There is one thing I would confirm from the Nasara myth, that there are numerous interdiemsional ships around the Earth aiding planetary awakening of some naturally awakened state for the whole Earth - I have seen them.

I think the Illuminati love to add their spin to intuitive knowing, just like the Da Vinci Code  is utter BS spun into very beautiful BS. (again, see david Icke's The Biggest Secret)

What a world.


Re: NASARA wrote:

If you (or someone you know) knows someone who lives in Germany and pays attention to the news, they can tell you that NESARA is openly discussed in their media.

Found this in the confirmations section (right next to the pic of the nesara billboards in front of the capital building). Should be pretty easy to confirm . . has anyone heard nesara openly discussed in Germany?

I am as is Void.