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Topic: South Pole "Ice Cube" & the Alien Reception Center

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ThePoles.com) Earlier this season, Irish Kevin Dempsey skied the last degree with an ALE team to the SP as a follow up to last year’s trip during which he had to withdraw after a dramatic accident with a Jagged Globe team on Vinson.

After being trapped for days on the headwall, Kevin thought he'd seen it all. Not so.

Radio station got weird phone calls

Kevin's South Pole story might sound incredible to some, but it should be noted that while ExplorersWeb has previously covered the Amanda telescope; our recent request for a follow up story about the Ice Cube has been met with silence.

It was the unidentified flying object at Antarctica (later claimed by Airbus) and its runway paved by laser that prompted Kevin to alert the international community to a dispatch he posted over Contact 4.0 at his arrival on the Pole, January 6 this year.

"I’ve just read the reports about the ‘plane’ overflying," Kevin wrote to ExplorersWeb last week. "I’m glad to hear about this because it just adds more credibility to my revelation about what’s really going on down there..!"

"One of the radio stations that I did an interview with it, ran with it in a ‘light hearted’ way during the interview & got some weird phone calls & text messages after it went out," Kevin notes.

The Ice Cube 'telescope' consists of numerous glass bubbles buried deep in Antarctica's ice in an intricate cube formation. The scientists argue that the bubbles, with Earth as a giant filter, help find mysterious blue sparks that originate from the birth of outer space.

In his dispatch over Contact 4.0 headlined 36 hours (at the Pole), Kevin reports his own, contradictory findings.

The Truth Behind The Facade Of The ICE-CUBE Project
By Kevin Dempsey, South Pole Sun 6 Jan 2008

"After our sprint to the South Pole from the 89th degree we then decided to stay up & awake for over 24 hrs to enjoy the limited time we were to have at 90 South. Considering the time difference between our Chilean time we were on & the New Zealand time that the A-S station operates on, staying up was the only way we could get involved in the extensive tours that were going on Open Day in their 'day time'."

"Whilst this left us exhausted physically & mentally exhausted but not enough so to be blinded by the scam or cover up as to what was really going on with the so called Ice-Cube project."

"I'm very aware that by going public with this diosclosure I am risking the lives of not just myself & Lance but also those of our expedition team mates, our families & possibly a lot more people."

"But at the same time, once this story is out in the public domain & particularily in the USA from where it's being funded, eliminating us is only going to confirm everything as being accurate."

"Myself & Lance began to have some concerns"

"It's a big gamble calling this bluff but if they come to get me, I'm ready. I was watching Die Hard 4.0 last night & that bloke Bruce Willis is 50 yrs old & if he can do all he did & kill off about 40 people in a day or so then I reckon I can do at least as well.

"If not, then I will have to use my secret weapon...run like hell!. I'd definitely do better than Bruce because he's a bit on the chubby side & so he'd be a bit slower running than me."

"Myself & Lance began to have some concerns at about the same time & I recall just casually dropping my theory on him & I knew by the way he reacted that he wasn't dismissing the possibility. As we talked about it more, the more it seemed plausible."

"We then bounced the idea off Armand & being an Information Analyst who is used to dealing in real numbers etc he initially didn't take to the idea. But the more we talked about it the more the barriers to his doubts canme crumbling down. We were now the Gang of Three."

"We just nodded in agreement to their answers"

"We considered bringing Stefan in on our thinking but then decided that maybe he just wasn't ready for this yet plus we had noticed a change in him over the previous 24 hrs & we wondered just whose side he may be on."

"As for Tim our guide, there was never any question of bringing him into the loop. He was with ALE & for all we knew they could also be part of the greater plot. No. Tim had to be kept out & from now on we'd be watching him closely."

"We threw a few trick questions out to a couple of the scientists & their totally implausible answers only added to our concerns. We didn't pursue these any further for fear of raising their suspicions as to why we were asking such questions. We just nodded in agreement to their answers & carried on."

'Imagination is more important than knowledge' (A. Einstein)

"Later myself, Lance & Armand met up to discuss the issue further & whilst it can be said that we have very fertile imaginations we believe that it is this very quality that enabled us to see beyond the facade that is Ice-Cube & look deeper into the real world."

"So what is really going on down there?"

"Think about this first: If you were just carrying out the so called scientific work they day is being carried out, why would you go to all the expense & trouble of doing in such a hostile & distant place as Antarctica. They could carry out this work for a fraction of the cost anywhere else on the planet. They could go to the Moon for less money than is being spent down there."

"Now think about this: If you wanted to carry out some really top secret work or experiments, where would you do it? You wouldn't do it in the middle of a bog in the west of Ireland, deep in the Alps, in the middle of the Sahara Desert, in Nothern Siberia or even in Nevada."

In Antarctica you could pretty much get away with anything

"Why? Because 1000's, even millions of people pass through these places all year round, every year. Therefore the risk of someone finding out the truth would be very high."

"But in Antarctica... now you're begining to see it aren't you?..... you could pretty much get away with anything. Why?"

"Because only a handful of people visit every year & the season for visiting is only a short period of 12 - 14 weeks, which means that for the remaining 40 weeks of the year, no one goes there, therefore you could whatever you wanted. It is the optimium place on the planet to carry out whatever secret experiments or activities you want to do."

"The polar expedition teams such as ours all arrive at the South Pole within a short 4/5 week period of one another & in total only number about 30 people, so the risk of exposure is very low, especially when most arriving teams are mentally exhausted & then gone again within 2 days."

"They don't want anyone to find out about it"

"Why else would they build a new 'space age' type station that according to their figures cost $160m to construct. On top of this they acknowledge that they are spending $276m on the so called Ice-Cube project alone. From what we saw the total spend down there was a hundred times that. So it clearly has to be something so important & huge in scale that they don't want anyone to find out about it."


"I can now tell you that the so called Ice-Cube project is in fact the first of a new generation of ARC, as we believe it is now as internally. Think ARC, think Noah. But not in the same way. Noah used his arc to save all life forms from extinction. This new ARC is in a way a reversal of that process."

"ARC stands for..... ALIEN RECEPTOR CENTRE."

"We adjusted our watches to their time zone"

"They are bringing aliens in from outer space & other galaxies, processing & programming them for eventual release into countries, societies, cultures all over the planet, that they ultimately want to control. This is not a simple war on the battle for control of oil. This is total & ultimate control of the planet.
And you heard it here & from me first."

"During our stay there we decided to do a little deep investigation & have a good look around the Ice Cube complex. It was obviosly going to be better to do this when most of the staff were sleeping & when there would only be a few security or maintanence people on site."

"We adjusted our watches to their time zone & waited til night time & cover of darkness to slip out of our tents & carry out this very dangerous surveilance."

"That night after lying in our tents for about 8 hrs we realised where we were & remembered that there was 24 hr daylight here...!! .... that put paid to our creeping around unnoticed. Back to Plan A."

"Why the rush to get rid of us?"

"We looked at the plans for Ice Cube & it became very obvious that the 2500mt deep bore holes all led down to a vast processing plant deep under the ice. Down there they could carry out whatever 'processing' was required before eventually shipping the clones out to the various sub centres & probably all over the world."

"We didn't have much time for any further investigations because we were suddenly told that our airlift plane would be arriving within 2.5 hrs. This was odd because it takes 6 hrs from the decision to take off from Patriot to arrive at the Pole."

"So why not give us the normal 6 hrs notice?"
"Was the plane there waiting all the time?"
"Why the rush to get rid of us?"

Can of Coke against the rules?

"It was also odd that Tim insisted on 'escorting' (his choice of word, not mine) Armand to the Station when Armand said he need to go & buy some simple gifts he had forgotten about.
Were they afraid Armand might see something he shouldn't?
Were they afraid he might get to talk to someone they wouldn't want him talking to?"

"Tim said he didn't want Armand trying to buy a can of Coke which was against the rules! Yeah right!.... give us a break. Do you think we're idiots & can't see the reality of what's going on? Well you can shove it where ever, because we just wanted out of there."

"Stefan then went missing for a few hours while out on his own supposedly taking more photos. When we next saw him, the pupils in his eyes were dilated down to the size of pin heads & he was in a bit of a daze.
Where had he been?
What happened to him?
Had he been taken for initial processing?"

Stefan just stared

"After this myself, Lance & Armand kept our heads down & stuck together until take off time. Stefan wanted to stay a few more days!! ....but after a while we managed to get him on the plane & for the full 5.5 hrs back to Patriot he just stared, transfixed out the window. He was beginning to freak us out. Fortunately, by the time we got back to Punta Arenas in Sth America a few days later he was OK."

"How many aliens are being processed?"

"We have no idea but it has to be a big number because the entire project couldn't be justified just for a few thousand. Plus a few thousand wouldn't make much of an impact in any society in terms of having political, economis & social influence. Then allow for an element of loss or wastage occuring due to mal-functioning clones. This has to be high because all of this is very new technology."

"We factored in for a 50% loss."

War on Terror a smokescreen

Then consider how many you'd need to have any real influence in even one country or economic zone. Millions & millions, of that you can be sure & by now there could, at a very conservative estimate, be 10 - 20% of the population in some zones, under the influence of the powers behind this plan for ultimate control.
Who knows?
Will we ever know?"

"Forget the War on Terror. That's only a smokescreen.
This is the real Final Solution."

"If you saw what we saw"

"So there you have it. You're probably sitting there reading this & thinking that I've finally lost the plot & gone over the edge. I can't say I blame you but if you saw what we saw & had looked deep into the eyes of the 'people' like we did, then you'd change your view."

"Think about it. Why should it not be true ? We don't claim to have all the answers & we may not even be the first people to disclose this story. That scares us a bit but we feel we have a duty to everyone on this planet to do something."

"I don't know whether the the 1.5 billion Chinese living in absolute poverty care, but at least they can now make a conscious decision to care or not. They might have more urgent & immediate things to be thinking about but they should at least be informed.

Anyway, I've got to finish up now. I've got hours of two of my favourite TV programmes to watch. Sky TV are showing the full last series of 'Lost' & '24' tonight. Great stuff & so realistic.
Or have I just 'Lost' the plot completely after staying up for over '24' hours whilst at the Pole?

Good Bye from the Dark Zone,


Sun 6 Jan 2008

(Story edited Jan 19, 2008 with replaced image of Kevin Dempsey.)

Ed: It has to be noted that Kevin has nothing to gain in revealing his findings about the Ice Cube. Dempsey is not a scientist; his emails carry advertisements for stylish blinds and rugs.

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