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Robert Shapiro is now channeling on-line, as 'Grandfather'.

I love his books, he is such a gentle man, and writes as he speaks, with inflictions and dialect, and sincere goodness.

His part two prediction is already happening for me. We just had our works xmas party, and after a few drinks while playing 10pin bowling, we sat down for the meal. Somehow, I got talking about the whole Interdimensional/Alien/Higher Self/Awakening/Ascension/2012 business.

Instead of laughing me off as a nutter, (usual type of response), people were actually resonating, and showing 'real life' 3D examples of the higher dimensional experiences I was relating to, like a series of 'AHA' moments, of past and current events in their lives, piecing together the jigsaw. To such an extent, they couldn't shut me up lol. The only person who didn't resonate was the bosses son. He was totally freaked out (not so much by me, but the extent others were in total agreement with me).  The next day everyone I spoke to said how great it was (and especially the adverse reaction of the boss's son (who apparently needed to hear some self truths)).

One snapper came and sat down, and I was telling him how he was actually a powerful multidimensional being, etc, etc, and his eyes were widening, and I could see I was almost hypnotising him. People kept coming up to me , the next day, and said how much they enjoyed the 'conversations', being totally sincere.

Seeds sown. My work here is done. Take me to Nova Scotia.

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That's cool.  You made them feel better.  I wonder why the boss' son got upset.  I'm going to ck out the link you posted now.

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Seeds sown.  my work here is done.  Take me to Nova Scotia.

I love you Blue.   u r THE best.  ive been vibing nova scotia for days and said it loud a couple of times yesterday.  been wondering when u were going or if u were already there.  ur last 2 big posts were very meaningful.   i read every word and bookmarked the newer site.  dont leave us here though, without You, ever.

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[center][size=16]Via The[/size][/center]



Robert Shapiro

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Gotta Love It , Blue : )

Thanks for that link, HaHaHa!

I've been wondering why I've been 'resonating' so strongly lately.
Now I thinks it is a little clearer...
me, the sun meditation feelin' it sooooo strongly : )

LOVE is comin' on and shinin'!    WoooHooooo!

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Look for signs in the sky.

Gotcha. wink

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zenden wrote:

Seeds sown.  my work here is done.  Take me to Nova Scotia.

I love you Blue.   u r THE best.  ive been vibing nova scotia for days and said it loud a couple of times yesterday.  been wondering when u were going or if u were already there.  ur last 2 big posts were very meaningful.   i read every word and bookmarked the newer site.  dont leave us here though, without You, ever.

Thanks Zenden. smile   Bags are all packed, doggie me has got her passport and injections (and chip!), but we have hit a brick wall. The friend who was going to buy our house has pulled out. Plus the UK Govt has now slapped a new stealth tax on selling homes (another £350 to find), and houses just aren't selling round here, everyone's waiting for the prices to tumble further and further. (We can't go unless we sell the house for funds).

So we are still here for a while yet. (Not giving up the dream, never give up the dream)

Having said that, it looks like Nova Scotia has already entered the next dimension.... … T_CAM=cam8

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You're right, Blue, NS has ascended! those pictures are great. Now I want to go there, too!

Seriously, I wish you well and hope things fall into place soon for you. Someone will buy your house for a reasonable price in no time. You'll see.

And thanks for the links to Uncle Bob. I hadn't heard of him before, but I thoroughly enjoyed his site (and videos). Good stuff!


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Falvion wrote:

You're right, Blue, NS has ascended! those pictures are great. Now I want to go there, too!

......I'm trying to get people to get clued up about Halifax.

...the eye, altering...alters all - William Blake

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Funny thing is there are hundreds of New Age hippies moving out to Nova Scotia. (Not going down well with the locals).

This from Uncle Bob

Robert Shapiro wrote:

Your Natural Abilities Awaken

Awakening within each and everyone of us now are natural abilities - some of which may startle you. I've spoken of these things from time to time but it's a moment to speak of it again.

Beginning this year for some of you and accelerating at an accelerating rate over the next 5 to 7 years - here are some of the skills that you naturally have that you will find are available for you.

Some of you will be able to see through things slightly. I'm not talking about seeing through steel doors or something like that but you might notice around the edges of something that you can see slightly beyond the edge. It will be as if a portion of the edge of something will become transparent for a moment and you'll become aware of that usually after the fact but sometimes you will actually catch it as it's happening.

You'll notice that what's beyond the apparently transparent part, you know - what's beyond will seem a little watery - not exactly out of focus but as if you're looking through something that's a bit watery. It is as if you are looking through a veil that's very sheer and it's slightly in motion.

There are other things that you're going to be able to do - some of you this year and more soon after.

One of those things is to be able to suddenly see something that's far away - see it clearly and afterwards you'll have a strange feeling. It will be as if you were suddenly drawn to that thing, could see it crystal clear and then found yourself back in the position you were in before. You won't know, much as you think about it, whether that object was in a sense drawn towards you or you were drawn towards it but you will realize later how clear that object is.

This will usually be some object that does not have meaning to you. A distant car or truck or train for example. A tree off in the distance. In other words it won't be something that has an immediate urgent impact on your life.

And there is one more thing I want to share with you. Some of you will be able to detect whether what you're looking at is associated with the present, past or future. And by that I mean you'll get a sense - and for some of you it will be almost like a slightly dizzy feeling - it won't be deja vu - it will be something just slightly different - and you'll get a sense that you're seeing or sensing something around you that's not of the time that you are in. So it will be associated either with the past or with the future.

For some of you this might cause you to be for a brief moment - one, two, three seconds - something like that - just slightly nauseous but it will pass very quickly and it won't cause any harm but it will have, as I say those potential physical impacts.

You understand I'm not wishing this on you, I'm just informing you that it may happen for some of you this year and for many more in the future. If it happens to you often enough you'll be able to discern whether it was past oriented or future oriented. Most likely it will be like a quick scenario - almost like a picture superimposed over what you're seeing normally in that place where you are.

Don't be alarmed. Remember these side effects which I've mentioned are only a potential of what you see and for the most part what you're seeing will be innocuous but if you see something that is alarming or upsetting - probably it will not have anything to do with you or any member of your family or friends - but if it is alarming or upsetting in any way then quickly say to yourself, "I am asking that all those associated with what I saw receive all the help, love and support they need now..." (say, "now") "...from all those people and beings who can help them."

You want to put it into effect by saying, "now" you understand - because you won't know when it's going to happen if it does. As I say, it may have already happened.

I may tell you more of these things as time goes on but I want to alert you to this because it's coming and some of you may have had the experience already but you just don't recall it. For some of you it will also seem like a dream and it'll be hard for you to be sure whether it really happened or whether you dreamt it but in case it happens again you will know by the second time.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

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HeHe Blue smile  Great Stuff from Uncle Bob Shapiro! Thanks!

Wanted to share this 'blast from the past' of mine on another site I had frequented...Your post reminded me of it so I tracked it down : ) :

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The Freedom Trail and where We are headed throughout the next few years...
in my own thoughts and words!

"We are on an ascending trail on a beautiful mountainside. That trail was violently washed away in front of us but a new and higher path was formed by those of us on the path that would not give up or give in and we chose with combined intent and effort to tread a new path of ascension on that mountainside no matter what and no matter how. We are now at a point on the path where we are just now coming above the treetops and about to turn a corner on the mountain trail into a beautiful light we can sense and see ahead. As we make that turn together the most beautiful scenery over the ocean appears that we have never, ever experienced in the way we are experiencing it. It is simply a new born babe of wondrous beauty to us. What is newly unique and exciting is that we can look far across the ocean and "instantly" focus on the beautiful forest and plant life far on the distant land as though it were right in front of us and we can touch and smell it simply by wishing so...and we can be both on the mountainside and across the ocean at the same time if we choose. We find that we can see each others thoughts and feel each others feelings with a love stronger then we could ever imagine. Those with thoughts and feelings out of sync with these happenings will either change in an instant and embrace it all or choose to wander away on another path."

I envision with thought and intent and purpose that 2/3 of the populace will embrace personal change for the good of all within the next couple of years as we have never before known....and WILL just matter what religion as long as there is love there...synchronicity/entrainment/oneness!

Smiling hearts will abound living the truth freely...once and for all!

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