Topic: Dave Emory - MP3 audio collection

Here is a huge library of Dave Emory's "For the Record" radio programs in MP3 format.     A huge amount of time went into downloading the entire collection of RM files from the website, converting them to MP3, organizing and tagging them, and putting it all together with detailed program information and reference documents.    Everyone should download this collection while it's available.

Re: Dave Emory - MP3 audio collection

This is a very important and valuable collection.   Dave Emory's program goes into great detail on modern fascism, the "underground Fourth Reich," organized crime and more.    A lot of the material I myself have recommended in the past deals with more spiritual and other-worldly types of subjects; this, on the other hand, is very here-and-now, and contains a wealth of historical research material you won't easily come across anywhere else.     It's also very rare because the only other way to get these materials is on a luck-of-the-draw basis via untitled an unsorted .RM files, one at a time from the official website.

Large torrent downloads like this don't stay available for long.  I'd highly recommend everyone get this while you have a chance.