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I had a hard time deciding what to name this thread.... it's the best I could do at this time.  I need to ask a question and hopefully gain some insight to this.

This is not to necessarily become a thread of black heli stories unless they apply to the criteria I am setting forth.  I want to ask these questions in this way to get the best answer or best suggestions pertaining to these certain criteria.

The topic in question is the black helicopters, however, I am looking to hear from people that have an experience similar to the following:

Wake up and fully conscious, no altered state or etc.  Bright lights coming into the house or just outside, lighting things up bright as day and not hearing anything.  As if the sound on life has been turned off.  If the person looks outside they do not necessarily see the source of the light...if they go outside they do not necessarily see the source of the if when they walk around the house, it moves.  These lights... if outside resemble lights on a helicopter in the way they move...however as you move around the source (helicopter) moves so you never really get a good look at it.  All the while "sound is on mute".

During this experience other people or animals are not awake or up to share the experience and you are not able to rouse anyone either by yelling for them or shaking them awake.  Sometimes this seems to continue for a short period after the helicopter and the light go away.

Now... I have found only a handful of people with this or similar experience but this is the first time I have put this out as a public query.

In the cases I have found so far there are great similarities in what has been explained so far.  The other similarities are...that the person that is awake does not experience any other entities or people at the time, they do not experience abduction or programming scenarios, they do not have recurring events or nightmares about this nor do they have any other abduction memories or experiences.  They do not have any other connection or so it seems to alien theory or MILAB theory.

Also...the people that are sleeping during this time (if any) always seem "different" after the experience.  They do not function like their previously "normal" and happy selves.  Seems a good number of them slip into depression as they are older and say they do not share in the experience, if you can find them to talk about it later...or get them to talk to you later.

It also seems that a good number of the sleepers do not want to be friends with or be around those that have been awake after this experience...they shun them, make excuses not to be around them or speak to them.

I realize I am putting a rather narrow slant on my request here as I do not want just a bunch of heli stories but ones that fit this or extremely similar experiences.

I also understand the delicate nature of this and do not seek to necessarily interview or question people that have had this experience, only to see how "popular" this experience is... and hear from anyone who has come to some suggestions about this experience after having studied/considered it as a product of either hearing about it from others or experiencing it themselves.

I hope I have been clear in this... if there are other questions feel free.


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neutral  poop.  So still only a handful of people that have experienced this.  Anyone have any links to places where I may ask more people to see if there are only just the 5 of us that have had this happen?

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Have you read Karla Turner's book "Taken"? It's downloadable from

This excerpt bears partial similarity to what you described:

Karla Turner's Taken wrote:

To complicate matters, many reports show that some interactions occur on a mental
rather than a physical level. One type is an artificially induced virtual-reality scenario (VRS),
an externally introduced event, that to the witness is practically indistinguishable from
objective reality. The person may experience a situation with full sensory input and react with
genuine physical and emotional responses, although in 'reality' the person may be lying
immobile on an exam table, or sitting attached to some alien apparatus, or even asleep in bed
with no outward sign of disturbance.

While the VRS may have been a matter of theory in the past, a possible explanation for some
of the more "unacceptable" abduction accounts, it has now been confirmed in a three-witness,
conscious event. It came to light when I was investigating the abduction experiences of Ted
Rice, a psychic of excellent reputation throughout the southern states.

Ted witnessed a virtual-reality scenario when he was in Florida visiting a friend, Marie, along
with another house guest, Amelia. The two women occupied twin beds in one room, and
Ted slept down the hall in another. Not long after going to bed one night during his visit, he
was awakened by Marie shouting for him to "come quickly!"

Heading down the hall, Ted saw a pervasive blue glow emanating from the other bedroom
doorway. Entering, he found Marie pressed against the far wall, staring at the twin beds in shock.
And he saw where the blue light was coming from. Amelia lay immobile in one bed,
surrounded by a huge, blue, glowing, "electrical" sphere of light. Her eyes were open, and she
didn't seem to be in any distress as  she carried on a conversation with someone Ted
and Marie couldn't see. Terrified, they tried to talk to her, but they could hardly hear one
another even when shouting. Amelia continued to speak within the sphere for several
minutes, until the blue light suddenly disappeared, at which point she was finally free of the
paralysis that had kept her in the bed.

Amelia told Ted and Marie that the experience started with the loud sound of a helicopter low
over the house. When she opened her eyes she could see through the ceiling and roof, as if
they'd disappeared, to where the helicopter was hovering just above the house. She described
two entities in the craft, whom she said also appeared at the foot of the bed before the blue 
light vanished. One being was tall, with greenish skin, an egg-shaped head, and slanted
eyes as the only visible facial features. The other, shorter, entity, Amelia said, was blue-black in

Ted and Marie had seen absolutely nothing of these creatures, nor had they heard a
helicopter at any time. But they had seen the sphere of light, with brighter, darting lights
shooting through it, and Amelia frozen in a slightly raised position inside it, for she had been
starting to sit up when the light coalesced and paralyzed her.

Amelia's perception of the experience was completely "real" for her. She was conscious
when it began and throughout the entire event, as Ted and Marie attested. From everything
her sensory input told her, Amelia had experienced an actual event with the craft and entities.
Virtual reality. And the conscious and unaffected witnesses, Ted and Marie, observed
objectively real effects of the mechanism which manipulated the event, verifying its external
origin.  VRS technology exists and is in use, this much is clear. And unless there are
outside witnesses, such as in this rare instance, the experiencer cannot personally
discern between a VRS and an actual event. The virtual-reality scenario may occur
while the person is conscious, as in Amelia's case, or it may be introduced into the
person's dream state.

Assuming the experience you wrote about is not just a dream mistaken for reality, it sounds very much like a glitch in the group abduction process where a person (possibly a non-abductee) wakes up in the middle of it. Maybe it happens upon returning people from an abduction, therefore you wouldn't see anyone missing or being taken because they are back for good. Abductions involve hyperdimensional technologies such as freezing or slowing time or temporarily isolating the house/apartment/room from the surrounding spacetime continuum so that none outside the affected region notices anything amiss. It's reminiscent of the memory-injection scenes in the movie Dark City (recommend everyone watch this movie at least once).

The primary purpose of abductions is mind programming, which fits with noticing people afterwards being 'different'. We are less than cattle to some of them, perhaps more like plants, and mind programming is like a combination of horticultural experimentation and pruning. They want their Matrix crops nicely pruned and square, snipping off new growths of spiritual aspirations and self-improvement at night when they are unconscious. So if you start your day growing these back by raising your vibes, centering yourself, setting your intent for the best, and remember to keep this up daily, no amount of pruning will keep you down. But the mind programming tries to undercut your very desire, willpower, and remembrance to do this, so it can get tricky. The problem is most people aren't even aware of abductions let alone notice that they are remarkably different today versus yesterday, and therefore never stand a chance. Fact of life hmm

Acquiring fringe knowledge is like digging for diamonds in a mine field.

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Interesting I'll check that book out too.  Thanks.  For a long time I thought it was a in which I was sleepwalking in or something...because later that morning I had grass and dirt on my feet from going outside to look at the thing.  But things for these other people were all very strange from then on.

Another interesting thing is the other 4 people that I know that have had basically the same exact thing go on...we didn't know each other at the time and in fact we all live in different countries but it happened during the same time period.  Plus what we all do for a living and hobbies is again pretty much the same.  Technology and magic.  Also an interesting thing.

Thanks smile