Topic: The Greatest Hits of NR

A thought occurred to me that there are so many topics and ideas on this forum, that it will be near impossible to ever get through all of them in this lifetime. There are many topics which were short lived, and others which were once popular but have since been forgotten.

Is it possible to either post favorite topics and their gists here, so that a list of the best and most popular topics can be found in one place rather than having to sift through multiple 1 or 2 reply topics that don't answer the questions asked by the searcher?

Or alternatively, to have a whole new Sub-Chapter under the index where the most popular/most viewed/most posts for topics can all be placed.....even mirrored? Perhaps top 50 or top 100 all time topics based on their popularity of postings and views?

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Re: The Greatest Hits of NR

The user named 'Zarg' livened things up during his short stay here at Noble Realms.