Topic: Check out my mix


I have to thank the many individuals whos musick I used for this mix. At any one time there are around 4 to 8 tracks playing at once, and much variation. Within the 29 minutes of these two tracks there are Id say about 70 different songs from different artists, I lost count, many of which are so buried and hidden you might not be able to catch them. It is all one track, but I had to split it in two for myspace. Listen to the first and then the second as if it is all one. I have spent hundreds of hours on this and thousands of hours in other mixes of the past. I've been playing drums for 16 years and doodle with other instruments and drum machines. Latin fusion, afro cuban, metal, jazz, experimental, electronic, etc. But, this musick here is a sort compilation of certain areas that I draw inspiration from. I took many different songs and put them in an environment that made them seemingly change shape and texture, to become something totally different, to tell an intricate story through sound..... I will add a list of all the individuals whos samples and songs I have used in the multi layered subliminal sandwich at another time. Though I have to say one thing right now. The last 6 or so minutes on the second track is ALL COIL. The song is Track 4 from Remote Viewing. I use Coil a lot for this. It is the cherry on top of the pie. I feel I mixed it perfectly with the movements. Just a hobby (;