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Re: Wantagate explodes 1/1/08

Thanks for your contributions at NR Bhang.  Everyone has a flame for a different aspect of life and in a group, each one brings their contribution to the whole.  Like everyone else, you have brought the distillation of your labor to the table at Noble Realms and have presented a steady stream of subjects that many people would otherwise not think about or get time to peruse.  So thankyou for that and i have always looked into your posts because honestly, these subjects have always demanded my attention too.  (War does that to us.... We want's to know all the threats and where they're coming from).
As you know, like every presentation here, nobody's offering is a representation of truth all the time.  It's usually mixed with error because that error is 'well' produced and demands our own discerning appraisal.  But that has been very helpfull too.  The discussions here at NR on how and why something is true or false really help to refine the issues, the players, their agendas and their modus operandi.  I found the value in all that. 

I didn't see all those deleted posts on your thread over yonder but i did see your photo of the eye and your expression of gratitude for NR.  Some people don't really want the conflicts they're having and when i saw that post i knew that deep down, you want peace.   You may have seen too much war but peace will rule your destiny.  When i looked at that post i knew for sure that your nightmares will end and your scarrs of war will heal.  Your soul desires it.   Let go son.  Thanks again Bhang.  And all the best.

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• An announcement will be made from Tokyo by the G-9 countries, presumably also on Monday, in which the facts of this crisis will be spelled out for the whole world to understand, and in which the rampant ongoing criminality of the Bush White House will be exposed.

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Update: Summary of Recent Wanta and Banking Events (Updated 17th February 2008)

On the morning of Saturday 16th February 2008, the Yahoo website news page briefly carried a newsflash which read: "Bush cabinet arrested."

This was 'sensationalized' at GLP as well. You would think somebody would copy the article . . .

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http://tekgnosis.typepad.com/tekgnosis/ … ant-6.html

Fun fact: Great Tits are common in Europe

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Re: Wantagate explodes 1/1/08

Groundwork has already been layed in debunking any potential reports of Bush's resignation.


"Bush resigned? Oh no that was just a mistake on CNN from last year."


"Bush arrested? Oh no you're mistaken that was just artwork posted in the New York library."

*goes back to sleep*

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nexus wrote:

If Paulson is not answering the question, then he can't be a clone.    Clones answer questions.  Government officials don't.

Here's one from the Jan. 24th 'stimulus' conference where he continues to not answer questions. XD

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ki7fT3I4 … ature=user

Henry Paulson wrote:

As far as I'm concerned, this package is not going to be over untill it's enacted, untill we get the checks out to the American people.

NESARA wrote:

One of the protected funds involved is called The Saint Germain World Trust. This fund contains deliverable precious metals and currencies worth upwards of one quattuordecillion USA dollars. ... Every American citizen over the age of 21 will receive $100,000 a month for 11 years

I wouldn't actually go so far as to presume some real connection between these two seemingly paralleled claims, especially in light of Paulsons body language: signature 'look away' exactly as he uttered 'American people'. My guess would be this is just another charade to maintain the illusion that they are still in control and that they are doing something about the economic crises.

As a related sidenote, here is a clip about the mysterious device commonly witnessed underneath Bush's clothes on the upper backside. It would easily be explained away as some microphone device if it weren't for the shot of him driving in his truck wearing casual clothes with it clearly protruding from his back.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MAOfTeln … re=related

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Semi-conflicting report that "Comptroller of the Currency completed important downloads Sunday night into New Treasury"

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