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So in addition to the "Mastering the Lower Self" book that I'm slowly writing, I had an idea today about putting together a slim, communally written book containing wisdoms for those of us who wish to live as harmoniously as possible with the Earth and others. 

If this idea goes anywhere, I wouldn't publish it under my name or anybody's name.  It'd be anonymous.  What I want to create is a "Tao Te Ching" of sorts that doesn't teach a Way of "walking the walk," but offers wisdoms that (hopefully) will help the reader make a mental shift away from destructive groupthink. 

The vision is of a short, concise, poetic grouping of thoughts centered on basic themes, like:     

*the interconnectivity of all things

*acting versus talking

*considering the consequences of your actions

*empathy and anti-empathy

*power within (thinking for yourself)

*hierarchies versus cell-like networks

Please feel to contribute your wisdoms here!  Again, I'm looking for something short (less than 50 words), something that evokes an image, something that requires contemplation to digest, but most importantly, something that helps bring you into a healthy, balanced relationship with the planet and with others.

Here's the first bit to pop into my mind:

One hand is held
by your ancestors;
the other is held
by your children.

You can't change a tiger's stripes,
but you can avoid its teeth.

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sounds cool, i like it

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Hierarchy is like the life cycle of trees

The tree produces fruit
The fruit bears seed
The seed produces a tree...

Only thing is
The trees never die
They constantly transcend themselves
Their progeny begins the cycle anew
An infinite hierarchy is in the making
Parent, child, parent, child, parent, child...
There is no death

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The seer and the seen arise spontaneously in the great dream of life. Neither is permanent or unchanging. It's only an appearance.  Find out what is real and unchanging.  The eye of the I cannot see itself.  Rest in that wonderful mystery.

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Thanks, guys!  Those are great!

You can't change a tiger's stripes,
but you can avoid its teeth.

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Save a Flower

Be the mirror you want to see
Reflect upon the rose
An ugly word
An angry face
Are not the way to be
Reflect upon the rose

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If the greatest idea is given no attention of consciousness or intent of emotion, it will never become reality, just as the best seed given no water will never break through the soil to flourish in the sun.

An ant colony without its queen is inert, and so is a mind without its own conviction.

Complexity is simplicity viewed from a lens far too powerful.

The importance you make out of your unimportance makes all the difference.

Lovely stuff by everyone!

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"Love is listening carefully and speaking truthfully"

"Our safest worldly treasure is revealed in the smile of a child"

"What we give most freely of ourselves brings abundance to our friends and suspicion to our adversaries"

Fun fact: Great Tits are common in Europe

To know love is to know trust; to know oneself is to know truth


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What you "think" is most important.  Thought.  Ask people, when all is said and done, upon self reflection, do they agree that what they thought has more bearing than their words and actions at this point in their life?  I suspect most people would quickly dismiss that notion.

Good judgement comes from experience; experience comes from bad judgement.
You have to believe in the impossible in order to become.

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A fork in the road is the branching point of a new universe.  When you don't know which road to follow, focus on the universe you intend to reside in, and it will make itself known to you.

Do not be frustrated with those who are not yet as aware of things as you.  They are reading the same book as you are, but are earlier in it.  It's a good story, so don't spoil it for them.  You'll be chatting about it plenty once you're both finished reading it.

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A friend's contribution (with some editing from me):

Look about --
finches & currant bushes
live & die

wilt, sing,
fly, wilt again.

Peaches know
how to ripen, shrivel --
they question nothing.

Follow them;
see what is written
on the ghost's parchment.

You can't change a tiger's stripes,
but you can avoid its teeth.