Re: Alien dreams or Illuminati witchcraft ?

shukaido wrote:

Early on in my membership here, whenever I'd go to log in I'd hear what sounded like gunfire coming from somewhere outside, or the telephone would ring and the caller ID would say, "Prison." That is odd, now that I think about it. Who has the resources to obtain a private number for a home phone that's not even in my name? And then construct a call from "prison" the moment I go to log in to Noble Realms and talk about non-humans?

That's a very pertinent question, shukaido. 

Earlier in this thread I described a dream I had which also had the prison theme.   The fact that it keeps coming up for different people, in different contexts, shows that it is important.

shukaido wrote:

I've had non-humans got up in full old lady drag pass me on the sidewalk and say things like, "You're not supposed to say anything."

Not supposed to according to who?  They never mention that part, do they?    I kind of wonder ... is it possible that these low-level operatives  assume that you're "just like them" and subject to the same code of secrecy that they are?    Just a thought.   Maybe due to the fact that they are at the bottom of a hierarchy, they themselves have not been fully informed of all the details, and have been ordered to "remind" you not to say anything.   Their superiors who gave the order know who you are and want to psyche you out with the creepy warning, but the entity delivering the message just thinks you're one of them.     Just a wild thought, it could be totally off-base.

shukaido wrote:

I generally have at least a fraction of a second to realize this is about to happen and so struggle against it, which may also lessen the frequency of occurrence instead of just laying there passively in a vague, escalating panic.

That's good; every time it's happened to me I haven't had even a fraction of a second to resist ... just came awake paralyzed.   Fortunately I've been able to break the paralysis within about 10 second or so, every time it's happened in recent memory.    It just requires absolute focused intention to do so, along with clear mental statements of that intention.