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You may have heard of my stories from me before about being a target for secret societies/occultists.  Well, I'm doing the right things... I'm following my path more than I ever was, doing what I love to do.  I can't help but think that this isn't enough.  In the past three days, I have been told by people with heightened senses that when they try to read me, all they get is a group of people - mostly hateful... their energy just flowing through me so much that it mutes my own.  There is a group of teachers (I live with two) who work with autistic kids (Ivy Mount school in Rockville Maryland) - they are clearly in an occult society of some sort.  According to one person, most of them hate hate hate me - some are just playing along though they do not feel good about what they're doing.  What am I supposed to do?  I have been ganged up on for such a long time and I feel like nothing I do matters to them - that they're just going to keep trying to mess with me.  My own heart was getting jolts to it recently - nothing natural at all... sometimes they pick a spot on my back and start jolting it for a week - or sometimes another body part.  Now it's my HEART?  Honestly, I don't know what to do aside from asking my guides for more help - since it's a waxing moon right now I asked to be sent help in the form of people or tools that would assist me.  So far, I've gotten one person who can help.  This worries me, though.  I mean... the first psychic told me that these people are sort of like a dam, with a LOT of support - and that they are extremely patient.  Well, I'm patient too, but I'm getting sick of this.  I just want to live my dreams in PEACE.  It's so hard with these monsters breathing down my neck.  Any advice?  Should I seek as much psychic retaliation as possible?  I'm raising my vibration a little every day with meditation... I hope it's enough.  I feel like this "I can't read you because of THEM" thing is kind of new, and maybe they're grasping at straws because I'm more serious about my work/path now.

Do I just have to deal with it?   Pluto is transiting my 4th house right now, and I will be forced to move away from my current roommates - but if this group is f*cking with me remotely, how on Earth is that going to matter?

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Do you have any grounds for your faith in the accuracy of the psychics?  Have they been right in the past about anything you can verify?  Are most of their messages for you related to things you just have to trust?

"these people have a LOT of support... and are very patient"

Is the "psychic" trying to scare the wits out of you or what?  Do they really know what they're talking about?

Just questions you have to ask yourself but maybe you already have.   All the best.

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Sounds like you need to get away from these people if you can.
Just being in proximity to negatively vibing people is enough to
bring you down.  You're probably expending a lot of your own
energy just dealing with their BS.  Pluto in the 4th will certainly make
you want to change your residence.  You need to seal off any of the
psychic holes in your aura, the avenues that they sap your energy.
And pay attention to nexus' question about your psychic acquaintance.
Keep in mind that when you give credence to what a psychic has to
say, you are open to suggestion.
Also, buy yourself some essential oil of Rue and sniff it whenever
you need to shut down any psychic attacks.  Oil of rue is irritating
to the skin, so dilute it or just inhale the aroma.  Rue oil will also
shut down your psychic antennae--but this may be what you need
to give yourself a rest.
Good Luck and seal those cracks!

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You might want to try something that has helped me many times in the past.  During meditation visualize yourself inside a pyramid. On the outside of the pyramid, add mirrors, or anything reflective, so that anything neg. coming your way will just be reflected back. You can add more power to the pyramid by taking a deep inhale of prana (positive energy, white light, whatever you consider empowering) and filling the pyramid with it. This technique has helped me immensely many times.  smile

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nexus wrote:

Do you have any grounds for your faith in the accuracy of the psychics?

Yeah.  The first one was someone I found while getting an urge to contact one (about my future move).  He admitted that his power was barely honed, and he wasn't doing these readings for free.  He kept getting "teachers" (These people are teachers) and he picked up on my energy very well - but when he tried to read me more, he kept getting these people.  At the time, my roommate (one of them) and his buddy (who's temporarily staying here and shares a room with him, possibly because of me) were gone.  I had a feeling they were up to something. 

I'm pretty sure I pulled the 2nd psychic (a new friend) to me.  During the new moon I asked my guides to bring me anyone or any tool that would help me rid myself of the dark ones.  Well, this guy contacted me a few days later about a script we're making together (He's in an internet group I've been in for years) - I had no idea he was an empath.  We ended up talking for 14 hours yesterday.  He can read pictures of people extremely well - I have more than enough proof.  At one point he just couldn't get in - whenever he tried to read me at a certain point he just got a crowd of people.  He explained it was like they were watching a show, and some of the people didn't like being there.  He actually broke it down - He said that %30 were not okay with it, %42 were totally in on it, and the last %18 were fine with it, but wanted to be somewhere else.  The use of the word "show" hits so close to home.  I sometimes feel like in a metaphysical Truman show.  When my main roommate (Kurt, the one who found me for the apartment) came home, he decided to reveal that he has some sort of health issue, something with his brain (sounds like stroke symptoms).  He ONLY told me this because my new friend revealed that he saw an illness in Kurt, who was clearly watching me earlier in the evening.  Kurt likes to tell me passively that he knows what I'm doing, what I'm up to, and who I'm talking to.  Revealing his illness to me is just a way to say "Yep, I know that someone told you I was sick."  If I read ONE news article in a day - Kurt will ask me about that specific article when he comes home - or maybe a day or two later.  It's always been like that.  Pluto also happens to be opposing my midheaven, and squaring my ascendant.  This is the perfect time for change, and I feel it a lot.  I just hope that these pluto aspects don't mean the opposition is going to try harder against me.  That's what it seems like. 

One of the tricks I'm doing in meditation (just started) that may even help you out is humming... I took vocal lessons for years, so I can hold a long note.  Intuitively, I just figured that if I hum and hold it, and maybe move my vocal chords to say certain things (but not necessarily moving my mouth), I would be forming something.  I tend to say something like "I am an impenetrable force of light" every day now.  I'm going to keep doing this - and I'll certainly try the pyramid exercise too, treehugger.  I'll also look into the oil of Rue.  Thanks!