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Was wondering if anyone here knows of alternative explanations for the manifestation of disease, rather than the popular germ theory. I heard that while the Germ Theory may fit the facts, it might not be the complete explanation or perhaps completely false.

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First, ask thomas anderson what he believes

{What the matrix has told him the “facts“ are.......}

Then, Ask Neo about the air HE‘s breathing And What The “facts“ Are From This Different State Of Awareness.......


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From a physical point of view look into the work of Henri Beauchamp who Pastuer plagarised but mis-understood.
Basically he saying the pathogen or germ is the result of disease not the cause and he shown how pathogens mutate according to the soil they are in
Its said that Pastuer on his deathbed renounced his lifes work and said Beachamp was right all along by saying something like "the germ is nothing the soil is everthing.
Pasteur like Jenner killed many with his vaccination experiments.

Its not like we are fractions of the whole but rather versions of the whole.

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This is a recent thought process of mine, I think there are many parts to illness/ dis-ease.

I think TPTB put in play quite a few lines. A couple of them are repetition and the 100th monkey theory.

I think the "germs" get to be the part that brings the spiritual to the physical because with the germs we have a concrete focal point - even if it is started as a lie in the spiritual. That being the case TPTB constantly bombard the human consciousness(whether people are awake or not) with this illness and that illness, something that is "real" and out there and something where the only help is something we don't currently have ie medicine/ vaccinations.

Then they keep constant pressure on you, usually financially, but it can really be anything that causes you to reach disequilibrium. I think this is a portion of why divorce is so high because the emotional drain from the failure of a marriage and financial concerns usually rank #1, #2 in stressors. This upheaval keeps the body in disequalibrium - dis-ease. This dis-ease allows for these repitious little germs that are so commonly accepted to eventually affect us a little more easily. The keep your mind distracted so you lose focus or let your guard down.

Then you take the 100th monkey theory and you need a critical mass consciousness of acceptance of whatever TPTB are trying to instill into the population. SARS, Avian Flu are both "pandemic" but really after an initial attempt to get it to spread in '03 and '05 respectively we haven't really heard of them. The fear they were trying to instill to get it to catch wasn't enough, not enough people have bought into it.

I think TPTB do this to keep the pharmaceutical giants flowing, we are their cattle, sheep and guinea pigs.

Barefoot Doc wrote:

Basically he saying the pathogen or germ is the result of disease not the cause and he shown how pathogens mutate according to the soil they are in..

This is an interesting addition. It could be that it is NOT only the physical earth soil but the soil of our body as well, to take that thought a step farther...think about the number of infections/ illnesses that are from our norma flora. I too have recently started to wonder if illness isn't the bodies way of whistling at you to get your attention.

Just some thoughts.


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my theory for sickness and disease:

there is only one species of humans.  we are all related, and are therefore inbreeding and creating generations of inbred humans.
it's like dogs.  i was watching a program about dogs.  they talked about bulldogs and how what we know as a bulldog looks nothing like the original bulldogs.  because breeders wanted to keep certain characteristics and breed out others, the result is what we have now.  and shar-peis with their wrinkly skin...according to breeders, "the wrinkly the better" so they breed the wrinkliest with the wrinkliest.  but the wrinkles are a defect in that they flop over the eyes, applying too much pressure and causing problems.  they develop sores under the wrinkles under the skin.  they try to create what they deem the perfect specimen, according to a certain criteria.  much like people when they try to find the perfect mate with the "right" characteristics.

anyway, we're all inbred and that's where sickness comes from.  that's why even tho we are more technologically advanced, there is still so much disease.

but it's just a theory.  i have no formal training in any kind of medical or scientific field.

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that's an interesting idea, but i think you take it too far the suggest that all 'in-breeding' causes the creatures to weaken.

I believe that mates very often are chosen on genetic grounds, and very often the genetic impulse is unconscious. If an individual is attracted to another with the thought, "I'd like for us to have a kid," there could be a sound genetic reason. I've noticed that I feel genetically attracted to some people and its often has something to do with their 'breed.' I am of mixed-european  descent, and find myself reproductively attracted to women of the same. I find myself drawn to german and semitic jewish blood, which happen to be my bigger genetic constituents.

In the wild different breeds of animals don't tend to get together. Huskies don't get it on with Cayotes, and Lions don't settle down with Pumas. So there's definitely inbreeding, but they seem to be doing okay.

It's when people intentionally breed certain things that you get problems with the ol' Royal blood.

It's interesting how the family unit allows people to mate within their own tribe, but establishes limits. The worse inbreeding is of course brother and sister, but fathers in some cultures make it with their daughters for to make little babies. And across the Muslim world cousins get married very often. I wonder who sets the inbreeding rules, for what purpose, and what science says about it.

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That's about right Tengberg. I also recently heard that the closer people are ethnically the more likely they are to have children with vulnerabilities to certain diseases and this is actually supported by the genes as far as I know specifically rececive genes. A friend commented that a child from two different backgrounds is healthy and more immune to deformities of susceptibilities so it seems a multicultural background is healthy.  Sickle cell anemia is mostly in people of African dissent and most people with autism are white males, though I'm not sure of other diseases that are dominant in one ethnicity. Not quite sure about the whole thing actually, knowing that blacks in America suffer one of the greatest nutritional deficiencies may contribute to things like that, or how most of the people living in polluted environments and receiving the most vaccines that contribute to neurological disorders are white, obviously they're set up for a higher risk of mental issues.

I'll digress on genetics and give you some material from a chapter of a modern book on Voodoo, this section of the book explains disease. This text is directly from the book.

Afro American folk medicine divides illnesses into three categories: those that are natural in origin, those caused by occult powers, and those that are spiritual in origin. The first group we will look at here are natural illnesses.

Natural illnesses are brought about by the weather, cold air, damp and similar natural forces. These illnesses are cured with roots, herbs, barks, flowers, and teas. All conjure workers are skilled in the use of therapeutic substances such as these. Indeed, herbal remedies have always played an integral role in the treatment of disease. In the past, of course, this was because orthodox medical treatment was not available to Afro Americans; but even today traditional medicine is regularly used by those who do not trust conventional doctors and consider traditional remedies to be more effective. Many people involved in the practice of New World religions and magic hold this view. In general natural illnesses can be cured without the use of magic. Although I would always recommend reciting a simple incantation over your preparation before you consume it or administer it to a patient.

[Long list of tonics and backgrounds of these treatments]

Occult illnesses. The individual suffering from an illness caused by occult powers has been cursed or hexed. They will frequently exhibit both behavioral and physical symptoms; perhaps behaving in an odd, eccentric or even insane manner, as well as complaining of stomach or head pains. A hex need not result in physical symptoms however. It may produce a run of bad luck, loss of a job or a strong desire to leave town. A person who has been hexed or cursed will not recover fully until the spell has been removed by a Hoodoo worker or conjuror.

[List significance of hexing with a story from the 1920s and follows up with rituals for breaking occult forces]

Spiritual illnesses. Illnesses caused by a combination of negative mental attitudes and unbalanced lifestyle fall within the category of spiritual illnesses. Like the forces of the occult spiritual sources can produce misfortune as well as physical illness. Thus illness, poor family relations, lack of a job, and bad luck, frequently occurring together, can result from spiritual poverty. Illnesses that have a spiritual cause are best sorted out by either laying on hands and channeling heal thing energy into the sufferer, or by performing a blessing ceremony. When I lay on hands, I visualize white light streaming down from above into my head, flowing through my body and entering the patient through my hands. As I perform this I go into a trance state and utter the unknown tongues which in this instance, are used to enlist the help of the various healing spirits with whom I am in spiritual contact. My intuition tells me when the person has been healed. For the blessing ceremony I first do an opening ritual to cleanse the working area of and unwanted psychic influences. Then I sprinkle the client with Holy Water and anoint their temples with Blessing Oiled while reciting a short prayer. Readers following this basic outline should have little problem relieving cases of spiritual depletion, characterized by negative mental attitude and unbalanced lifestyle.

[Followed by a focus on addiction being a spiritual ailment]

End book texts.

Voodoo is very cool. By the way don't be convinced it's black magic. It's not evil, it's not anti Jesus, and it's not about voodoo dolls that give you remote control over a person so you can lift them off the ground or break their bones, stereotypes I tell you. It makes allot of sense if you know some basics of quantum physics. It's actually focused around escaping our material world for a more spiritual world that's difficult to describe. You all should look into trance and conjour, this book was fairly enlightening.

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Barefoot Doc wrote:

From a physical point of view look into the work of Henri Beauchamp who Pastuer plagarised but mis-understood.
Basically he saying the pathogen or germ is the result of disease not the cause and he shown how pathogens mutate according to the soil they are in
Its said that Pastuer on his deathbed renounced his lifes work and said Beachamp was right all along by saying something like "the germ is nothing the soil is everthing.
Pasteur like Jenner killed many with his vaccination experiments.

I should have said  Antoine Beauchamp not Henri.

Its not like we are fractions of the whole but rather versions of the whole.

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A Faulty Medical Model:  The Germ Theory

A Faulty Medical Model:  The Germ Theory

In the medical schools of the United States and many other Western countries today, doctors are taught a lie.  This lie is a particular viewpoint about disease called The Germ Theory.  The scientist credited with discovering it is Louis Pasteur, also credited with finding a cure for Rabies.    Pasteur has been heralded as making some of the most important discoveries of all time.  Yet, when we look at the historical evidence, we see that Pasteur was an incompetent fraud!  Not only did he NOT understand the processes which he experimented with and wrote about, but most of what he is credited with discovering was plagarized from scientists previous to or contemporary with him.  For a thorough rendition of this history, you can read the full text of the 1940's book "Pasteur, Plagarist, Imposter" by R.B. Pearson at The Dream and Lie of Louis Pasteur .

Basically, it boils down to this:   Both Pasteur and a contemporary of his, Antoine Beauchamp, were experimenting with the process of fermentation.  The prevailing theory was that fermentation was a simple chemical reaction, but the experiments of Beauchamp showed that fermentation was a process brought about by microorganisms in the air.  Pasteur continued to insist for some time after Beauchamp's discovery that fermentation was a process that did not require oxygen because it was a lifeless chemical reaction (called spontaneous generation).   It took Pasteur many years to finally grasp the concept that fermentation of sugars is caused by yeast fungus, a living organism.  When he did grasp and write about these concepts, he presented them as his own discoveries, giving no credit at all to Beauchamp.  So at the very least, he was a thief and a plagarizer, and at the most, a poor scientist (1).

Throughout their lives, Pasteur and Beauchamp continued to experiment with microorganisms.  Pasteur continued to adhere to the idea of Monomorphism, the belief that all microbes and bacteria have only one form.  Beauchamp was able to prove, however, the existence of Pleomorphism, that microbes can alter their form to appear as different germs.  This discovery was confirmed by many scientists that came after Beauchamp, including Gunther Enderlein.

In his experiments, Enderlein found that every living cell contains two distinct kinds of microorganisms called endobionts (which means "inside life").  These microorganisms live inside the cell and cannot be removed from it.  They play an important role in cellular health.  The state of a person's health is determined by the stage of development of these organisms.   Enderlein found that all microbes that live permanently in our bodies go through three stages:

The Primitive Stage (microbe)
The Middle Stage (bacteria)
The End Stage (fungus)

Other scientists were later able to confirm that there was a fourth stage which occurs only after extreme toxicity in which the fungus goes through a transformation, mutating into the Virus.

Most of the diseases in modern society today are not caused by the "pathogenic bacteria"  that enter from outside us, as was taught by Pasteur.  Disease occurs as these endobionts are transformed from the microbe stage to more virulent forms of life.  The state of development of these organisms depends upon the state of the medium in which the germ lives.  In other words, the microbes which live in our cells and assist the cells in maintaining a healthy state will mutate into bacteria, fungus, and viruses when the tissues of our bodies in which they live change to provide a medium for their growth.   They begin to become "pathogenic" when the pH of the tissues becomes more acidic.

Primitive phases live in a strong alkaline pH
Bacterial phases live in mild alkaline pH
Fungal forms live in a medium acid pH
Viral forms live in a strong acid pH (2)

These primitive organisms can live in our bodies in the microbe stage indefinitely, and do not cause disease, but rather perform a restorative function.  Bacteria and other germs consume dead matter.   That is their function.  Experiments show that if you put a fresh, raw steak that still has active live enzymes in it, and a cooked steak outside in the open air, it is the cooked steak that will become infested with maggots.  Microorganisms cannot live in living tissue.  It is only when the tissue becomes dead that they move in to do their job.

That's what happens in your compost pile.  You put your table scraps in there, along with some bacteria, and the bacteria decompose the food scraps into soil.  Everything that exists on this earth eventually BIODEGRADES.  It is really true that when we die, we will return to dust.   Bacteria and other pathogenic microorganisms are only doing their jobs.  They are able to sense chemically when dead matter is present, and they go about the business of breaking it down.  That is where disease comes from.  The microorganisms in your body are breaking down your dead tissues in preparation for biodegradation (3).

Most of the germs which enter our bodies from the outside are quickly killed by the immune system.  But it is the microorganisms which live permanently in our bodies that cause us to get sick.  And they cause sickness because we provide them with a rich growth medium so that they can mutate and transform themselves into deadly bacteria, fungus, and viruses.

So you see, whether or not we get sick and die has very little to do with what germ we catch, but has everything to do with whether we keep our bodies free of the dead matter which these germs feed on.  The dead matter these germs feed on is produced when the pH in our bodies is altered from a slightly alkaline state to a progressively more acidic state.  In the next lesson, we will learn how to properly equip our bodies so that these microorganisms cannot mutate into virulent forms.

At the end of his life, Pasteur admitted that his theory was a fraud. He said that it was not the germs that mattered, but the medium in which they lived.  And yet, his so-called "work" is the basis of the whole medical model of disease and healing.

The Germ theory CANNOT account for the fact that if you expose 100 people to what he called "pathogenic bacteria" that 10 of the people in that room will NOT DEVELOP THE DISEASE.  It's not that germs cause disease at all.  The pH of those people's bodies' was not acidic enough to support the transformation of the germ into a bacteria, fungus or virus.  Because the germ never mutates, the person never gets sick.

Because of what I know about Louis Pasteur and The Germ Theory, there is no way that I will allow myself to be treated by a medical doctor trained in the United States or other Western countries.  Their diagnoses and treatments inevitably make the patient sicker by plunging the body into an even more acidic state, and encouraging the more rapid transformation of microbes into deadly pathogens.

In fact, if a person learns to alter their diet so that it encourages a more alkaline pH in the body, there is no need to ever visit a medical practitioner of any kind.

Everything I have said here is based upon sound scientific studies, and actual historical documents.  And yet, many people who choose to refuse allopathic medical treatments are looked at as mentally unbalanced.   And if a person refuses to allow their child to be given medical treatments, they are looked at as guilty of medical negligence and can have their children taken away.   And for what?  Because they don't agree with one particular interpretation of scientific data?  The evidence I have given is sound and proven.   I hope anyone who reads this can see that a person who chooses to reject The Germ Theory does so with much evidence to back them up, and they are not being negligent with their own health or their children's.

I choose to reject the Medical Model.  I choose to take charge of my own health.  And in doing so, I will avoid most all of the plagues of the 20th and 21st centuries, including Cancer, Anthrax, and AIDS.


(1)  Pearson, R.B.   (2001).  The Dream and Lie of Louis Pasteur.  Available online:  [].   Taken from "Pasteur, Plagarist, Imposter" by the same author, 1940's.

(2)  Poehlman, Karl H. (1997).   Synthesis of the Work of Enderlein, Bechamps and other Pleomorphic
Researchers. Explore Vol. 8, No. 2.

(3)  Logan, Cordell E.  (2000).  A Partially Unified Theory of Disease. Priority One Health and Nutrition.  Available online:  [ … _Logan.htm].

At a glance its obvious that Beauchamp's model is far better than than the germ theory model and how typical  that the true genius gets forgotten in favour of the fraud it seems.

Its not like we are fractions of the whole but rather versions of the whole.