Re: small children and nightmares

I didn't know whether to post this here or on the other thread I started about 'them' not leaving me alone.  But it has more to do with my boy this time, though it's all tied in.  Family affair.

So for about a week now, my boy has been sleeping in his own bed. I didn't want him to. Especially not now. But he was okay with it.  For the first few nights, he did really well and slept thru the night.

Well, yesterday morning he came into my bedroom after his dad had left for work. He told me he was scared, so I let him climb into bed with me.  That was like 5 in the morning.  No big deal. I'd rather sleep with him than with hubby anyways.....

So last night, he slept in his bed again.  But he was still awake when I came into the house.  He said he was scared to sleep alone, so I layed with him and rubbed his back until he fell asleep.

Recently, I've been doing my thing at night, building a shield and asking for protection and whatnot.  Well, I usually ask for the help and protection of my non-physical guides and helpers. I have also been calling my son's non-physical protectors, and asking them to watch over him while he's sleeping.  And the last thing I do (and just added a few days ago) is to command/intend/ask my HS and my subconscious to wake me up before/if anything weird is getting ready to happen, or when/if there are any strangers, physical or transdimensional, in my house while I'm sleeping.

So....last night I'm laying there asleep and wake up because I had to go to the bathroom.  This is nothing unusual; I almost always wake up at least once for the potty room.  I have gotten into the habit of looking at the time when I do this.

Well, last night when I got up, the clock said 3:20.  I went to the bathroom and was going to go back to bed when I had the urge to check on my boy.  I went into his room and found him on top of his comforter, with his feet on his pillow and his head towards the foot of the bed.  Now, when I layed with him earlier, he was all tucked in under the sheet and comforter.  I realize that my son is an octupus when he's sleeping, but that's limited to kicking me, kneeing me, or just flapping his arms over and hitting me in the face.  I slept with him for a long time so I know his sleeping habits.  Not once has he ever uncovered himself and turned around backwards in his bed.  Not once. 

I can tell you this:  I had a hard time falling back to sleep when I found him in that position.  I have a very bad feeling that they were in the process of doing something or taking him or something when I woke up.  It was like he was dumped back on the bed in a hurry or something.  I am SOOOOO thankful that I woke up when I did..... Then this morning, before his dad even got out of bed, he woke up and came into our room because he was scared.  Hubby let him get into bed and I snuggled close to him. 

From now on, I will always make sure to tell my subconcious to wake me up like that if there's someone in my house. It seems like it worked.  I don't know.  Maybe it was just a fluke, but I doubt it....

I really don't want him to sleep alone, but I guess it doesn't matter too much. If I don't intend for protection or build a shield or intend to wake up, then he can be screwed with even while he sleeps next to me. Especially if I'm being messed with at the same time.

When does the madness end?  When I die?

Re: small children and nightmares

In another post, I wrote about my accounts being hijacked and other stuff, so I mention it here in case you read this.  When you Seeking the Truth wrote about this, stuff was happening to my 7 year old as well.  Exactly as you described.  Restless sleeping, turning upside down and outside the covers.  Other strange things, I don't sleep in the middle of the night, somewhere between 1 am and 5 am, I'm usually awake.  One night while awake, I observed my daughter tossing and turning and doing the out of the blankets and upside down thing.  At the same time, in the clouds, much like the ones on Lyra's website, I think they are called lenticular clouds, you could see flashing lights like the ones from Close Encounters, lights going on and off in all directions but not like lightnening.  Later, that morning, still  cloud cover but the sounds of engines, but not normal neighborhood noises.  Then it stopped for a while. 

I have to sign off, the library is going to have a fire drill.  I think Seeking the Truth, that when you talk about it, in a very public forum, that things quiet down.  I don't think that whoever does this stuff likes being under a microscope.  I call it the roach theory, when you turn on a light in the kitchen in the middle of the night, the bugs scurry into hiding.

Thanks for sharing.  It helps.

Re: small children and nightmares

You're quite welcome, ideascubed. smile