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I just downloaded a program called Miro.   It's a free video sharing system apparently built on open-source software.  I' m trying it out now, and it looks like it might be a very useful program.

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Morningsun, I just downloaded this, and you're right, it looks very interesting. Thanks!

I just want to say that I really appreciate all the work you do. All the material you share is invaluable, and you've helped me learn a lot in my time at NR. I wish you well in the future and hope that you continue doing what you do as long as you can.

You're a real warrior. Blessings to you.

Thanks for everything.


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I second that.  Thankyou morningsun76.

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Thanks morningsun!

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Thanks for all the work you do, Morningsun76.  Consider changing your name to Morningsun100%?:)

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That sounds cool, I'm gonna check it out. 

Also, ditto what everyone else said, morningsun.  You've been really great, and I appreciate all the energy you've put into posting and sharing ?