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Tom wrote this a while back and I liked it, so I'm going to paste it with my own thoughts put down below it.  I know I'm trying to engage a subject with an inadequate intellegence, but I've done it before, why not again:

"I just saw "The Chronicles of Riddick" -- anyone familiar with the C's material will get a kick out of this flick. Lot's of symbolic correspondences to what the C's have outlined regarding the 4D STS plans for earth conquest. And this movie is pretty good for its genre.

Riddick (Vin Diesel) is a brooding psychopath who finds himself on a planet about to be invaded by a dark empire of occult conquistadores called the Necromongers, who are cross between the Roman empire and the Borgs of Star Trek.

These Necromongers represent the 4D STS reptilians - they look human in the movie, but their philosophy is very similar to the reptilian mindset. They see humans as disorder, and they as the forces of order. Their goal is to assimilate or kill all humans before bringing them into the "underverse" which is basically negative fourth density. Interestingly, the Necromongers' armor are made of hexagonal scales - signifying both the reptilian and the Merovingian connection. The Merovingians were a group of people during the Dark Ages who were known for their worship of bees and the honeycomb pattern, and legend has it that the first Merovingian was born of a human mother and reptilian seacreature father. Anyway....

Early in the movie, there's a scene where Riddick's on the planet prior to the invasion, and looking up to the sky he sees a comet cluster - one guy says to Riddick "Comets always precede their arrival -- (and referring to the Necromongers) the enders of worlds" Then the movie zooms in on the comet cluster and you see it break apart into individual ships which then ready themselves for entry into the atmosphere.

The Necromongers invade planets, kill all who resist, and assimilate the rest into their army by putting the "Mark of the Necromongers" on them, a bolt through the neck that mind controls them. And it is this army that travels via the form of a comet cluster from world to world. Now compare:

Q: (L) Tell me about the Nephilim.
A: That was a race of beings in the third level of density which
came from an actual planet at another point in this particular
galaxy also in the third level of density, who were taken, or
shall we say kidnapped, reprogrammed and retrained by the
Lizard Beings to act as enforcers during a particular era of
what you would measure as your past.

Q: (L) Well if the Nephilim were brought here 9 to 12
thousand years ago...
A: Last visit. Have been here 5 times. Will return.
Q: (L) The Nephilim are going to return? Where do the
Nephilim currently live?
A: Orion.
Q: (L) They live in the constellation Orion? Where is their
A: Don't have one. In transit.
Q: (L) The whole dadgum bunch is in transit?
A: Three vehicles.
Q: (L) How many Nephilim does each vehicle hold?
A: About 12 million.
Q: (L) Are they coming to help us?
A: No. Wave comet cluster all using same energy.
Q: (L) Using same energy to what?
A: Pass through space-time.

Q: (L) If the Nephilim are coming 36 million strong as
enforcers for the Lizzies, does the Confederation have a like
amount for defense?
A: We don't operate that way.
Q: (L) Are we just going to have to fight them off ourselves?
A: Think of The Wizard of Oz. It was inspired by us.
Q: (L) If water destroyed the witch, and the witch represents
the Lizzies, can we destroy the Lizzies?
A: Knowledge.
Q: (L) But there are only a few on the planet who have the
knowledge, am I correct?
A: What do you mean? Against all when all when time comes.
Q: (L) So the 36 million will be against all on the planet when
the time comes?
A: Of course.
Q: (L) And those who have the knowledge and can dispense
it to others ...
A: Yes.

"The Chronicles of Riddick" has an ending straight out of Wizard of Oz - where the blue-faced soldiers (the Nephilim) bow to Dorothy after she kills the witch. No doubt about it, this movie is one inspired by some higher forces.

Other interesting things:

- reference to cymatics - a dish of water vibrates in a cymatic pattern when these ghostly beings speak what memories they were extracting from Riddick during his interrogation session.

- Riddick comes from a race called the "Furyons" a fiercely independent warrior race who serve the cosmic function as balancers, something like god's gladiators. The Necromongers persecuted them and wiped out their world, and as an infant Riddick was one of the few survivors, growing up elsewhere on a prison planet where he picked up his antisocial behaviors.

- Judi Densch plays a light being called an Elemental whose function it is to advise and calculate probable futures. A lot like the C's. She helps Riddick follow his destiny to restore balance to the universe by fighting the Necromongers

- The Necromongers use these machine-like beings that look like the walking dead, though accessorized with x-ray vision and used as tools. Very much like the Grays.

- The main bad guy, called Lord Marshall, has occult powers including the ability to "split himself" into multiple probabilities at once before deciding which of those probability trajectories he fully materializes in. How's that for reference to hyperdimensional existence? He meets his fate at the end, but in a clever way illustrating the weakness of the STS system.

- Riddick almost has the soul sucked out of him by Lord Marshall, but his soul was too strong. Combine this with the fact that Riddick has special eyes that can see in the dark, and this seems to symbolize those with strong souls who can see truth amidst a sea of ignorance.

- Riddick grew up in a prison, unaware of his destiny as a liberator/warrior  ... kinda like Wanderers growing up on prison earth.

The theme of this movie is that sometimes only bad can defeat evil. My interpretation: bad being a reference to those who don't follow social laws, and evil being a reference to those who don't follow divine laws. This movie introduces (or reminds to us) the concept that when it comes to the function of bringing balance into the world, only divine laws count, meaning those of an STO orientation might come off as antisocial.

That's why God's Gladiators (4D STO) never seemed like fluffy New Age types to me (as portrayed in certain channelings, like the commander Ashtar stuff) but rather knightly forces who know what means are justified by the ends."


There was a time when I pasted this in forum, because I found something worthy of further thought in this writing by Tom on his Noble Realms site.  I received a scathing response about it originating from Wahhabism.  I know little to nonthing about Sharia or Sunni, and Wahhabism.  In consideration of a statement that appears to have some possible truth.  At the very least, some idea's that are obviously due some consideration; prejudice of source, condemnation of truth because of source is antagonistic to a person's very soul, spirit, and divine originating cause. 

Of course, the above channelling concerning 36 million beings arriving here with similar motives that the movie, "Chronicles of Riddick" portray these Necromongers to have, is baseless as far as real evidence or fact is concerned.  However, eliminating the above as nonsense, there are still things going on in this world that are worthy of concern in similar fassion.  I feel the kingdoms of this planet should maintain their sovereignty, that we simply need to overlook differences and that we should realize it when we simply want what others have, and utilize our moral base or religious beliefs to give mandate to the killing of other people and engaging in extreme ways. 

Now for the ones using this terror environment to engage in perfecting surveillance and control.  Concerning the use of transponders in any and all items puchased in stores, that immediately identify location of purchase, date, and identity of purchaser; to be brief, simply having total information access to every single person of Earth and setting-up the basis for having immediate ability to take away from a person, any of the priveledges and conveniences and access to transportation, information retreival, in short, anything and everything, is requiring that everyone put their entire trust into the hands of a very few people.  We are heading in a direction that requires only a few to be at the very acme of power over the entire planet.  Well, this then leaves us with two possibilities only:  the pondering of whether this is something that can propell us quickly into a vastly improved future in many descriptive forms; or simply upgrades the status of this prison planet to super secure high security. 

We Americans have had it pretty easy by design.  Technology vastly superior to what we currently see in our everyday lives has been kept in the dark, hidden from us with purpose.  We will first go through extreme difficulty and lacking, with much strife.  When we reach our darkest hour, that is when a group of people will step forth and reveal the answer to all our problems. 

Now, the reason why what I have written above is mostly nonsense is, if we really do have STS individuals nearing completion of some total control of the global population, it will only initiate a conflict that they will of course, lose.  If we simply move along with the stream of modernity and innovation with vast improvements in all area's of our lives, it will simply be as usual, we are each responsible for our maintaining a link to our higher selves.  Others might remind you of this and even guide you but ultimately, each person is responsible for awareness of possessing that which above whatever pleasing material future evolves before us.

Good judgement comes from experience; experience comes from bad judgement.
You have to believe in the impossible in order to become.

Re: A movie interpretation I couldn't get out of my mind

At this 11th hour, something in your post above, jumps out at me..forcing me toremeber
an incident some 6yrs ago.

First i am somehow inclined to believe intrinsically, that as the effects of the 'wave' become
more noticeable and commonplace, we inhabitants of earth, will be influenced to activate
our Truer natures. Somehow i think that we are not all going to be active or rather be
functional in the same manner. it may become more difficult to lie to ourselves and hence
if we are liars in our nature, if that was our soul program before incarnating on 3D earth,
then it may become near impossible to pretend to be truthful and vice versa.

This thought leads me to imagine that not all STO seeking beings will be 'passive'
but maybe we had decided from that prebirth knowlege, to be active 'warriors' and i
do mean being globally antisocial in order to be the initial resistance to tptb, so that
others needing a visual boost in this lifetime may gain some impetus to act for themselves.

Now i am not advocating violence nor anything in particular, but i feel that we would not
all be at that Buddha level when the sh*t hits, but we will be soulfully inclined to seek
paths STS/STO and just as in our everyday 3D life, where some of us need help.. then so too
at the "explosion" of a choice factor scenario ordinary folk may need to see resistance to
the negs in order to align their choice.

i may be ranting here but your post reminds me of some individuals on the C's forum(QFS)
in 2002 who were either banned or left because of  a division over the use of the term 'warrior'
Some thought it was to much related to actual warriors on the parapet while i personally saw it
as what i have described above.

Anyways your posting evoked that memory and i had to get this out
thanks, i am on my night watch:cool:

expect nothing but be pleasantly surprised
tomorrow the sun may never shine....enjoy today---my father

Re: A movie interpretation I couldn't get out of my mind

No wimpy warriors here.  We may not take up swords or
guns but our own sense of boundaries and our own
true selves will be protected by a fierceness which
many will find unnerving.  No lying to ourselves anymore.
And by finding all the lies we tell ourselves, we become
more effective in discerning lies from others.  And we
will not tolerate them anymore.  This is what it takes.