Topic: Rare movie: TELEFON (1977) - KGB Mind Control

TELEFON (1977)

This is a rare movie starring Charles Bronson about KGB mind-controlled sleeper agents in America.   It never made it to DVD, and the old (copy-protected) VHS version is out of print.   

Fortunately, someone with Macrovision-stripping hardware was able to copy the VHS tape to DVD, and then rip the DVD to produce this 700MB AVI file for everyone to download.  big_smile    Get it now while you can, and please leave your BitTorrent program running after you've finished downloading to help share it with others as well.

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Re: Rare movie: TELEFON (1977) - KGB Mind Control

Thanks! I happen to have The Parallax View on VHS. The end of it shows exactly how conspiracies like this get explained away to the government panels. Exactly the same thing that happens at the end of The Bourne Identity.

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