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Re: War In Heaven

I don't remember if I posted on this thread or not.  Eh, either way I just wanted to add a couple things.  The first is my own take on the WIH.  I can't say for sure, of course, but it has a feel of a false choice.  Specifically, just referring to the "join us or reincarnate" thing.  It's obvious there's a war going on in the energy realm (aka "heaven" in WIH).  This can be seen easily enough by recognizing the "angel" and "devil" on our shoulders.  It's a war for the hearts and minds of humanity.  So all that being said I wrote up something last night.  It just kinda came to me.  I'll dedicate it to Zenden although it really isn't directed towards anyone.  I didn't think it warranted it's own thread either.  So for what it's worth...


The Vanguard

van - guard (noun):  the forefront in any movement, field, activity, or the like

Every operation needs an advance force.  A group of specialists that can go into raw territory and set up shop for the main force.  They are the vanguard.

They have the unique talent of being able to appraise any situation and make the necessary adjustments to prepare the ground so the arriving force has a foundation to work from.

They are dropped deep behind enemy lines, scattered, with little more than own inner resolve to carry them through.

There is no place these forces cannot infiltrate and prepare.  No place real or imagined.  They are the best of the best in what they do. 

They do it with a sense of honored duty.

They do it because they love it.  It's who they are.  It's a rush.

There is a splinter of this group that I'm most familiar with.  They got a new nickname from those close to the action.  The noble realmers.  For that's what they do.  They go in and create the foundation for a noble realm where a dark spot once was.  That's why they scatter.  They create this connected grid of consciousness.  It's beautiful to behold really.  As each node brings in more highly refined energy and knowledge, the grid lights up more and more.

The other important part of the vanguard's responsibility is holding the base till the full force arrives.  This is accomplished easily enough by their sense of honored duty for the task at hand.

Their real asset though, is their insuperable spirt.  They literally are the untouchables.  When they are in full realization of who they are, there isn't a force outside God that can stop

The Vanguard.

Re: War In Heaven

Nice thoughts there, z3n3rg. 

I've often felt that way about NR.

Thank you.


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Re: War In Heaven

ive seen that word vanguard before and i got chills then and i got them now.  should go to bed but cant.  this is it.  our work, and ur take on it.  its too, that satsang thing we talked about the other day.  where we as the light (sorry theres not another faster way to do that so go with illuminationists)   shed light on stuff as anchors thru personal passions/strengths/learning/application of same, from recovering/healing if u will with new understandings from the dark night of the soul.  and blend what u just said there Z3 with montalk's latest--notes on abductive reasoning and link it with this:  http://www.zeitlin.net/EndEnchantment/Matrix.html  and here is described the experiment if u will.  the STO vs the STS idea, which is still unclear in all its proponents and were feeling our way thru it, like montalk's theory quotes and assumptions indicate.  but we do have a semblance of knowledge of it which is why interested in it.

In the game, a new method was proposed. Those HS's who volunteered to try it would have their consciousnesses limited to 3D, which also meant that a lifetime was to be experienced in a solitary fashion, cut off from the "hive" consciousness and from knowledge of any sequence of past lives as well. Thus each consciousness was on his or her own, seemingly.

However, to compensate for the limitation, the HS would have access to all projected lives as though they were simultaneous; in a sense, they WOULD BE simultaneous. The HS, at its discretion, and corresponding to the efforts of any given projected consciousness, could make available some aspects of other projected consciousness, whether in the deep past or the future, as seen by a given embodied consciousness.

This was a powerful advantage. As seen in 3D time, it resulted in an extremely rapid conclusion of the growth cycle, compared to the plodding growth of the hives.

It is interesting to contemplate that the game was over as soon as it began, from the HS level. Our group wins because it truly has a better method, but its path is painful.  Yet beautiful in a way that is beyond compare.

That, at least, is one view of the picture as we presume it is seen from the perspective of the HS. In another view, the outcome is not assured and our situation is truly desperate. Not knowing which is correct is what makes it all so poignant.

At any rate, on the sequential (3D) level, the game proceeds.

It also appears from many sources that a critical "crunch" point is rapidly approaching. It could have a super-planetary or galactic component to it... we have written about this elsewhere. This "crunch" will bring chaos on every level of nature and human society. It is actually a singularity that could break the controllers' iron lock on Earth humanity, by breaking down the systems that have been so painstakingly built over the millennia. The controllers are aware of this and are perhaps aware of the scenario in which Earth humanity seizes the opportunity and completes its long ordeal in 3D captivity.

The controllers have been trying to break down the will and spirit of the humans through projecting images of destruction. For this reason, you, the reader, would do well not to allow yourself to be overwhelmed by such descriptions of chaos. You need to be in your power at that time - thinking clearly and acting swiftly and wisely.

In a view that we favor, humans complete 3D existence, and are withdrawn from the grasp of the controllers. Actually they revert to 4D where they originally were. But there remains choice as to orientation. Those who had been striving for STO orientation will be able to be truly STO. Those who were strongly identified as STS, especially those firmly embedded into Earth control hierarchies, can continue on that path. All will become aware of the controllers but STO will no longer be subject to them. That part of the game will be over. Those who are to continue as STS will simply join the ranks.

That is what is being attempted with this "Synthetic Myth". But many questions have been raised. For example, who were/are those 4D/STS beings and what exactly is their scheme? Is "3D/4D" a stand-in for something much richer? What is the history of those consciousnesses who populated the created races? Can it be true that the Earth human experience is "beyond compare"? Are the rules of the game just as described here or is there a different sort of game, or no game?

Now in the meantime, what is to be done here?

There are 4D/STO in the picture; I hadn't discussed these. If you can imagine a 4D/STO looking on our present scene, knowing what we have just discussed, what do you think that being would do? Why do you think they have not appeared and taken an active role in rescuing us? (Or do you think they have?) Is there still a service that they can and do render? Should we use our understanding of these beings to model our own behavior?

This has bearing on what we do with our lives.

So you must do your own research and test everything within yourself. (But you already knew that.)

You might begin by testing within yourself the following statement:

All those entities in the supercompendium of which I spoke have their levels of action, their styles and levels of consciousness. Behind the action are levels of higher being that grasp the entire game and, in playing, fulfill even a higher, vaster role.

This page is intended to be "empowering."   says Zeitlin...

I think the only thing needed for "empowering" is to project yourself into the events being described. For example, the page indicates that our consciousness is a projection of our Higher Self - a very majestic being - on a mission. Perhaps you can realize: "Wait a minute! That's ME! Why didn't I know that? Oh, because the game is to forget but then to strive to regain it, and in striving, to grow beyond what I ever was."

Your life is a threading of all the quantum events that are yours.

The answer is that every consciousness creates the entire universe. How can this happen without generating conflicts? Because consciousness is a collapsing of the state vector in a quantum mechanical event - and as such, takes zero time. The reverse is true: every quantum event is conscious. Taking no time whatsoever, there is enough room for each event to be the only one in the universe. Every quantum event generates the universe out of the state vector.

This makes you a creator - at least on the plane of our conscious lives. Now you can experience yourself as the creator of all within your purview - and as an actor in everyone else's dream.

the problem here is that no one, not even Zeitlin will or apparently can say what to do.  is that because no one knows what to do?  could be.  but i cant tolerate that so i keep coming up with ideas.  and go out on a limb.  but see this.  from Kyle's notes by himself--What we're really telling all these people is simply, "Try to develop conscious control over your psychic powers during your present lifetime, so you'll have a better chance of surviving after death."

so u could go here because this is the best we can do for now, self realize, embrace the future and past self.  and learn more psi techniques  http://www.psipog.net/articles.html

this is difficult but does speak truths for everybody and everybody has their own.  since truth needs perception and from that angle, thats personal and individual too so cant waste alot of time on that.  and split "truth hairs" all day.  can just accept that there are some universal truths and the rest of them r how u see them mainly.  so we can all come at this from individual POV's and CHARACTERIZATIONS.  feels like a characterization in one's own dream doesnt it?  and like were characters in a big play, what an act this is/was/will be.  we may be the clean up crew, the wayshowers on the way out, the portals themselves, the holders of spaces, the anchors. the vanguards as u beautifully said Z3.  it fits.  lets dedicate it to all of us and move along and gather knowledge.  skills.  blend our theories.  at least there is no woe is us stuff in this.  we have never ever bought that we were waiting for anybody else.  thats always been clear.  i just love that.  we're the SOB's that refused to fall for crap.  we wouldnt fall for it and all along we knew better.  thats so deep.  and i get a big kick out of that.  gives one something very grand to aspire to, and it takes those dark nights of the soul wherein you've forgiven selves first so one can move on and up from earthlife painful scenarios, mistakes, bad decisions, and so forth.  theres nothing here but self-dependence and satsang. in that satsang is unity.

so go full circle now and fathom this bird's eye nutshell.  the soul of the vanguard keeps replenishing itself with deeds, tasks, its made to do so.  it has come from the loins of that, it does missions.  its a pro at mission completion, set-up, prep, clean-up.  it knows its route, has the varied and specific skills, it has been bred into that being to do missions.  it gets better at mission-izing as eons of time and assignments go by.  its HS gives it marching orders.  it goes and investigates, learns the ways of the worlds and societies it has been assigned to, sets up shop on various planets/worlds.  it comes in with nothing but itself, what it knows and can remember.  has not much to work with other than its innate self strengths, notions, but it has as said, a terrific sense of honorable NOBLE DUTY in that REALM and carry out the mission it will.  it is associated with the good guys from mission control, theres always a hierarchy u know.  it does splendid good jobs.  extremely dependable.  very disciplined.  cosmic swat.  it always felt distanced and separate from where it landed.  never did fit in there, wasnt supposed to.  it is/becomes a creator god itself.  it all started out this way, in myth, with the gods dealing with gods.  thru the completion of missions we ourselves bump way up.  we earned it.  this one last time, we got to play in the biggest one the universe in this sector had goin.  that in itself is a reward, a cool undertaking.  not everybody got in on this one.  its not done HERE that often u know.  big quarantine around here. finally later, the portals are clear, clean, pure, shining like never before.  all has shifted.  we laid waste to death itself.  no longer needed in the new 5D realm.  we get to bump WAY UP after this one, we and HS planned it that way.  it takes a god to tango with one. and we dont need followers like the crats.  were very solo souls.  all very difft and highly individualized,  the best non-hive existence and breeding could offer.  we go on from here and do it again, or we rest up and train other missionaries.  we kept working at perfection, at least at this task.  we get to go very high in realms and see wonderful things and so does everybody else, for once, out of entrapment.  broke out of prison.  broke up old 3D.  the biggest prison break there ever was.  the controllers go somewhere else.  we may go there later, and do it again.  or rest up, or just go to that bar at the end of the universe where tom paine made reservations already and slurp up, buy rounds, and tell war stories.

GNOTHI SEAUTON "Know Thyself!"

Re: War In Heaven

I know I don't know the answer of "what to do".  I've taken these 31 revolutions around the sun to come up with an answer for myself but even in that I'm not married to any tentative conclusions.  One such thing that I feel more and more compelled to "do" is simply share of myself without anticipation of how it's received.  It's really the only thing I have to give.  From a strictly objective pragmatic 3d human perspective I've been given a perishable gift without knowing what came before or what will come after.  As a human, taking on that particular perspective, I can only hope to gain enough weight, enough gravity, to have something that will live on after the body is gone.  Forgetting all the religious, spiritual, new-age, self-help, motivational, and philosophical texts written throughout the ages this is the razor's edge.  Some might find such a perspective depressing.

I find it to be an important part of balancing the equation.  For that perspective is truth.  To many it is truth, it is their reality.  So my mind says to me why not find the bridge from that perspective to "the other side" without any of the 'texts' mentioned in the above paragraph.  Survival beyond the body would be the motivation to transverse such a bridge.

Ok, I'm being completely serious when I say the following.  I can feel the weight of my being, my awareness, consciousness, whatever the hell it is.  I don't know, those are just fancy words that don't explain a damn thing.  But anyway, by inverting the awareness or whatever onto itself while simultaneously attempting to expand and include more outside I actually felt it increase.  I wasn't expecting it I was just doing what seemed to be a fun and interesting thing to do.  I wanted to play with the awareness.  So yea, that's part of my answer to myself.  If I can continue to increase that weight then I will have more of myself to give.  And in such I am "doing" what I can do. 

I continue to try to look at all angles to find the best possible perspective that gives the best possible current and future benefits, given the known factors.  And currently this is the perspective that works the best for me.  Psi abilities are not really part of this for me currently.  I want to increase the essense of myself.  Psi abilities are useful outside self.  I don't know where the thought came from but I figure I'll just make the essense of self impenetrable, unmovable, unshakable, and impervious so that it's not even a concern.  I want to be able to not only be but be able to expand in the middle of infinite nothingness.  In that, I will be the best I can be for any others that may ask of me.

Re: War In Heaven

Z 3 n 3 r g Y

The Vanguard

There is no place these forces cannot infiltrate and prepare.  No place real or imagined.  They are the best of the best in what they do.

They go in and create the foundation for a Noble Realm where a dark spot once was. That's why they scatter. They create this connected grid of consciousness. It's beautiful to behold really. As each node brings in more highly refined energy and knowledge, the grid lights up more and more.

A K A:



Empath > Dreamer > Shaman > Magickian


Were Sent To Heal

a glitch,

a distottion.......

IT IS and IS A Done Deal - Ask The Heart Of A Deeper Understanding

Look INTO The Mirrors In The Hall Of Double Truth

The Hall Of Double Dreaming     

YOU Know What

you don‘t know

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And Re-Member:

It‘s not about fixing,



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Re: War In Heaven

Tom Paine wrote:

they only have to be in the correct state of altered consciousness (which TV and radio produces automatically in all members of the audience who haven't learned specific techniques for preventing it

Forgive my ignorance , how exactly is this done? How does one prevent it?

The opinions expressed here are not nessesarily the opinions of my true self. Something I'm working on, getting rid of false selves. Sometimes one of them takes over and tries (successfuly) to discredit me, lol!

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Re: War In Heaven

ive been reading WIH notes all morning which is really reading the book again pretty much.  the notes frequently say passages like "unless we stop them" and "if we can influence enough people, their awareness, and improve their psychic powers..."  but no specifics are given.  and no timelines.  so i was thinking a little on the lines of what Z3 had said, and to refine it more as i mentioned more psi yesterday, i am equating psi with self.  to me, the worked on self IS psi.  one and the same, with all those powers, that ASTRAL awareness.  then i saw that there is a distinction between astral soul and somatic soul and was going to look into that more but kept reading and doinked on the "soul technology" page by Zeitlin. 

there is a key possibly there.  take a look at this:  http://www.openseti.org/SoulTech.html

As a physical framework, Griffith speaks of "astral matter" that has an atomic and subatomic particle structure resembling that of physical matter, but possessing much less mass than the physical counterpart. Although the mass ratios among the various astral subatomic particles is the same as that of the physical ones, all have much less absolute mass than physical electrons.

Astral subatomic particles have gravitational properties that resemble but do not interact with the gravitation of physical particles. Likewise there is astral energy that does not interact with physical systems.

There is however one very important exception to this general lack of interaction, and this actually is the basis of "the secret of life": Astral matter forms complex organic molecules just as physical matter does, and their respective chemical bonds have similar energy levels and photon frequencies associated with them. This allows for resonance and chemical bonding between physical and astral matter. It is the combined molecular system that exhibits the basic characteristics of "life", such as irritability and the ability to reproduce.

This is how astral matter and the soul, which is constructed of astral matter, become involved in the reduplication of DNA and many aspects of cell metabolism.

The bonding provides a pathway by which some of the cell's metabolic energy can be converted into astral energy that feeds the soul, powering its various functions, and providing for regeneration of its astral matter, which is then used to perform cellular growth and repairs.

Death is caused by breaking the bonds between physical and astral matter.

The soul spoken of here is a primitive analog of the physical body. It is alive, but it is not sentient. It has a nervous system but not a mind. Griffith calls this the somatic soul. The "true" soul is the astral soul.

The astral soul is a body of astral matter linked to the somatic soul's nervous system by the famous silver cord. This is structured like a segment of plant root with feeder roots at both ends, tapping into the two souls' nervous systems.

Energy flowing from the body into the somatic soul and through the silver cord to the astral soul is the astral soul's only truly efficient source of nourishment.

When the body dies, the somatic soul decomposes. The astral soul does not, but it loses its best source of energy.

A new somatic soul is created during the embryological development of every new human being.

What is important for us here is this: the astral soul (or spirit) normally receives its energy from the living physical body and must reincarnate within ten to fifty years in order to revitalize itself. If it does not accomplish this, it faces illness, insanity, and death.

Some spirits are unwilling to take these chances. They take a different, evil, and immoral path to replenishing themselves: cannibalism. They are able to use telepathic powers to "hypnotize" spirits who then allow them to attach their own silver cord to them, just as though they were the somatic soul of an infant. By this means they can draw out enough energy to sustain themselves, but the process destroys the other spirit.

In War in Heaven, the spirits that do this are termed Theocrats, probably because for long millennia the vehicle they have used to capture and destroy weaker spirits has been religion. The Theocrats obtain victims by posing as gods and persuading religious believers to come to them voluntarily after death thinking they are entering "eternal bliss in Heaven."

well, now that explains quite alot.  why and how religion has been so persuasive and what the possible set-up has been.  Zeitlin has even coined an acronym "S.C.A.M."  meaning society;s commonly accepted myth.  the whole idea of religion, IMO has been myth, supports myth in many forms, mainly that of images.  u know, get the "right/correct" image in the head, along with illusion=deception.  and that i s why apparently.  which then leads us to the/a hierarchal system again of dog eat dog i guess, so to survive in the astral even, one needs food or loosh then. does this ever stop?  i thot energy didnt need that much support so i saw that wrongly.  it does food of whatever sort to feed upon and replenish. now theres the key possibly.  and we know the reps/archons, etc need same so thats in here too, and correlates.  all is cross referenced.  so if ur a light asource, u have to replenish too.  ive never seen that before, and that the astral soul needs more energy input to keep going or it will have to reincarnate in < 50 yrs.  thats new to me.  but could be.  more new info will have to digest, but the point is then, looking back up there, then maybe the key would be to not die in this and not undo/sever the silver cord.  ive seen it before, and ive seen it stretched pretty far but ive not seen it snap or disengage.  (the dying neighbor on the street out front).  so im thinking then, maybe we should/could find a way to keep that intact and maybe thats what is being inadvertently said with the shift possibilities, that even death will lose its grasp.  since im a BIG one on not having to die (god, i hate the rules and always like a good and loyal sociopath, always try to get them to not apply to me) im liking that idea.  im considering then, we wouldnt need to feed either, because now thats gonna worry me.  and i wasnt planning on reincarnating, esp not HERE, for god's sake, not even).  im thinking its possible we could be evolving into a difft kind of creature where that doesnt happen.  and im thinking then, strong psi self, and no longer in the game so the old rules wont apply.  they cant.  new kind of astral being with a SOMATIC soul then, that lives on, and doesnt die, so no cord snapped, therefore free in the 2 most important ways.  no need to feed and no one can feed on us because the ENERGY never stopped flowing from the somatic soul into the astral.  sounds like maybe stuck in 2 realms possibly simultaneously, but hey, better than a theocratic band im guessing.  or in the gut of an elemental.  and not thrilled with a new god insertion either, as maybe that wont "marry" well.  and since were all very pragmatic and individualistic, im not goin for that, since i never can cooperate well. 

im going to have to work on this, but with the mighty self-psi hook up and the determination, awareness, illumination and memeory quotient, maybe something can come of that.  since this big shift is all different than before and the photon belt and galactic wave, etc etc quantum physics, sunpower thing is supposedly involved simultaneously, like never before, then maybe those powerful factors my figure in and we have something there.

now that i know this part astral vs somatic soul part more for application with 2012, earthchanges, endtimes, and have expanded the original whole thing i started out with since a kid, that being soul research, (never thot it would or could lead to a topic like WIH altho ive always instinctually despised organized religion) the real research into it will travel on and build.  with purpose.  who wouldve thot that we'd actually be here, in 2007, tryingto figure such things out to PREPARE.  and thats wht the guides say to Kyle as the number 1 reason theyre doing this--to get to certain humans, as many as they can, so theyll be prepared.  hmmm.  thats alot to ponder on.

and now im back to thinking may be stuck here, and then maybe it will by choice so not to have to deal with crats on that realm, but bring them down to the earth realm and not be in their territory, but theyll be in ours.  were not dead either, so that would fit with the new human, the no need for death anymore as it changes too, when this 3D here does.  maybe the heavens as upper realms or side by ones if theyre so near us but just cant be seen, but exist very very close they say, maybe theyre exclusively individual to the corresponding worlds theyre in proximity of. or even like that kirael article said way back, that certain of us may be the ones that rescue stuck turmoiled earthers on cross-over shift change.  (i see that=="shift change"--far out, so thats funny and fitting, i always did stay over to make sure the oncoming shift was all nice and tidily settled in...hmmm).

GNOTHI SEAUTON "Know Thyself!"

Re: War In Heaven

Zenden, a seeker so true
true blue
i've touched the tip of something and I see it in each of you

I can see psi as related to self since it's all connected.  We each find our own route and no two are exactly the same.  I sense pure intent so I know your paths will lead you to your heart's desire.  All of you, no doubt in my mind.

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Re: War In Heaven

zenden wrote:

im thinking its possible we could be evolving into a difft kind of creature where that doesnt happen.  and im thinking then, strong psi self, and no longer in the game so the old rules wont apply.  they cant.  new kind of astral being with a SOMATIC soul then, that lives on, and doesnt die, so no cord snapped, therefore free in the 2 most important ways.  no need to feed and no one can feed on us because the ENERGY never stopped flowing from the somatic soul into the astral.  sounds like maybe stuck in 2 realms possibly simultaneously, but hey, better than a theocratic band im guessing.

That reminds me of something I read on the back of a book. I haven't actually read the book yet, but it's on my reading list. It's called "The Four Insights: Wisdom, Power, and Grace of the Earthkeepers" by Alberto Villoldo.

See http://www.amazon.com/Four-Insights-Wis … 1401910459

from Book synopsis:

"...Mastery of the Insights allows you to reinform your DNA and participate consciously in your biological, emotional, and spiritual evolution. According to the prophecies of the Maya, Hopi, and Inka Earthkeepers, we’re at a turning point in human history, when a new species of human will give birth to itself. We’re going to take a quantum leap into what we’re becoming and will no longer be Homo sapiens but Homo luminouos. The Four Insights reveal ancient technologies we can practice for becoming beings of light with the ability to perceive the energy and vibration that make up the physical universe at a much higher level."

Join me in Peru to celebrate December 21st 2012 - Visit: http://2012awakeningretreat.com/

Re: War In Heaven

just saw Z3 there.  yes, all is individualized psi, and i dont see how that wouldnt work.  sounds tremendous, very important.  completely workable, practical, pragmatic.  im going for it.  and i ran across this and i figure this is as good a time as any to say this.  i was up early this am, needing to do house chores and there i was reading 'notes from WIH" and i say to myself--ur insane.  its official.  ur obsessed with this and 'these things'.  u need to do laundry, disheds, vacuum, etc.  but smoking (yes, gods smoke--i say taint my meat for the disrtaste of the reps f*ck em, yet funny, i never think about them much anymore since i MET THE CRATS).  intesting how that works, that one thing leads to another and is this too?  meant to be?  i think so, as all this has been.  anyway.  i wanted to explain why im insane on WIH.  because it tied all up in one giant knot.  its everything with meaning, finally and why the signals, connections.  its the giantist hierarchy up/out there and it, IMO is behind it all.  even the zionists and the illuminati.  the whole deal.  the sacrifices, rome, aztecs, vampires, even reps.  see this to explain.  never seen as much all from one place tied up with a pretty bow--from http://alignment2012.com/parasites.html  explains it for me, to clarify overall for those interested.

...This attack occurred during a full moon, and we all know there is a some link between lunar and lunatic. The lunatic aspect may be related to the uncanny association of parasitic beings and the moon, which has also been noted by others. Gurdjieff described the moon this way, and frequently said that unconscious people were “food for the moon.” I’d known that since studying Gurdjieff in the Eighties, but also found it turning up in, The Mind Parasites, where one character asks, “Do you know the work of the philosopher Gurdjieff? He always said that human beings were food for the moon. He compared the human race to a flock of sheep that are being fattened for the moon…”

The moon has a certain physical analogy to parasites in that it does not have its own energy source or illumination, and only reflects the energy of the sun. That’s from our vantage, of course, since the earth is also dependent on the sun for energy. In my earliest visions of the parasites I saw what I called “moon worms.” They had a pale, unearthly, baleful luminosity. In a novel of the West, All the Pretty Horses, recently made into a major motion picture, the heroic protagonist, an adolescent male sixteen years old, in a moment glaringly incongruous with the style and content of the rest of the novel, looks up at the moon and wonders if there aren’t parasitic entities up there feeding off of human suffering.

In the last chapter of Castaneda’s last book involving his relationship with Don Juan, a chapter entitled “The Mud Shadows,” Don Juan takes Castaneda out into the desert and helps him to shift into the second attention. From the second attention Castaneda can see what Don Juan calls “the flyers,” shadowy worm like creatures that feed off of human energy and have the ability to insert their mind into the minds of average, susceptible people. The physical description of these “flyers” sound remarkably like the “rods,” the very high seed flying organisms that have been video taped by Jose Escamilla (see roswellrods.com). Consider the poem by William Blake at the beginning of this essay and the “The invisible worm/That flies through the night.”

Don Juan is not the only one to suggest that there might be parasites, as there are microbiologically, that have an ability to insert their mind or will into a host. In the novel, The Mind Parasites, it is suggested that certain diabolic individuals like Hitler and the Marquis De Sade (who encouraged the dark sexuality of the sort we see near the parasitic deities in Alex Gray’s vision) are puppets, zombies who have been hollowed out by the parasites and are now entirely under their control. When Jung met Hitler he described him as “a psychic scarecrow,” and some very evil figures have been described as having blank, doll’s eyes and to be on a kind of automatic pilot like mechanical puppets. When they asked one serial killer what he was thinking about when he stalked young women in preparation for torturing and killing them he replied matter of factedly, “Takin’ care of business.” Maybe that’s the one thought rattling around in George W’s hollowed out head: “Takin’ care of business.” I’m going to quote a long passage from The Mind Parasites to give you a feel for how Collin Wilson describes it: “ In a few cases, the vampires have been able to completely take over a human mind and use it for their own purposes."... ‘zombies’whose brain was entirely in the control of the vampires.  [who are CRATS now, when they passed over, just like Cho and the columbine nuts.  new crats, or maybe elementals. in the hierarchy].

And this explains why it is so important for the mind vampires to keep their presence unknown, to drain man’s lifeblood without his being aware of it. A man who defeats the mind vampires becomes doubly dangerous to them, for his forces of self-renewal have conquered. In such cases, the vampires probably attempt to destroy him in another way—by trying to influence other people against him.” [ppl that make it thru pain and dirision r the second or twiceborn, out of dark night of the soul]

A couple of pages later and Wilson makes a very interesting speculation. He suggests that the parasites may seek out species that are on the brink of a quantum evolutionary leap, but still in the highly energetically charged, vulnerable position of not yet having emerged on the other side of that leap. [we're on the brink, we may be mutants, no cord snap]

“ Now I suspect that these mind vampires specialize in finding races who have almost reached this point of evolution, who are on the brink of achieving a new power, and then feeding on them until they have destroyed them. It is not their actual intention to destroy – because once they have done this, they are forced to seek another host. Their intention is to feed for as long as possible on the tremendous energies generated by the evolutionary struggle. Their purpose, therefore, is to prevent man from discovering the worlds inside himself, to keep his attention directed outwards. I think there can be no possible doubt that the wars of the twentieth century are a deliberate contrivance of these vampires. Hitler, like De Sade, was almost certainly another of their ‘zombies’. A completely destructive world war would not serve their purposes, but continual minor skirmishes are admirable.” [keep em comin--korea, vietnam, iraq, whats next?]

A few paragraphs later Wilson states the intuition I had long before I read Mind Parasites---that the parasites, seen from a sufficiently encompassing evolutionary vantage, are revealed to be symbionts in that they challenge an evolving host to become far more conscious in order to shake off the threat. [more proof? for the mutant change over new human?]

Frank Herbert, in his fourth Dune novel, God Emperor of Dune, seems to have had a similar idea. The God Emperor who is following his “Golden Path” (apparently his personal revelation of an evolutionary Tao), makes himself into a supreme predator or parasite that dominates the human species for millennia. He does not enjoy being an oppressor, but is doing it purposefully so as to paradoxically create mutants who will be so resistant to oppression that they will able to lead their species out of bondage forever. In the I Ching it is said that some things do not fully blossom or unfold unless they are fully compressed (or oppressed).  [a long time comin, time for a prison break, we never could stand it]

Wilson writes, “I have another theory, which is so absurd that I hardly dare to mention it. This is that the mind vampires are, without intending it, the instruments of some higher force. They may, of course, succeed in destroying any race that becomes their host. But if, by any chance, the race should become aware of the danger, the result is bound to be the exact opposite of what is intended. One of the chief obstacles to human evolution is man’s boredom and ignorance, his tendency to drift and allow tomorrow to take care of itself. In a certain sense, this is perhaps a greater danger to evolution---or at least, a hindrance---than the vampires themselves. Once a race becomes aware of these vampires, the battle is already half won. Once man has a purpose and a belief, he is almost invincible. The vampires might serve, therefore, to inoculate man against his own indifference and laziness…otherwise make it hard for the host species to wake up." [theyre behind it all, always have been, the reps arent shit comparatively, just another alien race]

We have said very little so far about the possible etiology or origin of the mind parasites. One intriguing theory of origin is presented by Dr. Samuel Sagan (clairvision.org). According to this theory, at the time of human death, there are denser, darker fragments of consciousness that remain behind after the spirit departs the body. Sagan believes that many traditional funeral practices, especially those involving cremation, were originally designed to destroy these fragments. These lingering incomplete fragments of consciousness do not have their own direct connection to pranic or life energy, but must parasitically attach themselves to those that do. This seems similar to the Buddhist concept of the “hungry ghost.” [boy, nuthin ever changes does it?  this has gone on for centuries, not new, old ancient stuff]

There is a principle of logic known as Occham’s Razor which may support Sagan’s theory somewhat. Occham’s Razor says that hypotheses are not multiplied without necessity. In other words, we don’t adopt fancy, complex explanations where simpler ones seem to suffice. If there are energy parasites (for many this is a big if) and since they seem to both understand and be perfectly adapted to feeding off of human energy, instead of suggesting a more exotic theory of origin, say extraterrestrial or interdimenisonal parasites hunting through the multiverse, we can simplify our hypothesis by having us, human beings, whom we know exist, as the source of the parasite.

yeah, why separate it all out?  certainly not necessary, its obvious.  and thats why so excited on the concept, theyre the ones behind it all, and its for food upon death.  theres the loosh factor, the cycling over and over, the stuck earthplane, the moon reflecting right back at us.  all along, and all along "some of us KNEW"...

and the crats know this.  that we are the hosts for the cycling parasites.  they do grow in us, and become elementals.  all that worshipping and loosh and inept intent==energy feed.  one big sheep farm. very efficient.  so there it all is, in/from one spot.  food for the moon, dead, lifeless, only reflecting light, not true ILLUMINATION.  realized that better after reading there maybe for the first time getting that straight--the UNAWARE UNCONSCIOUS are food for the moon.  not everybody, which is why they maybe cant be saved, they are somatic soul food, there wasnt much to begin with there and the C's call them bushes.  the moon is artificial?  definitely a crat planet, a platter to slurp up from, no distractions.  cold, impersonal, gray, unholy. the parasite itself of earth.  lunatics, the insane, have been invaded.  parasites, crat thots grow in their head, make for rage, anger, guilt, sex is bad, i have sinned, i must forgive--maybe throw that out entirely which somebody said on NR before, and i just said forgive the self, and i still mean it, so as not to be in a stuck blaming cycle where stuff is stagnant and one cant progress or see further, thats certainly no good.

and the parasites?=the rods prob, no mystery, thot that loing ago, just not that interested in all the bad things they do.  WE KNOW THAT CRAP.  need to move on from that altho i agree, it is amazing what they pull.  yet redundant city.  geeez. all r insertions from the crats.  weve been talking of parasites and evil insertions, thot and mind control for years.  there doesnt need to be another source that sends them.  the crats do.  its them.

just wanted to show this, that stuff is not far removed from stuff.  no need to circle and circle before picling a spot to lay down on, it explains it all.  the whole deal with human sin has been made to induce guilt for "church" and therefore relagare "to control"...this is ridiculous and we must put a stop to it all.

GNOTHI SEAUTON "Know Thyself!"

Re: War In Heaven

sick of the typos and dont feel like fixing.  u have it there Aya. bet ya.  i feel it.

GNOTHI SEAUTON "Know Thyself!"

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Re: War In Heaven

Thank you for the Psipog link, zenden.  That's really something! 
Like a high school introduction course to psi, with levels going up to post graduate.

Reminds me of the Viking-Z guy and his psychic website:  http://www.viking-z.org/
Psychic self-defense and remote viewing.

I'm glad you're reintroducing some of the Zeitlin material.  He did a pretty good job
of an introduction and analysis of the major points of WIH. 

Vanguard--avant garde--France 1910 : "an intelligentsia which develops new or
experimental concepts, especially in the arts.

I don't know if rods are the same as the flyers of Castaneda.  They seem like
astral barracuda and mackerel with shad and "bait fish" being the smaller ones.

Re: War In Heaven

Changing / Uncreating A Glitch         

Donnie Darko



Frank tells him that the world will end in 28 days, 6 hours, 42 minutes and 12 seconds. Donnie wakes up the next morning on a golf course and sees 28:06:42:12 written on his arm.

When Donnie's mother is calling to say how they'll be on the red-eye flight, the airport announcement in the background says that Flight 2806 is boarding at gate 42 and leaving at 12 AM. Presumably this is the flight they're taking, and also a reference to the 28:06:42:12 countdown that Frank gives Donnie.

Certain events first appear as images within Donnie's eye (Referred to as ‘Deus ex Machina‘). Deus ex Machina is described by director Richard Kelly in the audio commentary for the Director's Cut. The first image of Frank flashes in Donnie's pupil as Frank wakes him; the second image is that of rushing water to represent the flooding of the school; and there is a shot of fire in Donnie's eyes before Frank tells him to burn Cunningham's house down (instead of a full-screen shot of Cunningham's house on fire). The eye appears every time Donnie is commanded to do a task; therefore, the M.C. Escher ‘Eye’ with the skull within the pupil can be thought of as Donnie's task to die, ensuring the closure of the Tangent Universe, and the survival of the human race.

According to Kelly and his Philosophy of Time Travel, at midnight on October 2 a Tangent Universe branches off the Primary Universe around the time when Donnie is called out of his bedroom by Frank, immediately before the appearance of the Artifact, the faulty jet engine. The inherently unstable Tangent Universe will collapse in just over 28 days and take the Primary Universe with it if not corrected. Closing the Tangent Universe is the duty of the Living Receiver, Donnie, who wields certain supernatural powers to help him in the task.

Those who have died/will die within the Tangent Universe (and would not have died otherwise) are the Manipulated Dead (Frank and Gretchen). Manipulated Dead Frank, at least, is also given certain powers in that he is able to subtly understand what is happening and have the ability to contact and influence the Living Receiver via the Fourth Dimensional Construct (water). All others within the orbit of the Living Receiver are the Manipulated Living (e.g. Ms. Pomeroy, Dr. Monnitoff), subconsciously drawn to push him towards his destiny to close the Tangent Universe and, according to the Philosophy of Time Travel, die by the Artifact.



Q. What does Donnie do to save the Universe, in detail?

Donnie's objective, through manipulation by the dead version of Frank, is to stop the engine traveling back via the corruption. Instead he opens/creates a wormhole back to the past. He does this via telekinesis and his power to create water (the fourth dimensional construct) as it is stated in the Philosophy of Time Travel these are some of the powers of the Living Receiver.

Q. Why when the characters are in bed at the end of the movie, in the ‘Mad World montage‘, do they seem to recollect what happened in the Tangent Universe?

As background: at the end of the movie after we go back to the point where the jet engine hits the house we see Dr. Thurman wake up abruptly and look troubled, Karen Pomeroy is asleep in bed with Kenneth Monnitoff who is awake and looks concerned, Jim Cunningham is sitting upright in bed sobbing, Kitty Farmer is deep in thought, Cherita is smiling, and Frank is sitting on the floor touching his eye.

Essentially the characters remember what happened from the future, but now closed, Tangent Universe. The Dreams chapter in The Philosophy of Time Travel confirms this:

‘When the Manipulated awakens from their Journey into the Tangent Universe, they are often haunted by the experience in their dreams. Many of them will not remember. ....Those who do remember the Journey are often overcome with profound remorse for the regretful actions buried within their Dreams, the only physical evidence buried within the Artifact itself, all that remains from the lost world.’

Also Gretchen and Rose Darko (Donnie's Mum) seem to remember each other, based on them waving at each other at the end of the film.

Q. What does Donnie mumble when he has the knife held to his throat?

‘Deus ex Machina‘, followed by ‘Our Saviour‘.

Q. What does ‘Deus Ex Machina’ mean?

This is Latin

Deus = God

Ex = from the

Machina = Machine

Therefore, God from the Machine.

1. In Greek and Roman drama, a god lowered by stage machinery to resolve a plot or extricate the protagonist from a difficult situation.

2. An unexpected, artificial, or improbable character, device, or event introduced suddenly in a work of fiction or drama to resolve a situation or untangle a plot.

3. A person or event that provides a sudden and unexpected solution to a difficulty.         

Q. So why does Donnie say ‘Deus Ex Machina‘?

He's referring to the impending appearance of Frank, who in a sense is the Deus Ex Machina as described above.

Q. In reference to Cellar Door being the most beautiful phrase, which ‘famous linguist’ is Karen Pomeroy talking about?

JRR Tolkien (author of Lord of the Rings and other books, and he also worked on the Oxford English Dictionary, hence is famous and a linguist).

Q. What are the key points of the movie?

This is a quick run through of the key points in the movie and those incidents which form the ensurance trap for Donnie:

2 OCTOBER 1988

1. Manipulated Dead (MD) Frank coerces Donnie to sleepwalk to the golf course (preventing him being killed).

2. The jet engine strikes the house.

5 OCTOBER 1988

3. Donnie is coerced by MD Frank to sleepwalk to the school and break the water main. Because of this the school is flooded and Donnie walks home with Gretchen, resulting in her ‘going’ with him.

6 OCTOBER 1988

4. Donnie and his friends see Grandma Death walking to the mail box, and Ronald suggests that someone should ‘write that bitch‘. Perhaps manipulating Donnie to write to her, so that she is reading the letter when Frank's car swerves to miss her.

10 OCTOBER 1988

5. Donnie discusses the time travel theories with Dr. Monnitoff, and is given the Philosophy of Time Travel.

18 OCTOBER 1988

6. Gretchen tells Donnie ‘And what if you could go back in time and take all those hours of pain and darkness and replace them with something better?’ perhaps manipulating him to complete his task later on.         6. Gretchen tells Donnie ‘And what if you could go back in time and take all those hours of pain and darkness and replace them with something better?’ perhaps manipulating him to complete his task later on.

22 OCTOBER 1988

7. Donnie discusses more time travel with Dr. Monnitoff.

23 OCTOBER 1988

8. Donnie finds Jim Cunningham's wallet outside his house. With the address he knows which house to burn down later. By burning down the house Kitty has to appear at his arraignment, meaning that Rose (Donnie's Mum) has to go to the Talent Contest, meaning the party takes place and Donnie is with Gretchen ‘cementing’ their relationship.

9. Donnie sets fire to Jim Cunningham's house that evening.

25 OCTOBER 1988

10. Kitty Farmer asks Rose to chaperone Sparkle Motion as she is appearing at Jim Cunningham's arraignment. The party can happen.

26 OCTOBER 1988

11. Karen Pomeroy tells Donnie about the phrase ‘Cellar Door‘, thus dropping the clue that Donnie picks up on later when entering Roberta Sparrow's house via the cellar.

29 OCTOBER 1988

12. Elizabeth gets her letter for getting in to Harvard. They decide to throw the party.

13. Gretchen's mother has vanished, she comes to the party to find Donnie and stay in a ‘safe place‘.

30 OCTOBER 1988

14. They enter Roberta Sparrow's house by the cellar door.

15. Gretchen is run over by Frank, who swerves to avoid Roberta Sparrow reading Donnie's letter.

16. Donnie shoots Frank, allowing him to come back and help him as the Manipulated Dead.

17. Donnie perhaps removes the artifact (jet engine) from the plane, and changes its destination to the Primary Universe.


http://www.locusmag.com/2003/Reviews/Pe … Darko.html

Donnie moves to comply, and as he's leaving the theatre the marquee shows what has to be one of the oddest double-bills ever screened: The Evil Dead and The Last Temptation of Christ.

Then Frank appears to Donnie. ‘The skies are going to open up,‘ says Donnie.

Dr. Thurman: ‘If the sky were to suddenly open up, there would be no law, there would be no rule. It would only be you and your memories, the choices you made, and the people you touched. If this world were to end, there would only be you, and him, and no one else.’

It's a tragic time loop story, a replay of Harlan Ellison's Star Trek episode ‘The City on the Edge of Forever,’ where the saving of a life must be undone to avoid greater tragedy from the unintended consequences. On this level, Donnie's tragic time loop is both more and less effective than the one Ellison constructed. It's less effective because both the scale, and our anticipation of the scale, have shrunk. The world ending in Frank's prophecy seems not to be the world, but only Donnie's world.



In a nutshell, my favored explanation is that the Universe has become corrupt and is ending. Donnie (and others) are manipulated by Frank the ‘rabbit’ (and whoever manipulates Frank) to save the Universe.

That the journey through the Tangent Universe had solved Donnie's problem of dying alone through achieving enlightenment, and subsequently he knew he was going to ‘something better’ (from his letter to Roberta Sparrow).

How did Donnie get to Carpathian Ridge, at the beginning of the film?

Richard Kelly states in the commentary that he cycled there, and the idea of the odd opening was to give Donnie's character a grand but strange introduction, as a foreshadowing of what's to come.



Manipulated Living

The term refers to the people inside of the Tangent Universe that the Living Receiver must interact with in order to close that universe before it produces the cataclysmic destruction of the Primary Universe.

In the book Philosophy of Time Travel, it clearly states that The Manipulated Living, or the people who still reside and live within the Tangent Universe, must interact with the Living Receiver in order to fulfill his/her task of closing the tangent for good. Usually they are close friends or in some instances family of the Receiver. However, in this case since they are being Manipulated so to speak into basically fulfilling the loop of the tangent, the behavior and acts they produce seem to be irrational, bizarre and even violent at times. Nevertheless this only occurs due to the fact that they are clueless to the events transpiring around them in this case. Their only conceivable use is to help the Receiver close the tangent (in a matter that seems to be in an unconscionable state due to their lack of knowledge of the actual situation at hand) for good.

Every other character in Donnie Darko (except for Gretchen Ross and Frank, who are Manipulated Dead) are Manipulated Living. They are vital in ensuring that Donnie sends the Artifact (jet engine) back in time.



Philosophy of Time Travel

Written by Roberta Sparrow, a somewhat-deranged 101 year-old woman, who at an early point in her life acquired some sort of grand revelation regarding how to avert a doomsday event centered around the universe destroying itself because of the existence of an alternate, unstable timeline.

The text is dated October 1944.

Chapter One: The Tangent Universe

The main universe in which things progress properly is called the Primary Universe, as well as stating that the fourth dimension of time is stable but not damage-proof, though such events are exceedingly rare. When a time travel event does occur (such as the jet engine from the future in the movie), an alternate universe called the Tangent Universe is created to maintain the proper flow of time. However, because that universe was created using a paradoxical flow of time, it is inherently unstable and will collapse itself within a few weeks (Presented as Frank stating 28 days..6 hours...42 minutes...12 seconds).

Chapter Two: Water and Metal

It merely states that water and metal are two key components in the whole fiasco. Water is the medium by which travel between the Primary and Tangent is possible, and as such the spatial distortions, or Time Portals as they are called in the book, in the movie are presented as tunnels created of liquid.

Metal is the material from which the item that causes the paradox must be primarily made of. They are called Artifacts.

Chapter Four: The Artifact and the Living

This chapter covers preliminary relationships between the Artifact and people who are physically near it when it starts the paradox. They are presented as being at the center of a dangerous new world (A full-sized jet engine crashing into one's home is certainly very dangerous), and as people curious and intrigued by it. It also states that the appearance of an Artifact is the first clue that a Tangent Universe was created, as their sudden appearance from nowhere defies all logical explanation and indicates a damaged flow of time. Roberta believes that a divine miracle is the only rational explanation for such an event.

Chapter Six: The Living Receiver

The chapter also mentions that the Receiver will constantly receive terrifying nightmares, auditory and visual hallucinations as well as visions while the Tangent exists. It ends off by making the first mention of the Manipulated, whom it states fear him and will try to destroy him one way or another.

Chapter Seven: The Manipulated Living

This chapter tells of the Manipulated Living, people still alive within the Tangent who are often friends and family of the Receiver. However, because they are being Manipulated they often exhibit irrational, bizarre and violent behavior because of the apparent senselessness of the events transpiring. The text ends off by mentioning that they will do anything they can to help close the Tangent (albeit unconsciously), as the end of their existence is the only alternative.

Chapter Nine: Ensurance Trap

The chapter states that the Manipulated Dead will set an Ensurance Trap to ensure that the Living Receiver must ensure the fate of mankind.

Chapter Ten: The Manipulated Dead

The Manipulated Dead are those who have died at any point during the Tangent while personally being involved in some way with events. Because of the damaged flow of time, their functional existence does not end with death and they are able to make use of the water medium (a Time Portal) to initiate contact with the Receiver in the Tangent's past. Because they actually have an idea of what's going on, the Manipulated Dead will plot out a set of events that will force the Receiver, called an Ensurance Trap. The chapter also bears two images, both referencing the approximate area of the solar plexus of the human body as the Fourth Dimensional Construct, the means by which the Dead make contact.

Chapter Twelve: Dreams

The final chapter. It states that many of them will retain memories of the experience replaying in their dreams, and while most will not be able to make sense of it, a few will. Those few will often exhibit signs of regret and remorse because of the actions they took while the Tangent existed. The Artifact, which still exists in the Primary, will be the only sign that the Tangent had ever occurred.

11   23   11

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Re: War In Heaven

Zenden, sorry if this is a little sidetracked.  Eric Pepen (of Higher Balance Institute) has said also, the key is to develop your psi skills, its ultra important  in order to be able to function in the other realms successfully. My problem is, his medition technique that Ive tried  (Ive tried many) has got me  just a  bit farther than other techniques. I dont know, maybe my expectations are set to high. Does it have to be that hard? Are we suppose to spend our day in contemplation or we're screwed? Im lucky if I can find an hour to meditate w/o some kind of interupption from somewhere! Does anybody else here feel confident enough in their own psi abilities, that its going to be enough? Are some of us more psychic than we think we are?

And then last night I had a dream where I was with these pure white bald headed dudes,  and there were other people like me, mulling around. all i could make out was the eyes,nose and mouths on the bald beings.  And then one touched me, and it gave me quite an electric shock. All I could think of at that moment was to yell to the other people, " OMG, I forgot, DONT LET THEM TOUCH YOU!!!"  I picked up telepathically from the white bald headed beings, "Oops, she's read WIH, she knows!!"  Woke up with a bloody nose the next morning, hmmmm.

Keep it going, Zen, you keep me thinking!:)

In man's analysis and understanding of himself, it is as well to know from whence he came as whither he is going.   Edgar Cayce

Beliefs are tools for social conditioning, rather than expressions of inner realization or inner truth.   unknown
Ad Verecundiam

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Re: War In Heaven

Anyone ever got hold of the documentary Battle for Planet Earth by John Scovern?  I've only seen clips of it through the videos done on Peggy Kane by UFO Hypotheses which is on youtube. Anyway from what I could see a lot of WIH stuff is featured in the Battle for Planet Earth documentary. But, I can't find it by itself anywhere.

I picked a clip here go to 1:18 on it and it shows a clip of what I'm talking about. This is the Peggy Kane video series where it is just mixed with it. Focus on the pictures not the words.