Re: Liquid silica and hair loss

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Experience suggests that one should be very careful with silica with foreign objects of all types, but particularly it would seem metal, the smaller the object - such as internal pins and screws, the more easily it seems to be dislodged by silica's expulsive tendency.  Thumb pins are a favourite for silica to expel.  Hip joints?  I don't know but would advise caution.  I feel there needs to be a sharpness to the foreign object for silica's full effect - essentially something intrusive/invasive in the 'wrong' place - so a smooth internal joint without external fixture might not be affected.  But I am speculating here.  Mercury fillings?  Not in my experience to date but certainly theoretically possible. Tooth implants and other dental work, again take care.  If you are going to supplement with the readily bioavailable gels, use low dose maybe 1/2 recommended dose, even less and keep an eye on any teeth work etc.  Silica works well with drip feeding; too much, like anything can be detrimental and does not necessarily mean you'll get a better result.  Interestingly, silica homeopathically, say 6X or 6C has an even greater ability to remove foreign objects.  That's the one I'd probably use if I wanted to get rid of implants as it works, in my experience, at a slightly different level to the bulk mineral.

Since silica is very important in the body and often the very young and very old are particularly lacking  (thin longitudinal lines that can be seen on both sides of ones nail going from nail bed to nail end can be a sign of deficiency, thick ridges tend to be something else (Magnesium)), another source, if one wanted to just have a little at a time, would be horsetail tea, one cup a day.  It's not a stunning tea so mix a good pinch or so with one of your favourites.

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Re: Liquid silica and hair loss

I love me some Biotin. I eat it like candy. My hair started falling out horribly about a year ago and I couldn't figure out why (no balding in the women in my family, not a lot of stress, taking good care of hair, etc..). I bought one of those Nutri-Ox hair kits at Sally Beauty Supply but it only seemed to work to a certain degree. The Biotin seems to work great though and it's crazy how now my hair that fell out is growing out, it looks like I got my hair professionally layered at a salon and people ask where I got my hair done at and I say "Nowhere, this is just what happens when nature goes bezerk" tongue

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Re: Liquid silica and hair loss

Thank you Shelia for the info...
My Sig O is glued and screwed together. One side effect of old hip replacements is when the plastic liner ages the body then attacks it and the surrounding bone. Lace bone is not the expression you wish to hear when describing the pelvic area. So after two surgeries on the same hip in a six months he is full of sharp objects.
So even though healing and bone growth might be greatly helped by the silica I was very leary about recommending it to him.

I've been taking the Jarrow Biosil for a month and have notice mostly improvement on the ridges of nails and also what I'm guessing some splinters(metal) that appear to be coming out around the nails. Which likely happened building fences or filing with horses feet a rasp years ago.

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