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Heh, reminds me of when this guy came into work wearing a black t-shirt with 32 degrees (the degree symbol) written in white. My manager, who wanted to be a cop at the time said, "he's a cop." To which I responded, "and also a Freemason." tongue

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Xenopope, thanks for clearing that up, I was kinda scratching my head when reading that.  I just watched the video, and all I can say is, wow, what an amazing journey!  I'm glad he thought to say that to those cops, lol!
But I'm not sure what to think about his claiming to be a minister of the Celestine Prophesies.  I first read the book The Celestine Prophesies about 4 or 5 years ago.  My cousin was very enthusiastic about it, and gave it to me to read.  I found the book to be somewhat believable, but I wasn't gung-ho about it or anything.  Since then, I've come across negative feedback about the book, so I'm not sure what to think about it now.  Anyway, I was wondering what you thought about all this "Celestine" stuff.

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Xenopope wrote:

Freeman recently took a trip to 'mayaland' where he became Intergalactic Ambassador to the Maya.

Freeman wrote:

You will see things in this episode that have never beenviewed before. This, simply, has never happened before. The union ofthe Maya with the Rainbow fulfilled an ancient prophecy of a tribe ofnations gathering with the Mayans before the great shift. Had thistribe of 13 travelers not gathered for this moment on the wintersolstice, the ceremony would not have happened. With the help of theFreemasons, the government were convinced to let us in or that's whatI was hoping as I walked past the man with the large rifle. This tripwas miraculous from beginning to end and I want to share that with younow as I express my true love for all those that traveled this roadwith me. … 6317589767

Awesome Xenopope,
Thanks for starting this Freeman thread.  Had not watched him in a while.  This trip of his to Mayaland
gives such wonderful "current" energy to solidify the possibilities of ALL the synchronistic happenings we can be a part of simply by moving forward and being "consciously" aware and trusting our intuition! 
The time is now smile We ARE who we are waiting for!