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Parus Major:Great Tit

The tits, chickadees, and titmice comprise the family Paridae. These birds are called "chickadees" (onomatopoeic, derived from their distinctive "chick-a dee dee dee" alarm call)in North America and Tits in the rest of the English speaking world.

As an unknown poet I felt like a small insignificant bird singing subtle wisdoms to an extroverted world that wasn't really listening; an annoyance to some and a warm cheerful early morning reminder to those ready for awakening.

Fun fact: Great Tits are common in Europe

To know love is to know trust; to know oneself is to know truth


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smile wink smile wink smile wink smile

Great Creativeness on all the "other" names in here, Folks!

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I chose ''persephonevii' for two rather mundane reasons. 'persephone' for the pretty female character in the Matrix, I liked her character and I thought her name was nice. 'vii' because it's a lucky and strange number.

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ReEvol_ve to me describes the process of transcendence.  We are in a recurrent cycle of spiritual evolution, hence the ReEvolve part.  I threw in the underscore because all that is needed is love.

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is guaymi(indigenous costa ricans/panamanians) for riococo
riococo is coconut river
in spanish

I helped remake a school in this primitive land
because they wanted it
I asked them first
got a lot of shit about that
why dont you just leave them alone????
well....because they asked
no website
no nothing
we just did it
lots of wouldn't believe
with some help I documented some original myths and they are very cool
someday would like to get them published

i'll see it when i believe it

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great thread and i love to look through here!  there are a lot more personal connections here than i first thought!  must be some out-of-NR experiencing going on: great!

so, my handle is an abbreviation of a dc++ handle i used "pulsar_mighty".  i dropped the mighty part since i thought in a realm of spirituality, i wasn't quite so mighty big_smile

anyway, i first got hooked on this when in college i was turned on to my body as something i could use to learn more about myself. i started taking movement/dance classes and realized my body was a great deal neglected and did not actually reflect who i thought i was as a person!  so, my teacher (namaste, nana!) showed me this booklet she was working on describing forces in the body and how they related to the larger world and physics and such.  she likened the body's moving center (second chakra, navel) as a "pulsar", constantly compressing and expanding, pulling in-then releasing energy as one bounded each step.  i fell in love with the idea and thought that would translate into other aspects of my life.  in file-sharing world, i thought of myself acting as a pulsar in the "digital universe", constantly sending out pulses of the most high-energy light in the known cosmos.  i think this is a nice image for sharing information, and all of us are acting as some form of heavenly body shining our individual light into the darkness of cyber-space.  some are more steady than others, so for myself, i chose a more powerful, intermittant source of info.  that...and i just like the feel of a pulse...pulse...pulse...pulse, you know?  wink


"We must be the change we wish to see in the world."
                                       --Mohandas 'Mahatma' Ghandi

Man as he is now is asleep.  In order to change, we must first awaken.
                                       --Georges Ivanovich Gurdjieff

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Thank you for the cool story, pulsar. I got a good visual out of it. smile

nexus wrote:

Don't forget ape- x is the the pinnacle apex.

Will get back for a description of my handle later.

Mkay, it's been over a month. It's later. Does it mean the "nexus" of light and dark, the nexus of energy, the fabled nexus of chocolate and peanut butter?

We're all curious!

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Yes well....

nexus (the anglicised version) is actually an old Guinnean word which originated in the New Guinnean highlands long before it was annexed by Indonesia in the 1960s and which at that time was called the Dutch East Indies.  The knexuss was a kind of dog found in that region although not strictly of the K-nine genus.  The "dog" had long matted hair, kind of shaggy with strange coloring on it's paws that almost glowed in the dark.  For generations it has evoked a strange mixture of reverence and fear, probably related to the primitive cultural superstitions forced on the New Guinneans by the Dutch colonists since the 1600s.  Anyway, even today, some New Guinneans will swear that the Indonesians moved in on them to corner the market in these strange animals and actually annexed the country in the 1960s in order to avoid paying import taxes and excise duties on the transfer of bulk knexusses (in the live export trade) across international borders. 

We're going back to the 1960s here, and there was so much intrigue involved in the original referendum (to annexe Western New Guinnea) that 3rd generation Irian Jayans ( the Indonesians called Western New Guinnea "Irian Jaya" when they annexed it) are still dealing with the fallout even today.  In fact there has been a long running, kind of low level guerilla war waged over the issue because the Indonesians insist that Irian Jayans (originally New Guinnean highlanders) actually voted "yes" for the annexure while the locals insist the vote was rigged.  The highlanders have basically taken up arms in order to force the Indonesians back to the table.  Although the popular belief (superstition) is that BHP Billiton's "OK Tedi"   $3 Billion copper mine is the main issue at stake in this long running dispute, the real issue is much deeper and closer to the hearts of "Irian Jayan" highlanders (Formerly "New Guinnean" highlanders) as i will explain.

See, the referendum at that time was passed on a two thirds majority for a merger with Indonesia, a sprawling archepelago, originally a dutch protectorate called The Dutch East Indies, as previously noted.  But highlanders claim that their tribal elders were threatened and induced to vote "yes" in the referendum and basically just sold out their own tribes for filthy lucre.  Isn't it always about money.  Probably graft skimmed from the knexuss live export trade which made it's way back to the grubby hands of patriarchal chiefs.  The strange thing about that referendum is that only the tribal elders voted.  Not the villagers.  And the villagers had made it quite clear to their elders at the time, and remember we're talking about the 1960s when telephone poles didn't even exist in New Guinnea so they must have been told directly to their faces, that the elders were UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES to vote "yes" to the annexure on account of the deep affinity the villagers had for the knexuss... shaggy dog that it was.  It was loveable, loyal, highly intelligent etc.... no praise is high enough, nor can adequately describe the superior attributes of the knexuss, so in the view of the local villagers something had to be done.   Ever since then, the knexuss has been rounded up on masse (to this day) by local collaborators, high on peyote and God knows what! for a pittance and sold for a king's ransom across state lines...  kind of like the 1930s during prohibition but we're talkin' shaggy dogs here.  Much more valuable.  Have you had enough LightningEye?  Please?