Re: Salvia medidation experiences!

covertmetaphor wrote:
Bhang wrote:

The advertising of salvia for sale as a sativa type plant (Fake Buds) helped to destroy salvias subtle presence in America. Salvia is a heavy disconnect and it is dangerous for city/suburbanite folks who think it's a social thing.
Salvia is for Priest/Sages/Prophets/Warlocks/Sorcerers/Witches/Mages and a tool of the Savior.

It's near DMT but not as extreme... yet extreme in it's own way. Extra Dimensional Beings Do Exist.

It pushes the veil aside, and then you're home again. Yes, extra-dimensional beings do exist and some of them are very concerned about your welfare. For me, Salvia temporarily removes the control mechanism, I feel gratitude, and I feel a connection to everything. It is a beautiful plant with some powerful lessons. I could see why TPTB would want to remove such possibilities. Buy it up while you can!

This may sound strange to some but if you want to try Salvia, say a prayer and give gratitude to the spirit of the plant. It is very conscious of you and your thoughts. Then let go. Any kind of active meditation, in my experience anyways, just creates stress and paranoia (although this is possible after the peaks wear off - at that point I find I can contact my Ally/Spirit Guide/Higher Self and write down any messages). You just have to flow with it and give yourself to her. She is like a mother - there is so much love, so much.

I read about DMT a long time ago.  I forget what it is.  I'm kind of remembering as I type.  Isn't it something we produce ourselves within our endocrine system?  Sort of a hallucinogen?  I never knew anything about Salvia until I saw it on this forum.

I smoked maryuana when I was younger.  It often made me feel very ill at ease, uncomfortable, and extremely shy.  More than a couple girls said they liked me better after I smoked it.  I never gave their statements much thought, because it seemed a non-sequitor.  If it made me feel vulnerable and shy - in my opinion, a bad thing - how could they be liking me better?  Of course, I know now.  I probably treated them more courteously with a very humble manner.  Bah!  damn girls are always trying to suck my life force outta me anyway.  Now, after all these years, I'm sitting on an extremely intense intelligent ocean of energic forces that cannot be released in a safe manner.  Just the way I like it.  Its kind of like running up to a two thousand pound horse who can't stand me in the least, and making him take me away along a dangerous mountainous path in the dark, quickly. 

I follow my own star!  I wouldn't mind trying out that DMT however, pathological allegory.  Oops, I mean covert metaphor.  I'm only picking on you for the fun of it. lol

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