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Topic: Imagination

I think the main problem with society is that we have lost imagination.  I believe that it might be true that imagination is what infinity is, and thereby by disconnecting us from the ability to imagine, we lose our connection to infinite at the same time.  Psychic phenomena, and imagination are synonymous bringing forwards the paradox that psychic phenomena are figments of our imagination and in reality true, because what is imagined must be understood as real on some level.  It is true that a being seen in the imagination is both imagined and real.  We have put to much limitation on what reality is explaining it only as what can be seen, tasted, touched and felt.  It you want to develop psychically you must therefore develop your imagination.  I believe it is also true that one must understand and remember the difference between imagined reality and physical reality.  To lose the ability to understand the differnce between the two causes people to believe they can do things in physical reality that they cannot because they are able to do it in imagined reality.  An action in imagined reality is impermanent although it builds an intention and alters someones personality, but an action in reality has permanent consequences that must be dealt with for the remainder of a life time.  So physical reality requires much more responsibility from an individual then imagined reality.  My understanding of the reason I am here in physical reality is that it is a catalyst for development.  In imagined reality anything you want (with no limits) can be imagined into existence, but in physical reality work, time, and effort must be applied to accomplish the same thing that happens in imagined reality.  Imagined reality has the tendancy to be like a  permanent vacation, and just as in a real vacation people are usually not productive during a vacation.  If I was productive in imaginary reality there would not have been the need for me to come here and experience the a catalyst of physical reality as a stimulus to become productive in order to return to the true infinite wonder of the imagined reality. 

I don't like the word productive though as it has gained a negative connotation for me by its association with the work that I have done in my life.  Productivity in this system on earth is actually destructive because it is driven sole for the purpose of self interest.  Productivity to make the universe and infinity a more stimulating and wondrous place is the productivity that I am talking about.  This leads well into why we are in this self destructive mindset.  It is through the imagination that everything that a humans or consciousness in general, has ever created began.  And thus to control the minds of humans and what they produce you must control their imagination.  Individuals cannot be allowed to use, or connect to the imagination because they will think of things to do that are not what you want them to do.  To control people you must supply them with their thoughts, hence what we see in the papers, and on the television.  The purpose of these things on a higher level is to control our imagination, and thus turn us into workers for mind of the system.  Taking away our imaginations though disconnects us from the psychic nature of infinite.  If we were allowed to connect to infinite through the imagination, or psychic connection to infinite, then we would see through the bullshit that the system feeds us in the artificially created imagination of the system (computers, televisions, written media's).  It is the psychic, or ability to imagine that allows us to understand the negative implications of our actions on infinite, and therefore intentionally or not, due to our 3rd eye blindness we are left unable to see the stupidity of our actions.  Another thing is that I believe it nearly impossible for someone to become bored when they are connected fully to their imagination, and you can therefore simultaneously do the most mundane, yet productive task, and be infinitely happy with it.  There is no want when connected to the imagination because everything you could ever want can instantly manifest.  So the only way to make a healthy system is to open up the imagination of all the consciousness and create a society that everyones open imagination will accept.  Ideas cannot be accepted by being told to accept them, they must be accepted because the individual both understands the idea, and personally agrees with it. 

I came across this thought because I was desperately bored today and was searching for stimulation from the machine, in the form of some sort of media that could feed me knowledge, societal perspective and humor.  However as I have come to realize the harms of the media from the system, I decided instead to practice mediation, which always seems to turn instead into deep introspective contemplations.  Regardless I was practicing intention by imagining what it was that I wanted in life and I realized that the more I connected with my ability to expand my conscious and imagine things the more intelligent I became, and the easier it was to understand things.  It is my present understanding currently that god/infinite is in fact an imagination and therefore to connect to God I need to learn to imagine.  Imagination without structure becomes stagnant, structure without imagination becomes destructive and ends up destroying itself.  I think it may be possible that the two are polar opposites that represent a yin yang type idealogy.  Balance between the two will lead individuals away from a path of growth. 

So I think an answer to those looking to break free from the system, stop letting the system imagine for you and learn to imagine yourself. 

Imagination was lost here because those with an open third eye became lazy and did not devote enough time to self betterment.  This allowed them to become weaker then the structure of the system and susceptible to annihilation by it.  A responsible and productive society could never be defeated because it is operating with the collective imagination of a mass of individuals countless times more powerful then the limited imagination of a few leaders who instead try to impose their imagination on the subjects.  So my current answer to how to regain our connection to GOD/Infinite, learn to imagine to your fullest be productive towards what your imagination feels is right.  It is required that the two operate in unison if we are to ever improve the current state of human existence on this planet.

Einstien wrote:

Imagination is more important than knowledge...

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Technological society may be selecting out the creatives via values.  Who gets promoted? Who gets selected for the Masters Programs? Robert Sternberg has some interesting thought on what intelligence is.  Reference: "Successful Intelligence" by Robert Sternberg.

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What if.... Just what if, someone uses parts and bits of the whole brain...

As to the imagination part, very true....  The answer is: WATCH LESS TV AND READ MORE BOOKS!!!!

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