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Topic: Mayor Resigns Over 'Satanic Abduction'

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Mayor Resigns Over 'Satanic Abduction'
By Brandon Barker
Nov 26th 2007 9:44AM

What is the statute of limitations for the crime of being abducted and brainwashed by Satanists? The answer: at least three decades.

Mayor Ken Williams shocked the citizens of Centerton, Arkansas, by claiming that a recent truth-serum injection had made him realize that he was not Ken Williams, their civic leader since 2001, but in fact a New York preacher named Don LaRose who had been abducted and brainwashed by Satanists in the mid-1970s.

According to 4029tv.com, Mayor Williams regained lost memories of the wife and children he left behind to save them from a Satanic cult that had threatened their lives. "I had a choice," he said. "The choice was to watch my family killed in front of my eyes or go with these people, and I chose instead to run." Here's the video report:


Don LaRose assumed the identity of the real Ken Williams, a man who died in a car crash in 1958, after moving to Centerton in 1980. His cover was blown, however, when his wife and children tracked him down through registration records for DonLaRose.com, a Web site he runs that documents the real story of his horrific plight. The home page states, A popular Baptist pastor, Don LaRose, disappeared from his church office in Maine, New York. There were signs it may have been a SATANIC inspired attack.

Though his family has found him, Mr. LaRose says he will stay in Centerton with his current wife. "I guess in a sense, you would have to say I was living a lie," he said.

He signed his resignation letter, "Sincerely and with thanks, Ken Williams/Don LaRose." The Satanists have not yet responded with a statement.

B. Brandon Barker is the author of the novel Operation EMU.


Re: Mayor Resigns Over 'Satanic Abduction'

http://www.popsucker.net/2007/11/preach … as_no.html

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Re: Mayor Resigns Over 'Satanic Abduction'

There are a few problems with this fellow's story:

1.) What "truth serum"?
2.) Why was he running an internet page for a missing person (himself)?
3.) If it took five years to regain most of his memories, why did he resign now?
4.) The only reason (it seems) he resigned was because the LaRose family started asking questions about the missing Don LaRose.
5.) Who are the satanic culprits?

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Re: Mayor Resigns Over 'Satanic Abduction'

In the 1975 abduction, which was investigated by the FBI, LaRose was found in Minneapolis after being missing from New York for 100 days.


Just when I thought some solid information on Satanic-Mind-Controlled-Slaves had come forth, I find the waters muddied and shallow. Maybe this guy does suffer from mind control and that is  why his story is not straight but looking at this logically it seems his story is full of holes.
Keep in mind this might be a ploy by the-powers-that-be for future mind-controlled-satanic-slaves who come forward. The media will remember this story and call them kooks and public opinion will be negative towards the person coming forth.

There may be more to this story than what I'm thinking. Maybe this guy is telling what he believes to be the truth. Who knows? All I know is that I'm disappointed that the story is very wishy-washy.

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Re: Mayor Resigns Over 'Satanic Abduction'

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