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Hey everyone--In light of the forum's imminent closing, I wanted to mention that I have a soon to be completed article on my own experiences with elite human trafficking rings connected to Bohemian Grove.  This has been a long time in the making, and now I am finally at a point of looking for a website(s) to host the story until I can create my own.  But I don't have much in the way of computer skills, so it could be awhile.  Also, if anyone is interested in reading it, just send me your e-mail and I'll send it along.  Hope to hear from someone out there!

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Thought I would post a snippet of the story, since it is now 35 pages and that's just too long to put the whole thing up here.  Warning:this story has the potential to be very disturbing, especially to people who may have experienced this sort of thing.  So if you are upset by violence(I tried my best not to be TOO graphic hmm ), best to move on to another thread.

      Over the course of the past decade, I have known many people who have suffered as a result of their involvement in brainwashing programs very similar to those witnessed by Frank Olson.  Nothing out of the ordinary ever happened as a result of these acquaintances until I met Bobby.  I have to admit, with a certain amount of embarrassment, that when he first told me about his family and their involvement with organized ritual abuse I suspected him to be a compulsive liar.  He told me that his family was descended from William Randolph Hearst and had been involved in cult activities for decades.  Bobby said that they were the richest black family in all of Sonoma County and owned properties all across the country.  Although he was homeless and his story seemed unlikely, I tried to remain open minded, sine it was apparent that he had acquired a great deal of education. 
                When Bobby was a teenager his family tried to recruit him into a San Francisco cult that performed serial killings on white people.  His initiation into the cult involved murdering three white babies.  When he learned what he was being asked to do, Bobby escaped his family and came to the city.  This particular detail is what caused me to dismiss the story as a paranoid fantasy.  Years later I discovered a newspaper article that confirmed the existence of Bobby's cult.  The Zebra Killers were a black supremacist group that was responsible for the deaths of at least 16 white people between 1973 and 1974.  A researcher named Alex Constantine linked the cult to the CIA, who even sent some of their agents out in blackface in an attempt to disrupt the civil rights movement and initiate a race war.  Bobby had also told me that his family had ties to the Klu Klux Klan, as well as the upper levels of Bay Area politics and business.  As a child he was even introduced to members of the Klan's hierarchy.  He believed that a network of individuals involved with his family were stalking him in an effort to get him to rejoin the cult.  Bobby said that he had received death threats because he threatened to reveal their secrets. 
           Although I was skeptical of many of his claims, I sometimes brought him over to stay at Fritz's apartment on Linda Street.  Bobby believed that a network of cultists had been responsible for the murders of homeless prostitutes throughout the city.  This is when I began to take him seriously, since I had been hearing about these murders for years.  One of my best friends had even found a bag full of fingers in Golden Gate Park.  When I was staying in the park, I often heard screams in the middle of the night, and once awoke to discover that I had wrapped myself in a blanket that was splattered with blood.  Mixed in with the blankets were some women's clothes and a couple of used condoms.  Since that particular spot was a place where I had frequently camped with Melony, when I arrived there I had believed the blanket to be hers.  Another guy I knew, a speed dealer named David, told me that he used to sell speed to a group of professional gay men who had a "gentlemen's club" that participated in the ritual sacrifice of homeless prostitutes.  At one point, David had even found a human arm in their trash can. 
           A few months after this I ran into Angelica, a tranny whore I have known for years, at a leather bar off of Market Street.  Without me repeating David's story, she told me she had witnessed a group of gay businessmen ritually sacrifice a female prostitute in the basement of another gay bar.  One of the things I have always had a hard time with about Angelica is that she has serious racism issues and is not afraid to vocalize them in as offensive of a manner as possible.  Once I was on a bus with her going through the Bay View and she started screaming at all the black people and calling them niggers.  I think the only reason we weren't seriously injured is that she looked completely unstable and capable of violence.  Angelica told me that the group of gay men involved with the murders also had ties with the Aryan Nation.  She had mixed feelings about the whole venture, especially when I asked her for an extended interview.  Eventually Angelica decided against revealing more information, since she had been raised by the Aryan Nation and couldn't betray their loyalties.
            After Bobby put some of these pieces together for me, I began asking questions of many more people.  It was around this time that I first experienced what I believe to be surveillance by intelligence agencies.  At the apartment on Linda Street, I checked my voicemail and heard dozens of messages containing strange electronic noises like blips and beeps.  Bobby claimed that the calls were typical of the sorts of harassment he had been receiving from his family. But my friends told me to stop being paranoid--the calls probably came from a mechanized telemarketer.  At the same time, someone had been going through the trash every night and scattering the contents across the sidewalk.  I had a notebook that I had been writing this story in, and when I moved out of the apartment, I ripped out the most important pages and stupidly threw the rest of the notebook away.  That night someone methodically went through my notebook, ripped out every page, crumpled them each into a ball and left the pages scattered across the sidewalk.  I should also mention that not one trash bag on our entire street was ripped into besides ours.  Still, any one of these incidents could easily be interpreted as an unsettling coincidence.
          One of my favorite places to go that winter was the UCSF medical library, because unlike the public library, it was quiet and I could stay on the internet for as long as I wanted.  One day I brought Bobby there with me and after spending a few hours reading, we went outside to get some fresh air.  I found a spot not far from the library on a street empty of traffic where we sat down on the sidewalk to talk.  We weren't there for more than twenty minutes before an expensive black car rounded the corner, slowly rolled down the street and drove diagonally towards us over the curb before stopping a few inches away from our feet.  Inside the driver's seat was a white man in a black suit and black sunglasses who stared at us without expression.  Without exchanging a word, we got to our feet and walked down the street and away from the black car.  When I told acquaintances of mine that I knew from the (entirely different) world of progressive politics, I could see by the look on their faces that they thought I had finally lost it.

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Springmeier said the Bay Area was rife with Satanic groups, as did Brice Taylor author of "Thanks for the Memories"....just to confirm at least part of what you're saying.....

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Yeah, Springmeier mentioned that San Francisco and Vancouver were the west coast centeres for the Tongs, the Asian version of the Mafia, who several people told me were involved in shipping prostitutes through the tunnels.  The other mention about SF he made is that the Presidio military base was used as a major programming center--funny that somebody once told me that in a very remote section of the base they saw a group of hooded figures circled around and chanting in fluid Latin.  I didn't mention any of that stuff to him either so who knows.  Heres another excert:

             During the spring of 2007, I spent many hours on Market Street and subsequently neglected a huge portion of my schoolwork.  It was during this time that I met Jonathan, a man who claimed to have worked in the tunnels beneath the city.  He told me that he was hired by international embassies as a bonded courier, meaning that he was bound by oath not to ever become curious about the packages that he was carrying.  Posted at all the entrances were sentries who reported any kind of activity within the tunnels.  Most of his jobs came from Europe, the Middle East and Asia.  He said that some of the tunnels were opulently decorated with pillars corresponding to various historical time periods.  These sections of the infrastructure were most often used for politicians or the very wealthy.  Jonathan said that he also had worked as a type of janitor, cleaning up dismembered bodies that had been left behind during ritualistic sacrifices.  Supposedly, in Chinatown wealthy businessmen serve human meat as a delicacy known as long pig.  He told me that beneath the Tenderloin there is a room where these men can go and do absolutely anything they wanted with a woman or man of their choice.  The sessions frequently end in torture and murder.
          Jonathan was chosen for this kind of work because of an accident he had experienced as a child.  While diving in the community pool, he slammed headfirst into the drainage system and split his head open.  He remembered the accident clearly because when it happened, he left his body and observed from above the people clustered around him.  Jonathan then began to experience episodes of precognition and telekinesis.  It wasn't long after this that men from the military came to pick him up from his foster home on a regular basis.  They would drive Jonathan to a building where he was taught  remote viewing, mainly for the purpose of reverse engineering Russian technology.  Despite a practically nonexistent education, it didn't surprise me that Jonathan would be capable of accurately describing complex technology at a young age.  He was obviously an extremely intelligent person with a phenomenally developed memory.
            As Jonathan progressed in his psychic training, he was brought to a farm in Northern California where he lived with a military officer who trained him and a number of others in martial arts.  By the age of eight, he was proficient in survival arts at the level of someone from the Marine corps.  His "handler", as Jonathan described him, trained him in assassination as well as the drug trade.  In his teenage years, one of his responsibilities was to coordinate massive shipments of marijuana and cocaine that came into America on barges.  Unfortunately, Jonathan was not entirely forthcoming with me and many subjects were off limits, although I was persistent in asking questions whenever he seemed like he was receptive enough to answer them.  I got the impression that the training he received was on a need to know basis, so that he would be unaware of any larger government projects that he may have been a part of.
          One of the men that Jonathan worked with, Hana, was trained by paramilitary organizations and had ties to the mafia.  Jonathan would often be brought out to his yacht to have "conversations" with him.  As an example of how powerful this man was, he told me about an incident involving a client of Hana's who was late in paying a debt.  When confronted by the issue of his payment, the client went immediately to the ATM, withdrew money in excess of what he owed and gave Hana a floor length ostrich trench coat.  Inside the coat were holsters for a shotgun on one side and a handgun on the other.  In the Bay Area Jonathan was introduced to a group of men who trafficked in snuff pornography.  The man who was in charge of the venture sent the tapes out all across the world.  One time Jonathan was responsible for strapping him onto a bondage table while he watched one of the videos.  It was at this point in the conversation that he told me if anyone ever found out about him revealing information, he would be tortured to death and the same thing would happen to me and all of my family members.  Not long after this, Jonathan became very hostile and threatened me with violence if I revealed the things he had told me.  As a result of his threats, I was regrettably forced to cut off all communications between us and have not spoken with him since.
            While I was having these conversations with Jonathan, I let some people I know stay at my apartment for a few days.  James and Tiffany were rowdy and belligerent Hell's Angels who I had expected to be your garden variety penniless drug addicts.  It turned out that they both came from well placed military families and James owned properties all across the country.  During the 60s, he had lived for a brief a brief time at the Manson Ranch, where he said he had a great time because of all the women and drugs.  James was a Viet Nam vet who had worked as an explosives technician.  It could have been either his own military experience or that of his family that gave him military clearance to be in the tunnels.  He said that while exploring many levels underground he saw abandoned saloons from before the 1906 earthquake.  When I asked him if he knew anything about any of the murders that had been going on around the city, he became very evasive.  He eventually told me that he had seen a woman's throat slashed at a ritual held by the Church of Satan.  Tiffany also said that there were bodies deposited out by the tunnels at Ocean Beach but refused to elaborate when I asked her questions.

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This is very disturbing information, but thank you for sharing it with the forum.

I remember back in the 70's, my dad had a friend who was a SFPD detective who was investigating a series of murders in Golden Gate Park.  I think at least one body was found in a tunnel that was adjacent to the (old) Academy of Sciences building.  Apparently the victim was decapitated.  A fact that was not released to the public at the time.  I also think it wasn't A "Zodiac" murder.

While I don't know if there was other mutilation, I think this detective identified the victim as a "transient."  Sorry, I can't be more specific, but I was told this second hand by my mom some years later.

I would be interested in reading your article.  If you would like, please feel free to send to my email address:

Thanks again for sharing this information.


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i am one of those peeps who instinctively DO NOT trust any present gov't or state assisted power or org.
This, info you have shared here sounds absolutely fictional but you know what, i tend to accept that these
are based on facts. i am interested in knowing more and like nanci q; would appreciate if you have the
inclination and time, to send me some more of your article at:

thanks in advance

(i can see thro the dark!)

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Thanks for keeping an open mind, Night Watch.  I can see why this sort of thing would seem fictional, especially if you haven't had first hand experience with it.  The rest of the article goes into better detail about tangible proofs behind the story.  Will forward it to you asap. 
Nanci Q, that is _very_ interesting about the decapitation.  It is nearly common knowledge among many of the veteran street people that decapitations have been occurring for many years both in Golden Gate and Buena Vista parks.  And yes, the murders are strangely missing from all the local papers.

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Would you please send the article to me at

Like NightWatch, I would also be interested in reading it.

Thank you in advance.

nanci q

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Hey dunkelheit - that's fascinating!  Please email me a copy as well.  My email is frances at calljenni dot com.  I could probably also help you get a website set up to post it on, I've got some extra webspace wink