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It was interesting when I discovered Dr. Robert Beck, because earlier this year someone was telling me about curing their own cancer using the same techniques, but he had to go to Mexico to do it. He said when he came back to the states he brought with him the schemata on how to build this device. He started building them and giving them to people, and within a week US Marshalls raiding his home and took every book, every computer, and every device. So, I actually DO have previous knowledge of the information that you are about to hear. Please take the time and watch this, and when you are done visit http://www.sharinghealth.com/ and learn how to build your own. due to government harrassment they can no longer be sold or transfered fully assembled.

http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid … ;plindex=0

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Thank you. I know people who have cancer and lupus so, again, thank you.

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wow, I just saw another thread on this here. I found another very useful video about Bob protocol

http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid … ;plindex=1

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VERY COOL!  I also must thank you for posting this.  One of the people I look up to most in the world is fighting cancer among other things right now.  I'm definitely going go look into it, and Nyarlathotep I'm gonna check out the vid too, thanks. 

Aright, I don't mean to derail here but I got a pretty neat (totally unrelated) story - the cancer patient role model I mentioned is a family member who has been living with full blown AIDS since the early 80's.  This is his second battle with cancer... but he's so incredible in mind and spirit despite everything.  He claims to be really lucky because of being able to stay on the cutting edge of medical breakthroughs (which is obviously a whole scary side topic) but he's been in San Fran and developed great relationships with a lot of doctors so that he's got connections to get involved in new studies and stuff.  That has given him the ability to switch his meds much more frequently than most people can, and he just takes good care of himself overall.  Anyway his heath is miraculous in itself, but if I knew how to describe his great attitude, his positive outlook on life, or even just how cool he is as a person I could fill pages. He's done so many things in his life that most healthy people couldn't dream of doing, and yet he's had to overcome so much more than most of us.  I don't even have the vocab to accurately describe how amazing and unique he is.  Just thought I'd tell that story cuz he's a good example of mind over matter.  Here's another little story, I asked a psychic about him this last fall, she had me write his name on a piece of paper then told me about the energies she picked up.  The first thing she said is 'Is this person in the military?' I said no.  She asked if he'd ever been in the military, and I said no.  She said something along the lines of 'Okay, than I can keep this feeling in my head, he's got to know a lot of information for whatever he does or whatever he's into' and just something about a lot of brain activity and information and stuff (which is seriously appropriate if I went into detail on him as a person).  Just thought that was funny, anyway when I asked her about his health she told me that he had a white light of protection, and it was protecting her from being able to see anything about that.

Ah, I think I just needed to ramble a bit.  So thanks for that too wink

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I listened to the whole lecture the other day, thanks for the link!  I'm a little busy so I don't have the time to brush up on my circuitry skills (the last thing I've done is circuit-bend some cheap electronic toys) but I plan on getting some of those units.  Our bodies are precisely tuned electromagnetic machines and hopefully this machine hits it big (which apparently it is, but slowly by word of mouth) - I love how he offers it for free and sees it as a gift from God to the world.   (well, invented a long time ago, but bringing it back into widespread awareness)

Prances, I know a person like that and they are seriously a benefit to everyone around them.  The energy they exude is extraordinary.

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can u please repost the link it seems to not work anymore.

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This is same a Hulda Clark stuff
I recently ran into the pH theory by Robert Young which proves much more interesting.
The limit to the theory named here is that it doesn't address the reason why the parasites, fungi, and bacteria are in your body in the first place. The pH theory makes clear, not only that an acidic environment (especially in your bowels) promotes, supports, and sometimes actually causes bacteria to form,, but how it is sustained. Ergo: you don't have to kill the culprits, they will simply not be able to thrive if you revert back to an alkaline environment as you should have. Not only that, according to Antoine Béchamp's research, Young claims that the acidic environment itself turns positive agents within our very cells into destructive ones. That means you don't even need to get infected to get sick. And that is certainly not something the Beck/Clark theory has an answer to.
Besides this Young also claims to have great success combating just about every disease there is.
I recommend his book Sick & Tired?

Germ Theory Is Wrong