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Topic: Remember Halloween

It‘s early but:

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Remember Halloween

This Dream took place in '89:

Standing in the middle of a street in an "old downtown" area (the buildings were only about 3 or 4 stories tall) at night - Looked to my left, and in the distance, was a Glowing Pyramid Complex (Beautiful!) - Then, in the middle of the sky, emerging from behind an "invisible curtain", Glowing White Spheres moving left to right - I started shouting, "Look West, Look West" and, overwhelmed with JOY, I levitated and then started soaring along.......

Woke up - The dream continued looping through my thoughts - At some point I went back to sleep - I was talking to Lazaris, telling them the dream - As I finished, what had been an invisible Presence became a Feminine Presence and they said, "REMEMBER HALLOWEEN".

A few months later, I was reading a Bashar book, "Blueprint for Change" - They said Halloween was the night before the fall of ATLANTIS.......



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The texture of the clouds seem to be the same as the mountains . . .

That dream sounds like some serious symbolism, or just a place where things are . . . real? . . .

I am as is Void.

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i love u.  what another fine collage.  u kill me.  love it.

GNOTHI SEAUTON "Know Thyself!"

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[center]Listening to the Voices of Understanding, YOU can become Skilled - Masterful even - at having it and doing it.

However, the Grace of Being Understanding where Understanding, that Epitome of Strength and Mercy, is an Inherent and Spontaneous part of YOUR Being, lies in The Depths of Mystery.

From the Dark and the Light of those Depths YOU can Create a Tapestry Of Magic. From those Depths YOU Can Be Lifted. YOU Can Soar. With the Grace Of Being Understanding,

YOU Can Be And Become More.


With the grace of being understanding we can live richer, more fulfilling lives with celebration and triumph. With spiritual maturity and complexity, we can move beyond the illusions and delusions of the consensus. We can become the exceptional beings we were meant to be … [highlight]That WE Are Destined To Become.[/highlight]

There is so much we have come to understand of living and loving life. Upon our individual paths we have come out of our dark matrices having broken our dark laws and having moved beyond our bottom lines of resistance. We have crossed our battlefields, many times retrieving lost treasures and burying our dead (a metaphor for forgiveness of and freedom from our past). We have come to the glow of enlightenment. We finally have accepted the truth: WE Are Enlightened.

We will enter both the dark and light of mystery. We will gather threads from our dark law, our bottom line, and our battlefield. We will find more threads within the Celebration and Triumph of Our Music, within the Maturity and Complexity of Our Truer/Transcendent Self, and within the luster beyond our personal illusions and delusions. We will enter our personal dark woods to garner the missing threads lost in sorrow and despair.

With these metaphorical threads WE Can Weave A Tapestry Of Magic. This tapestry can be as a magic carpet to lift us and to carry us beyond the labyrinth of the Ring-Pass-Not. With this tapestry of magic, we can be Understanding Beings, and we can find the keys to Living The Exceptional Life.

This quest is one we are loath to make alone. But we are not alone. With Lazaris at our side and [highlight]Surrounded By Seen And Unseen Friends[/highlight], it's a journey we can welcome and from which WE Can Emerge Different, New, and Forever Changed.

A gathering of Masterful Magicians to enter the depths of mystery and to collect the threads To Create A Tapestry Of Magic.

[highlight]Come; Let's Fly. Let's Soar.[/highlight]



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