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Topic: Jane, you're playing a game......

Hello all,
        I 've been in hibernation for some time now. I thought I would mention that on NBC's Today show this morning Jane Fonda appearred with Eve Ensler, playwright of the Vagina Monologues, and somehow managed to drop the 'C' word on national television. Here's how it went down. In the segment previously to Fonda and Ensler's appearrance , Anne Curry brought us the horrific story of an African woman who had been brutally raped numerous times for days. After a commercial break Fonda and Ensler are interviewed by Meredith Viera regarding the 15th anniverary of The Vagina Monologues. Jane, forever the shock tool for the ptb, says,"I was living in Georgia when the play came out so I wasn't aware of it , I was asked to do a play called 'cunt "!....The national networks now, since Janet flashed the star of Horus,  must work off the protective seven second delay for all live shows. They just let it go, and then offerred up a lame apology after the next commercial break. Talk about 'in your face'. The assault on women continues, draped in salvation.

" The truth is not for all men, but only for those who seek it "

Ayn Rand

Re: Jane, you're playing a game......

Sounds like idiots talking about an inane piece of writing and something about a woman being abused. The instance is very funny though so thanks for posting this.

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Yeah, that's not good, ShineOn.
I'm against demeaning women in any form.
Just ask the women here now that were terrorized and burned
during The Burning Times, or in Salem when the Witchfynder General
was using the bible to justify destroying women.
The list goes on and on.

I like your Ayn Rand quote.


Re: Jane, you're playing a game......

I don't know...a lot of the people I know who purposefully use the "c word" are college educated third wave feminists who are deeply concerned about things like female genital mutilation...not exactly gangsta rappers. wink  What seems problematic about it to me is that all of these middle class american women are trivializing the very serious problems that African women are dealing with by lumping in things like the situation in the Congo, genital mutilation, etc. with their sort of pop psychology sexual liberation scenarios...like the type of person who finds Sex and the City to be a subversion of repressive fundamentalist values.  I don't know anything about Jane Fonda, except that she and Peter Fonda were supposed to be deeply controlled by tptb.  A few months ago I finally got around to watching Easy Rider and after that disturbing experience I would certainly believe that Peter knows a few things.