Topic: Help! I sleep 10 hours a day. And 6 at night!

Are there any secret remedies around for oversleeping? Most days I'll get to bed and get up about 10 hours later. This has been going on for years. It doesn't seem to matter what time I get to bed, before midnight or after. Yesterday my computer broke, so I went to bed about 11, got to sleep around 11.30 yet got out of bed at 10am. I've tried using 3mg of melatonin but that makes me feel terrible in the mornings, as if i've been sleep deprived. I think the problem is that I'll wake up after about 8 hours sleep, but feel like I need more sleep, so I go back to bed and leave myself there for a few hours.

I've turned the lights off. Pulled the curtains over. I drink de-caf tea after midday but smoke a lot before I go to sleep. However when I was a non-smoker I had the same problem.

Is there anything else that can help  me?

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Re: Help! I sleep 10 hours a day. And 6 at night!

How's your metabolism? Fast or slow. Try Herbalife Thermojetics Herbal Concentrate Tea. Just drink a large cup after waking up when you want to and you won't go back to sleep. If it works you should feel energetic throughout the day and an added boost after eating food. I'm not sure but I think it may not work as well for those with slower metabolisms as far as making you feel energetic.

Stay away from coffee the entire day after drinking the tea. And don't smoke cigarettes for a few hours after drinking the tea as well. Trust me you probably won't like the way it makes you feel.

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Re: Help! I sleep 10 hours a day. And 6 at night!

I have a fast metabolism. What are you suggesting? To drink a cup of this tea as soon as I wake up? I'll need a kettle, cup, tea bag and spoon next to my bed since I'm like a baby in a womb in the mornings when in bed. Why no cigarettes? I need my cigarettes.

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Re: Help! I sleep 10 hours a day. And 6 at night!

Yea just drink a large cup as soon as you wake up. But you can drink it cold. I never drank it warm myself. It's like 100x better than coffee and much more pure: the feeling it gives is a very clean and energetic sensation of bright awareness.

And the cigarettes, well, difficult to describe but just try it once and you'll see what I mean. Smoking a cigarette immediately after drinking the tea made me feel like the effect of the cigarette was 'combating' the energetic tea feeling. It may make you feel a bit weird like the good energy feeling got messed up. Pretty sure you should be able to avoid the weird feeling by simply avoiding cigarettes for 2 - 3 hours after drinking the tea.

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Re: Help! I sleep 10 hours a day. And 6 at night!

For many centuries the organized, civilized society we created has imposed a structure upon us that we took to like a fish to water. We thrived in it, counted on it and came to believe it's Life As It Should Be. But...

It's an unnatural, imposed structure, borne of something other than the flow of our inherent nature. It's a distortion of life's natural rhythms. And it's way is to compete with nature, not cooperate or co-exist in harmony with it. This contrary way was fine for a long time. But...

These are new times. Calling on all of us to stretch ourselves to new limits, lift and dispel illusions that serve small ideas. And learn to trust that there is something greater than our minds governing the path our lives take, serving a much grander design than we can conceive. We're loathe to trust, but it's become time that we must.

Some of us, myself included, have spent decades being awake in this world only half the time, and the other half... well, let's just say not here. I have slept 10 to 12 hours most of my adult life, and actually a lot of my early childhood as well. I have also tended to sleep mostly during the day, cycling around the months with the moon, not the sun. I found I had about 6 days in a week, not 7. And each day's hours, of course, were longer.

My way has been necessary for me. We are not homogenous blobs of one thought. We are each unique and have our own unique place in the All, harmonized in ways we cannot perceive from here. We each have needs that our minds cannot predict, manage or even fathom. As life would have it, for the last two months I have rarely slept at all, and when I do it is for short stints, 2 or 3 hours, and then I'm up for long stretches again. This change was natural.

Trusting this shift, too, as I had the old way, has allowed me entrance into new thought patterns, new understandings of the human body and mind, the capabilities that have lain dormant for a very long time... it has opened me to many new things.

Perhaps a different approach to your situation would help? Rather than seeing it as a problem, perhaps you can embrace it as part of your nature or natural needs for the time being, and ask to be let in on why from within?

A thought, anyway. Difficult to do in this world of obligations and schedules, I know only too well.

Best to you with this!!

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