Topic: Chemtrail Update

Ok, I haven't heard of this and I haven't seen this before.
I could tell you the whole background story but basically it was right around Hamilton, Ontario.
I was sitting in the backseat gazing up at the sky. I noticed there was a dark line that was perfectly straight that stretched as far as I could see. It was extremely thin, but if looked as if there was "less atmosphere" along this line that made it darker. Then I noticed something that kind of weirded me out even more. This dark band proceeded a high-altitude jet.
It looked like this jet was "lining" this dark band with what looked to be a chemtrail. I kind of projected myself into feeling the people piloting this jet, and I had the intuition they were reinforcing the electromagnetic field. Certain fracture lines of weakness are forming and potentially, this could explain one dimension of the chem trail debate. However, I can now perceive this as a piece of disinformation.
Quite possibly, the dark band was formed not by a fracture line in the electromagnetic field that's being caused by system-wide energy fluctuations, but rather it was deliberately projected ahead of the craft to enable the chemical compounds to seep within the disrupted field. What this means for me and you is probably minimal in terms of our spiritual progress, but it is one more facet of the "bizarre-shit-is-going-on" saga of Earth: 2007.

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