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Fringe means to me, not fit for immediate digestion. Maybe for some, starting young enough or possessing an old enough soul is their headstart.
NR has been antacid for the soul. Unfortunately there will be a few who never stumble upon such medicine. Their aches may fester, or they may decide never to eat of the Fringe again. Hopefully it won't cost them a return trip, spiritually speaking.

Fringe is one of those words I don't think I've ever used in actual discussion with friends, regarding the esoteric. I think that's because using a word like that belittles the truer meaning.

As in, this is knowledge we have always had. We are only calling upon whatever sources are available to help us assimilate, or digest and integrate truth in our own lives. So Fringe implies that this is new info, and is to be reacted upon as "shocking" and "controversial!" by our once, blinded-by-conditioning selves. I've learned that the faster one can treat this as "normal, accepted" knowledge, the faster one can integrate it.

This does not mean you need to understand every bit of it instantly. And it may mean starting from the ground up. That, is in my opinion the #1 aversion most intelligent people have in pursuing ideas that tug at them. They know that once you have been forced to discard one significant distruth, there are probably many more distortions at least. But it's not enough for them to want to "burn the house down", because the one they live in may have some flaws, some quirks, but it is somewhat familiar and comfortable.

That is, until that cheaply made abode begins to crumble. We ignore the little things. Doors falling off hinges. Eh, put a bedsheet up, we'll fix that later.
Finally the foundation cracks, now this home is unsuitable for living in.

At that point we need to make a decision. Expend vast amounts of money and time in attempt to get the house back to the shape it was. Knowing that for all the effort, it may never be better than the original.

Or, knock it down, all the way to fresh soil, and spend substantially more time and energy. Knowing if that option is taken, we may fully customize it.

That's right. You're the architect, foreman, laborer, and interior decorator if you choose it. One hell of a project. But the accomplishment of multiple lifetimes.

Our choices on WHERE we may build may be limited. Seems like SOMEONE owns every last parcel (intellectual property, belief systems etc.) but how we build is of our own freewill.

Fringe in a sane world would be the accepted norm, of course. The word itself is useful, to a point. I'm not bashing the term, but maybe too many of us let it carry that label for too long. It serves to separate and isolate somewhat, which in the beginning stages of digestion, is alright.

You know what they say, "no swimming 'til 45 minutes after you've eaten"

After that, it is probably wise to get up and move.

If it sounds like I'm preaching here, I don't mean to. I am trying to give the best advice I can think to give the newbies. And use it myself as a reminder, because I seldom take my own.

You are fully capable of "blending in" wherever you are not comfortable in dispensing various information. No one expects you to become an overnight activist or anything, unless that is your calling. Most of us know what happens to protesters nowadays.

If the benefit outweighs the risk, is one thing I have always asked myself. If I didn't think the benefits outweighed the risks, I never would have made it as far as NR. I was attracted to the Fringe wink "didn't I just tell you not to use that word!" -- And forever grateful.

Chime in?


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Re: Fringe- what does it mean?

Excellent post, ape-x!

There's got to be something to the "old soul" thing which gives us that extra
perception to see thru some of the more blatant control games that are
being run on us.  Once you start seeing these things, it's almost like you
CAN'T GO BACK.  That would be sticking your head in a bucket and
pretending you didn't see what you saw.  A lot of people do that
when they're exposed to SCARY concepts.  They go unconscious.
Glaze over.  And change the subject.


Re: Fringe- what does it mean?

We're taught to embrace the lie. We recognize the power in a lie very early in development. What takes so long to discover is the falsehood, of the power of falsehood. And the very worst lies are the ones we tell ourselves. Trying to re-mold ourselves to fit this grand illusion, is utterly futile. This funhouse of mirrors reflects fragments of clarity, but as a whole, we can never see our true reflection. We have been trying to see our undistorted image in that mirror which is not only twisted, but ever changing to boot.

The more we lie, to fit the bigger lie, the more the whole mess compounds itself. A lie cannot be defeated, or undone, with another lie. How do I know this? Because I made good use of the lie for much of my life.
And I'm not at all ashamed to say so, not at this stage. I have little use for it anymore. Yes I did say little use, not none. 

Working within the program does not offer rewards for being virtuous does it? 

And that is one key, until we begin to really see the big picture, ALL of the distortions clearly, we'll never have an accurate measure on our own progress. Because we have to have something solid to align with, and also compare against in order to reconstruct the image, or I should say, drop the image altogether.

Fringe is what "the" lie, calls a lie.
It's their only defense. And it's weak.


But we knew that from before we were incarnate. So let us just remember.

It's getting clearer.....


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If you think of a bell curve then fringe to me is the knowledge or topics that are really only touched on by either side of the bell.


"It means the Matrix can't tell you who you are" - Trinity

Re: Fringe- what does it mean?

T, I think your sig sums it up.

"It [Fringe knowledge] means the Matrix can't tell you who you are" 

The Matrix does love us to be filed away neatly, under broad headings. You put a # on them, and stick them in a pen. E-Z.

We're here to make life hell for the higher-D
bookkeepers and shepherds. We are their lost flock. And we won't be comin' back.

The only thing left for THEM to do, is accept defeat. We all made it this far, we'll see it through. The Battle is all but won, this is down to a game of endurance now.


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Re: Fringe- what does it mean?

While I was writing the above post, I remembered a very important piece of audio.

I'd like you (especially the newer fringers)
to go to, and there under the heading STT Essentials Video & Audio Course, about 24 items down the list is an audio clip called Wild Pigs. It'll cost ya 11 minutes. An excellent little story....really simplifies things.


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Re: Fringe- what does it mean?
"Forrest Fringe" by Jordan Hicks

"Wildflowers on the fringe of the Universe;
All of us;
Trapped in the folds of the cosmos;
No reason or rhyme;
No watches to keep the time;
No concrete to define a line;
A cosmic holiness;
So beautifully sublime"

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