Topic: Asteroid headed towards Mars (very interesting astrology tie in)

I'm sure many of you have heard of the asteroid that is headed towards Mars and could hit on January 30th (1 in 75 chance).  Well, I know that Mars is currently retrograde and decided to look at the date it becomes direct again.  Interestingly enough...January 30th.

I find that interesting because some people in "woo woo" circles (and I say that affectionately) think that the asteroid could be an attack on Mars, which may be a Reptilian control center/influenced planet, by positive forces.  It also happens that Pluto moves into Capricorn about 3 days before the possible hit (won't get into specifics, but those who are into astrology will understand the possible implications of Pluto in Capricorn).

Anyway, I find it interesting that an asteroid may hit Mars the moment it goes direct from retrograde.  Would seem to be the perfect time to make a statement about the masculine/volatile energies that Mars seems to bring to this world much of the time...and especially with Pluto just entering Capricorn. … 162707.htm


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Well since I am a gemini and my ruling planet is mars does that mean im going to die when the asteroid hits mars?

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this is really funny to me...from the point i look at the world i hardly try to define anything and just go with the flow and am pretty much grounded on my basic believes that have me here as the one that is my favourite " I can do all things through him who strengthens me"

Now, After researching for almost like a year now and i don't think i fully understand many of the things i might still be an immature but i have a big ego when someone comes to me on wrong grounds. But herez something interesting I decided to live in Inda and left chicago and brought his gloves that has 30 seconds to mars written on it which is the name of a band as most of you all know. Now, everytime i wear this and go out on my bike with in a week or so i would come across news about Mars that water found...or spirit rover is at this place or they found this..I mean to me there is only ONE mind and that is the SUPER MIND..the cosmic father where as we are subsets of him linked to him. therefone one gaining a conciousness of ONE would be the one who can link his mind to the cosmic super mind. The point am trying to make is that this world is just an illusion even tho! it exists but nothing is constant. ONE can change anything he wants in his preceptiong by practicing free will and not paying too much attention to these details. I don't deny the don't effect us they do but living is figting for the survival. Our death is our companion with the spark of our conciousness and we know its inevitable and its useless to waste your life thinking what would happend when one dies it would be more interesting if you could reach death before it reaches you. And there is a saying that goes like this "Death comes to those who are dead" and in your case peice_of_nothing am very well aware you are nt dead for the fact you are on this webiste searching just like everyone else or guiding or missguiding like everyone else.

Your mind attracts what you want to see. And when you become a top priority target for the dark forces or the force that runs this world then you are to see what ever you want and will come to you as a choice but what would keep us would be our true essence of who we are and what our believes are. But yeah i somehow take that as a threat to me personally i can't explain the whole thing why I do but I understand its headed this way. Mars also represents the spirit of a warrior and when you are defying the laws of this world and tryinkg to make yourself ONE in completeness thats where you become a warrior to struggle in this world of two sides.

Herez something that recently came across about mars that it is now really close to earth it seems and it was one some date couple weeks ago when it was to be closest not as close as it ever came was 2003 but them chemi trails covered the whole sky with clouds over my house where i stay and i didn't even see a single star that night. It always happene verytime there are meteor showers or anything this chemitraill will fill the sky with dark clouds all over ...

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Odds increased to 1 in 25 now... … increased/

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Mars "rules" the head.  Mars under stressful aspects can
cause headaches, aneyurisms, strokes, and gunshot wounds
to the head (see Benazir Bhutto's chart!)  And an asteroid
heading for Mars just seems like overkill right now.

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Isn't Mars filled with dark chocolate?

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Actually it used to be nougat filled with chocolate coating and real almonds on top.
But since it got whacked out of orbit and dumped all of its water onto the earth
causing the great flood, now it doesn't even have any chocolate.

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As much as I love discussing the history of planetary candy companies, I have to ask, what is the significance of Pluto entering capricorn?