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Even though I know Ive never been abducted...with all Ive read (ive read all of the books Dolores Cannon has out, Whitley Strieber, Karla Turner) I could never understand how it could be seen as a positive experience for the person involved. Ive heard it explained that before incarnating here on earth, some people *agreed* to the abductions! Would any of you have signed that on for that...NOT me!  I cringed when I heard Sylvia Browne, who is a well respected psychic, say on the Montel Williams show that *all aliens that are here are friendly* and *they all look like humans*. I think a lot of the info that comes out of her mouth is disinfo...and its scary that a lot of people believe her completely.

In man's analysis and understanding of himself, it is as well to know from whence he came as whither he is going.   Edgar Cayce

Beliefs are tools for social conditioning, rather than expressions of inner realization or inner truth.   unknown
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Tenetnosce, thanks for the wonderful statements of truth! cool

tenetnosce wrote:

This is not love, this is insanity.

Sanity is the birthright of every human, but apparently not the default position. You have to work for it and achieve it - something which tenet has obviously done, but the vast majority don't even seem to be trying to do. (I mean the people in the world; most of those on NR are clearly excepted.)

1st they would have to start loving the truth, then they could start trying to discover it.

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lyra wrote:

So, have been reading Dolores' "Conversations With Nostradamus." ... Dolores first connected with Nostradamus (Michel de Notredame) via one of her hypnotized subjects named Elena who, btw, knew nothing about Nostradamus in her life  and couldn't even prounounce his name...!!!!!!!  ...I'm sure to some it sounds unbelievable, but seriously, when you read it it's something else.  It's the most believable far-fetched topic I've ever come across.  The wealth of details that are provided is incredible, and Nostradamus as a real, multi-dimensional, well rounded personality comes through loud and clear.   You just have to read it to believe it.

After reading this thread a couple of weeks ago, I became intrigued, and decided to order the first two books in the "Conversations With Nostradamus" series.  The books are everything lyra described, and more; they're so very interesting.

As far as his prophesies that did not come to pass; I think that those were just some of the more probable futures from where he stood looking into the future, that did not come to pass, for reasons beyond my comprehension, but were probable futures nonetheless.  I definitely plan to order more of Dolores' books in the near future, and recommend others to do so, if you find them to be intriguing yourselves. (:

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