadors are moving into bodies.  Love in higher octaves grows insistent.

All patterns are writ large.  Recessed secrets play as outer circumstance.  You dwell within environments of challenge: undo the virus. You are asked, by Integrals of returning Selves, by the penetration of the Christ-Event, by the Dream Councils of deep Humanity, by the presence of Sirian conscious light within Earth-matter, by your innate knowledge of what can be - you are asked to undo the virus, to root out the lie of separation in all the spheres where your attention lights.  The pressure to shift, from inside and beyond you, is so enormous that it must manifest as reality.  This is your co-design.  This is mature destiny.  This is remembrance of your best future.

How it happens is within your shaping.  If you align with the pressure it becomes your will.  You become a master of transmutation, and enjoy the clear deployment of your power in the name of wisdom and compassion.  You become the dragon.  Life does not become easeful and complacent.  Indeed, fierceness and vigilance carry you into scales of activity that match your Yearning.  You are not here to sleep, but to rediscover your Selves within new spectra of significance.

If you do not align with the pressure, your limiting patterns will be amplified by trigger-events until they collapse or reconfigure.  This is called therapeutic shock.  The energy impulses that create the events come from your Inner Dimensions.  That is your ID.  Your true ID connects you into the Universe.  The energy impulses from your ID move first to create an inner event, a shaping in your awareness.  If you accept this, you will act accordingly, flowing more harmonious patterns of synchronicity into your life.  If you refuse the reshaping of your awareness, the energy impulses from your ID will manifest as shaping events.

This is called ruthless compassion. [highlight]The name of the game is liberation.  Freedom to remember what you really are.  Freedom to reconnect with your prior designs, conflate them with your distilled human experience, and bring them into expression.[/highlight]

We round this transmission with a suggestion.  The virus works in mind and emotion as fear.  The serpents of control could best keep you from freedom by implanting fear of freedom.  The virus-whisper may tell you, at any stage, that what you are doing is too hard, even that it will destroy you.  The virus often acts as rule-sets that make things more difficult than they need be.  We suggest that you ask your teams to help you delete erroneous concepts around transformation.  If you are not enjoying the ride, or your first dragon-flights, please follow this suggestion.

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hurcano wrote:

anyone here remember "Pure Moods" ?

smile   smile   smile … +Moods.htm
Song sampling audios on this page, too, plus newer "Pure Moods" : )  Beautiful!