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Topic: The darkness over Tibet

Hi everyone,

I found yesterday a really good article about the darkness of Tibetan Buddhism. It is only available in French but I think I remember some people could speak it so I'm posting it here:

http://www.conspiration.cc/sujets/relig … uyere.html

It is an interview with a Tibetan exiled in Europe. There are many things said in there, almost all of which confirm things I had intuited or read earlier. It definitely feels true to me. I can maybe give some key points of the article, hoping that I do not distort too much:

- The Dalai Lama is only a marketing program to make Tibet look good. He and his 100 servitors could never have exiled Tibet without the agreement from the Chinese governement. The Chinese governement and lamaist (tibetan buddhist) organization are closely linked on an occult level. The true "spiritual" leader of lamaism is the Panchen Lama, who is almost not known at all outside of Tibet. He's considered as the "black pope" (the catholic pope is the "white pope"). There is supposedly tons of disinformation about him.

- The 500'000 Tibetan monks act as a "factory of psychic energy" (my terms) which is used by those at the top of the lamaist hierarchy to influence the world through telepathy (IMO it goes much further than "telepathy"). While the practice of pure buddhism (vipassana, etc) can't allow this (my opinion), all the various mantras and visualizations which are part of the Tibetan tradition are used for this. Of course the monks don't know about this. The height of Tibet and purity of air makes it easier to channel energies through the world.

- There are 3 circles within lamaism. The first one is the nice cover to gather new monks, look good on the media, etc. The second one is much more dark and conspirational (from what I understood the Panchen Lama is part of this second circle). The person interviewed said that most people had no idea of the third circle, composed of immortal beings (not because they are more "spiritualy evolved", but because they use magic to "reincarnate" themselves over and over) (or we could imagine 4D STS entities), until Blavatsky did her channeling. So even if Blavatsky fell for the illusion of the "Ascended Master", it was still useful to uncover something real happening in Tibet.

- The catholic church and lamaism are closely linked. Jesuits have been travelling to Tibet since the 14th century and helped to setup the hierarchical lamaist organization (the first Dalai Lama was named in the 14th century), which in turn offered help to the vatican (this confirms many theories according to which all the major world religions are secretly linked at the very top). The interviewee says that many spiritual leaders in Tibet are in fact Jesuits. Both hierarchies are arranged scientifically to optimize the function of black magic rituals.

- He mentions Maitreya, who is supposed to be the upcoming reincarnation of Buddha, but which will be used by those in power as a false messiah to "save the world", from problems which are mostly illusory because created by those in power.

- A very important point is the ideology of "continuous spiritual evolution" or "progress", which was supposedly spread from Tibet. The idea that, over time, people are getting more and more "spiritual" and that one day we'll establish heaven on earth. This acts as a carrot continuously put in front of people to make them keep on blindlessly turn the wheel of time and karma (my words). This is a promise made over and over, and people fail to notice that nothing has improved, and that it's in fact getting worse. The teachings of Buddha and Christ were all about how to free ourselves from the illusion *in this lifetime*, but this was distorted by those who don't want us to free from the Matrix (I supposed this ideology goes hand-in-hand with the idea that anyone spiritually evolved is necessarily "good")

- The interviewee also talks about the four ages and how we are at the end of the 4th one, which means the illusion is almost everywhere. He's very critical of all the new age techniques of "well-being" as well as "spiritual experiences" which, according to him, only act on a very superficial level but have many negative side-effects. (for me this means we have to choose between Truth and illusory happiness)

- He also mentions something about the eastern and western lodge being both STS, while the northern and southern lodge are STO. These later lodges do not really interverne in what's going on but they are always keeping a check on the eastern/western lodges and readjusting things when they go "too far", or something like that. I didn't fully understand this point so don't take my words for it.

That's some of the main points of the article, with my own interpretation. I have to add that the interviewee stresses that there is nothing inherently wrong with Buddhism but that many have used and distorted the original teachings and have thus created another "Buddhism" which does the exact opposite, that is, enslaving us instread of freeing us.

Re: The darkness over Tibet

... i wish i knew french !

it seems all religions become corrupt.
even the most benevolent ones.

what is one to do ??

let's worship .... the sun!!

wait... think thats already been done... and probably corrupted as well.

lets worship ... the universe !!!
hah! that one hasnt been done yet ... right ??!?

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Re: The darkness over Tibet

This topic is HOT stuff.

Ermolai, you do make a real good job here !

Thanks smile

Of course, the Tibet religions are infiltrated by the Illuminati and many Tibetans do use dark "4D" forces.

The current Dalai Lama is a puppet for the Illuminati to promote the New Age spiritual bullshit with a Tibetan label. That's no big news.

But... the Jesuit connection does have my interest,... and I am convinced in/under Tibet, the headquarters of the Reptilians is located there, where they give their orders to the Vatican and the Rothschilds.

Maybe there are other alien races under Tibet as well.

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Hey ermolai--I found an interesting article (actually a chapter from a book, I think) about a Nazi/Tibet connection here. It talks about  expeditions by the SS in the 1930s, as well as current connections between the Dalai Lama and an occultic Nazi from Chile named Miguel Serrano.


Re: The darkness over Tibet

Thanks czyx, interesting read. The book in question can be found at the URL below, I haven't read it much yet.


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I once read that Tibetan monks harness the powers of lucifer.  I pesonally don't trust any mainstream religious personalities.

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Re: The darkness over Tibet

I heard a copy of some Tibetan Buddhist monks chanting...........that stuff gave me the CREEPS.  You would think that "Oh, Tibetan monks chanting.....that's so spiritual and enlightening!" or whatever.  It's so "Buddhist", so "peaceful"........X!  Wrong.  It was CREEPY.  It sounded almost demonic.   I couldn't listen to it for more than 10 seconds before I was like "turn it off!  turn it off! ahhh!!!"   So "harnessing the powers of Lucifer" may be closer to the truth than we thought.  Things aren't what they seem to be with that whole thing, and definitely not the image that I had perceived of what Buddhist Monks were all about.

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Re: The darkness over Tibet

A few years back I taped a programme on TV about the current Pope, and who they intend to replace him with...the up-shot to it all was, that they intend to replace him with a Jesuit priest!
Unfortunately my son taped over the programme, so I can't tell you who he will be! ...sorry.  Notice we don't hear much about the Jesuits...only way back in history are they noticiably mentioned.
Although I believe they are another strain of the Illuminati, just that they are of a higher rank so to speak.

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Re: The darkness over Tibet

Some interesting texts on the subject in English:


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Re: The darkness over Tibet

i was reading about this just yesterday.
there might be parallels with those meso-american cultures, including those highstanding mayans next to those lovely aztecs, with regard to human ritual sacrifice in the himalaya: trumpets made of young girl's thigh bones, a bag with male sexual organs and more such delicacies.

come to think of it, reminds me of that german guy who arranged for himself to be eaten (partly alive).
a new form of burial, being eaten by your loved ones, more intimate then visiting a grave or looking at a vase with a bit of ash. perhaps he is setting a trend here?

thought: could the death penalty also be regarded as a form of ritual sacrifice?

with regard to the chanting perhaps there is a difference between the tibetan buddhism and other forms of buddhism, as the first is more vajrayana and tantric oriented. I happen to like the humming because it sounds so mysterious and a bit dark... maybe for the same reason i like the suspense in some thrillers and horror movies, definately not peaceful, spiritual bliss ninnie like.

today i read that the local evangelical christians protested against a live real world mandala (including monks) as they think it contains demonic forces.
at least its nice to look at.

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Pls correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't all Buddhist monks male? No females allowed? Are they also celibate? No women allowed, again? Seems to me to be just more of the same old patriarchal religion wrapped up in plainer garb.

And the Dalai Lama sure seems to live high on the hog. Travelling everywhere, giving speeches in enormous stadia for big ticket prices, staying at the best hotels, hanging with and "endorsed by" Hollyweird celebs, & has access to high-level officials all over the place. Just smells like more monied "celebrity" to me.

I feel that the basic loving tenets of perhaps all religions are valid and worthwhile; but also feel that they've all been hijacked through the ages by people (particularly men. statement of fact, btw, not a sexist comment) for nefarious purposes. sad

Power corrupts, and all that jazz...

Re: The darkness over Tibet

impatiens wrote:

Pls correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't all Buddhist monks male? No females allowed?

There are, like in catholicism women and men buddhist monasteries.
Here an interview with a young american buddhist nun.

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