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Those broomsticks made 'em fly, alright wink


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wow ape.  that was great.  oh yes.  the history of those babes.  yesterday at lunch i went shopping to kill time.  in a variety store where all kinds of great Halloween stuff was exhibited, a woman came in up front.  looking for a witch's broomstick.  they musta ran out so a clerk yells out to another real loud "hey edna, we got any more witch broomsticks left in the back, or are we out?"  i go just a minute i can get some from my car -- they all just stared.  nobody laughed.  i did tho.

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I've heard of ergot causing hallucinations from people eating infected
rye bread in Romania and calling it lycanthropy.

But the real flying ointment is as follows:
(from Jeannie Rose's Herbs and Things)

Make an ointment from the leaves of belladonna,
stramonium (Datura), monkshood, and celery seeds.
Add to it one toad and boil until the toad's flesh has
fallen off the bones.  Strain and rub the ointment on
the body, under the armpits, on the forehead and
on your broom.  (Eat the celery seeds so that you
won't get dizzy when flying about on your broom.)

It is interesting to note in regard to this seventeenth-
century formula that a modern hallucinogen, called
bufotenin, has been discovered in the skin of a toad.

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I was telling a friend this story tonight, and I mentioned how the inquisition was almost like a precursor to the modern war on drugs.

Although it sounds as if the zealots of the era were oblivious about the ergot being a cause, and going right after the strange behavior as being a possession. My friend attested that this made much more sense than the traditional myth. 

Nice recipe Tom P...... I'm sure my local convenient store will have all the necessary ingredients smile

Zenden, broomsticks in your trunk?
You can't tell me you're wearing them out that fast smile smile


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Yeah, except the Inquisition wasn't taking the drugs they
confiscated and re-selling them on the black market to
keep the whole money wheel spinning.

As for the recipe, you might try a Mexican herbal curandero
store.  And there's a lot of toads around because of the
rain.  I've heard that the Vikings used to eat toad skin
before going into battle.  It turned them into Berserkers.

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i CRAVED TOADS as a kid.  always always had, collected, looked for toads.  theyre cool creatures.  i used to lick them.  they pee when u handle them.  toad pee.  more stuff from the past.  memories of stuff u once knew and used to do.  and TP-- ur recipe is divine.   u guys have it down.   i loved reading ape's collection and TP's response.  what great research on this.  the pics in ape's post tell the story.  so much went on in medieval times and thereafter. it was a real gateway. a real chapter that holds much.  sex is always tied in with orgasmic drug experiences.  esp in the day, then, when witches were very active and then hunted down as the desposyni.  i had a principal in high school with a very wide blubbery neck, big wide face.  they used to call him "Bufo".  everybody would say Bufo real low and gutteral when he walked by.  wow what a synch.  actual bufotenin.  stunning.  the connections of words, and meanings, derivatives.  what dont we know and conjure up on NR.  my girlfriend (another old sage wise one witch crone) and i had a boba tea drink together last weekend on our travels.  she swallows a big boba bufo tapioca and goes "oh goody, my eye of newt for the day, yum yum."  im going to a big early halloween party tomorrow thats posing as a belated wedding ceremony.  i will purposely do some recipes as i plan on going berserk by midnite.  i will look for a toad to lick after riding in on my broomstick.  i do have a few left.   that's it in a toad-skinned nutshell.

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i couldnt resist.  since gearing up today in order to go berserk tonite.  TP and ape got me going on this and its connected.  toads and witches and broomsticks.  BTW--what phase of the moon is it lately?  will have to stare up at it tonite. 

Do Witches Ride Broomsticks?
The popular image of a hag flying through the air astride a broomstick derives from not one but from several practices of the craft.  Firstly, in the past, all households owned a broom for purely practical purposes. Witches would, indeed, disguise the wand or staff they used for magical purposes by binding twigs around the end, to hide the carving on it which might betray its magical function. The bound twigs looked like a broomstick/broom.  There were many broomstick "dances" at the full moon.
A witch's broomstick dance became confused with other accounts of witches flying through the night to take part in meetings and orgies. A number of witches have testified to this night-flying, which was achieved by rubbing a magical ointment on the body. It is now clear that the ointment was hallucinogenic and caused fantasies not dissimilar to those caused by LSD and other fashionabel drugs of our century, and that the hallucinations were shaped by the witches' own minds. There is evidence of witches swearing that thye have flown, when they have been under observation the whole time, apparently asleep, but sometimes clearly experiencing orgasm.

Many recipes have been suggested for this ointment, which is rubbed on the pulse of the wrists and elsewhere. Some of the materials suggested are aconite, belladonna, cinquefoil, parsley, watercress, henbane, oil and absurdly, the fat of boiled babies and human flesh; bats' blood is also mentioned. The trouble is that none of these mixtures, however organized, can get into the bloodstream through unbroken skin.

One recipe, when the element of the grotesque is removed, makes sense. This calls for a mixture of babies' fat (for which one must read port fat, mutton fat, goose-grease, lard of any kind), black millet and boiled toad. Black millet is a fungus found on millet and is ergot, which is a hallucinogenic. Witches kept toads as pets, and when toads are excited or frightened, they exude a milky substance called toads' milk, a substance which was, we know, once used by witches. From toads' milk(and from toadstools) scientists have extracted a drug called Butotenine, an alkaloid which, though insoluble in water, is soluble in alcohol and in dilute acids and alkalies. (The ordinary household is rarely short of acetic acid as a solvent if it is needed. Urine would also work. So would vinegar).  It has the property of penetrating the skin and going straight into the bloodstream, producing the same hallucinogenic effects as LSD but with brighter color effects. It works rapidly, producing its effects in fifteen to 30 minutes, and these last for between 1 and 2 hours. It produces not only hallucinations but contractions of the intestinal and uterine muscles, so it seems clear that it could easily induce orgasm and that the orgasm itself would induce sexual fantasies.  AHA!

Existing accounts of night-flying by witches make it clear that the latent period between the application of the ointment and the beginning of the hallucination is not long (as it is with many organic hallucinogenics), and the flight does not last more than an hour or so. It seems clear there fore that Bufotenine, in its original form as toads' milk, is the missing element in all the recipes that have so far been handed down, and that boiled toad is simply a disguised reference to this.

and i thot it was pee.  ive seen it look more yellow than milky.  geez, experimenting with orgasmic stuff in childhood.  i guess old habits do die hard. no wonder there IS a shortage of sticks, and maybe...toads nowadays.

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"in order to go berserk tonite"

I want a full report! wink
(ok that's up to you)

I must plead almost complete ignorance on this subject, at least up until this thread. Some really interesting info.

I don't celebrate Halloween, not out of any pagan apprehension, but calendar rituals just don't have any place in my life. It's possible I'm just denying myself.....


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It's possible I'm just denying myself.....

Just That Something Potentially Deeper Might Be Involved:


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Re: Witches & Broomsticks

ok ape.  its cool.  i can and will, tell ALL.  now, generally (and some of this fits with PhiConcept's recent experiment on drunkenness), being pretty old now and semi-retired, actually MOSTLY retired, from the days of decreased sobriety, as it were/IS.   there are less and LESS opportunities to tap into the etheric in crowds of ppl.  or shall i say, amongst throngs of ppl from difft walks of life, difft paths.  a big planned party wherein the overall goal is to celebrate something, can lead, in the correct environment to a night of ecstasy. and going berserk, so to speak if the timing is right.  and indelible mark can be made if condtions r just so for a celebration.  being it a belated wedding reception at a beautiful home, with a big backyard, 3 bands scheduled to play, lots of food, and lots of imbibery.  lots.  one could, as planned by the host, take one's pick of accoutrements, under almost a full moon.  and of course, the pagan holiday of Halloween quietly looming around the calendar corner--wherein the veils r naturally thinned, as the calendar changes and the world starts to tilt off her summer axis.   so, in good stead with the host (the new architect/builder in the neighborhood), we r invited, as many are, to celebrate his new marriage to an old neighbor.  its a here we may go again opportunity, to be out and about, in the middle of the night, to go berserk.  to let loose, to leave the mortal day and enter the realms of the night, to experience new perceptions, meet new souls, spread the word of the coming times (were well in them now), to get a clue on whats coming, feel out where roles may play out, maybe see further into thr past and future, by being solely and soul-ly, in the now.  going berserk helps to do that, get that done.  when the light of day is gone and the night fires burn, shedding light on other realities.  being able to have joy in that and experience joy and sharing is almost a sacred or dare i say religious thing, surely its spiritual.  its like "church" in the middle of the night.  it doesnt happen much.  risks have to be taken.   it is a chance  to assess who is awake, who will play roles to come, who is who.  it is on a street that is perpendicular to mine, down a hill.  many many interesting ppl live there where hes moved in.  there r many talented ppl on that street.  many r old berserkers, as i have read their pasts, and watch them in the daylight.  theyre wild ones, younger than the old crowd, untamed, old mixed with new.  so it is, a blending of tribe with tribe.  i go, happily at first, to assess who and what may be there, so as to get a picture on a larger scale of this new union.  i go to enjoy, to be free for the night, to gather data, to tap into treasure chests of info, to read these ppl.  and to measure or scale the times we're in.  i go to experience what comes up, and generally, if im in fine mode, it will get even more heady and ppl start to tell me things, and add things up, and they shed their daylives of mundane propriety and they too, begin to see.  i learned, as time went by, from younger days, that in times of partying on many levels, going berserk as night wears on, leads way away from the everyday boring scenarios.  romance fills the air, wonder occurs, and ppl shed their skins so to speak, OR skins get thicker, depending on the ability to go berserk, or stay mundane.  its a doorway, a portal.  and usually, i can guide ppl into it and thru it, and they quit denying themselves.  even as simple as ceasing to deny themselves a simple good time.  makes ppl FEEL the night, the NOW. and i love to see them revel, dance, talk openly, remember, share, put 2 and 2 together.  i usually do that by stimulating conversation towards the stuff we talk about here, and doors open and they walk thru.  real good stuff.

the etheric can be tapped into EASILY when such souls get giddy, get loose, and say whats on their minds.  actually during such times, they get "off" the mind and start to feel more, and they drop their facades, and begin to get into a flow, simply celebrating.  with torches burning, conversations and memories flowing.  there ALWAYS is fire, music, fine fine times.  i am able to see far then, during nights/times such as these.  i used to go berserk all the time.  it was great fun.  a loosening of the veils took place.  pastlives would flash, answers would come.  puzzle pieces would add up.  equations would finalize and lead to new, grander ones time after time.  i discovered much.  could look deep into hearts, and minds for that matter, far memory would take place.  i knew who was who and what was what.  i looked forward to such ventures.  albeit, times as they are, there r fewer and fewer get-togethers.  i wanted specifically, on this night, to see how that new energy he has brought in, would blend.  play out.  there r remainders of an old original tribe of mine, still here, altho key players have moved to another state, but r still dear. 

i was anxious to see how new berserkers would mix with the original old ones.  i go specifically to stimulate, to bring forth, to accentuate and to energize it forward.  but it was not to be.  no one went berserk, no one even got close.  the vibe of the new was negative.  the tribes did not merge.  no one went berserk or even got close.  instead, a tribe of children danced the night away whilst the older ppl compared clothes, possessions, money, careers, cars, mundane things.  it was a crowd of status hungry comparers, many were from europe, russia, it coulda been delightful.  but there was an overall feeling of sexual hunger, from a beastly angle, which didnt fit,  as the band played Neil Young and Tom Petty songs.  coulda been good, but it wasnt.  the neighbors up a small incline from the big backyard called the cops, not once, but twice, and when i saw they were headed for a 3rd, we decided to leave.  and my S.O. was in one of the bands.   he had to pull up equipment, and load up more than half way thru.  i met one cool person who im thankful for meeting and we had a great talk.  the tide turned to others joining in, to talking about and worrying about martial law, and many had strong opinions about that.  and many feel prepared.  much talk of generators, weaponry, protecting home and family so there r real ppl who r worried and see what may be ahead.  these ppl wouldve been neat to know more, but they were separated from the major throng of ppl that came to do comparisons and get showy.  there was prob, as i suspected, alot of bizness going on.  real estate deals, making money and all that.  more of what fills daylife, no spirituality in that.

i had a bad vibe on it before i even got there.  way before, and even considered not going, but that wasnt right.  i had a babd bad feeling before i got near there.  when the cops kept coming, and even gave the homeowner/party host a major ticket, on the second show-up for disrupting the peace, more dark clouds came over, and more weird sexual vibes took place.  it all in all, pretty much sucked.  a fight almost broke out, as it will, under those conditions.  but as i looked up several times from where i was, i saw an almost full moon thru pine tree branches, laughed, thot of toads, and broomsticks, and gazed sadly then into the fire.  mumbling to self--"well well fellow NR'ers, nothing to see here, we will need to move along."  laughing, but disappointed.  we were very very lucky as it was that the policia didnt see the open firepit a blazin, much less the torches, or we all woulda been hauled in, ticketed, given a talking to, et al, by TPTB and whatever.  it was useless.  there was an air of control/KONTROL seeping thru the night.  and we were put on lockdown.  then fear spread, as its always gonna be a problem getting home if the predators surrounding the place are laying in wait.  thats how that went.  ppl wanted to leave, but couldnt at the moment, and i considered walking home by going out a back gate and up the hill, in high heels.  oh well.   this was a far far cry from going berserk by midnite. 

so there we have it.   we were all denied, a simple good time.  there were blurps of what could have been.  and now southern california is literally on fire.  my pool is full of tree branches, there is dirt, ash, leaves, debris all over, and the air is filled with acrid smoke smells.  were screwed here.  and lo and behold, cops r cruising the neighborhood up here and just stopped 2 workers the old man had coming to pick up crap and the helper of the other guy was taken to jail.  aint that grand.  sucks.  feel bad we called them today to get old metal scrap shit out of here so we can clean up.  that is bad.  im staying in for the next 2 days.  i even said that when i got home.  much better to just stay in, mind the own business (not do bizness) and lay low.  i fully understand stuie's lay low message.  i do get it.  will have to heed more of it.  i sense thats a good idea.  its gotten way way harder to go berserk and dance the night away, slurping along.  feeling the night skies.  note to self===stay home as you have been doing.  keep studying and know, what was WAS.  different times are upon us.  on me.  take heed.  and dont even try to go berserk anymore, unless ur 50 miles out.  out in the boonies.  i have another one of those coming up with the old tribe and even considered mating tribe with tribe.  but have decided against it, at the moment.  risk taking is getting harder and harder to do with good conscience.  ive known that, but still every now and again, like to try to pull it off.  how insane, over 50 some yrs old, and we get shutdown, for playing music, ticketed, and put to bed way before midnite.   its a sorry state of affairs.

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Re: Witches & Broomsticks

Doesn't sound like LA is any place for a soul like you zen. I remember my own berserker days very well, which is what makes it so hard to accept that the air has changed. If I was flat out wasted all those times, I wouldn't realize how good we had it. We had it good, and I knew it then. We had bonfires almost every night, beer up the wazoo, some of the usual foolishness, but also a lot of profoundly intimate conversation. The kind where you lock eyes with someone, watching the flicker of the  fire reflecting in their eyes, and just reveling in the freedom of it all. The cops would show up, and we would tell them to leave. No joke, we'd say "this is private property, and none of us called you.... get the F out of here!" This was '91 to about '95.

Try that now.

I had a feeling, a vision almost, from about age 15 that a door was closing, and we'd damn well better take advantage of what we had while we had it. I did. We did. I can never have any regrets about any of it.

But I was right. This chilling effect that has taken place over the last 15 or so years is what I had feared, and far more. For the younger generations, who may never be able to experience that kind of true, unadulterated freedom, I feel real sadness.

This is what a police state feels like. Those books that were required reading in highschool (1984, Fahrenheit 451) were so distant, so utterly irrelevant. I can't imagine these titles are required curriculum anymore, and we all know why.

It's not about keeping you from partying. It's about keeping you from even considering partying. Freedom of assembly was one of those things they told us that the evil USSR forbade. Then the Wall came down.

But a much more effective invisible wall went up, seemingly shortly thereafter.
Perestroika for them, manacles for everyone else now.
And no one seems to notice.
The police state wants everyone in their place. No room for randomness. No tolerance for impulse. And even in myself, trying so hard to resist, I feel the shadow descend. This is just below the surface, the
surreal and vague detection of something that slept peacefully for so long, coming out of hibernation.

The bible types are oh-so-quick to give their "Beast" renditions. And I'd better get crackin' and have all of Psalms memorized by tomorrow evening....

There's way more to it than that. If there wasn't, one of us would have stumbled on the answer by now.

But back to the partying, I don't anymore. And that's because almost all my good friends got f-cking married. And yes, have kids. Which somehow nowadays is akin to being chained to their property. I don't get it. When I was young, my parents did what they wanted. We raised ourselves, much more than we were raised.

And now, at almost 35 years of age, I have to beg.

Can D come out and play?

"No he's taking H to Scouts tonight"

What about after?

"After that he's picking up A from soccer"

OK, tomorrow?

"Wednesday is OUR night"


Are you FING kidding me? Married for 10+ years, and if they're not stuck RIGHT up each other's sphincter, they're "on the rocks"


Hey D, remember whan we used to hang out
by the lake and get real twisted?

"yeah those were the days!"

ToDAY is a day too, go ahead, give me your excuse......


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Re: Witches & Broomsticks

man ape,  i agree totally.  were in the days of darkness, and we have been.  u seem way more wise than 35 yrs.  i woulda never known ur that young.  i read that right, didnt i?  and know theres no way i just lost an entire post!!  but i did, happily comparing notes and tellin stories, when there that post went.  crap.  so this is nuthin compared to what i had and nooo it cant be real but i guess it is.  the whole point was to say that its a replay of participating in the DIONYSIAN mysteries.   when many of the players were the CIBYL.  ive seen it as SIBYL and with a C.  these celebrations, fests, orgies, went on for days, weeks.  (im pissed and piecing this together after i just typed a bunch of stuff and was on a major roll here, but again, thwarted and what the hell?!   but oh well).  the whole deal is to loose the fettered and watch / observe what comes up.  purposefully trying to get in touch with the ethers, not as heavy duty as ENT doc's and Aya's and Capitan's cool brazil trips with the brew, but akin, i'll tell ya that.  when i found out how the dionysians were driven out, they merely started back up in another area, and carried on.  when i started reading on the mysteries and events, way more stuff gelled up.  as ive said before, man oh man, old ways and habits do die hard.  sometimes when im goin along on these memory trips and having equations match up, a voice, a knowing says "here, this is explained here, now; do u see that?"  "watch and listen and observe."  "you have done this before, u were this before, do u see how that explains the events of today?  here is where the conflict is, or here is where its been cleared, or here was that relationship."  and so forth,  like the higher self proudly is showing the stuff it knows, helping one understand.   ur constantly going around going aha, oh my god, there that is.  was, is to be, was once.  its exhilerating.  i adore it, i live for it, to know.  once its begun, its tuning itself all the time, and much is uncovered.  and u go, oh man, i sorta had that figured, but needed details.  better connections.   and

just studied that the other day completely looking at something else that lead to it.  unreal.  and what was striking was that the orig ppl who lived across the street had pastlives in macedonia, and no shit, i recognized them.  the orig dionysians were greek and etruscan.  lots of it took place in macedonia.  i traced my mother to there.  daughter of a daughter.  orig tho, the bonfire parties and memories that started the ball rolling that lead to the exact pastlives, and the meeting of many souls in the here and now of modern times, happened from moving out to the sticks of so cal, from the city, and meeting some great ppl.  the whole life changed when i got out in the boons.  brought alot of questions with tho, but it pieced together over time, and once it started it got better and better.  then the net started to flow and the rest is amazing, the reading done and the discoveries and the amazement at all of it.  so many unreal connections were made and some unbelieveable friendships rekindled.  those ppl really GOT it and partied for every occasion under the sun.  habits of the now blended with old memories and explained things.  it was from piecing things together with them and their cronies that the scenes of wonder and the past came alive.  at bonfires, and at parties wherein we all were on a vibe, just like when we REALLY WERE, before.  it was great.  so i still look for clues, and re-live what once was.  i love the past as its so more pleasant than many things currently under way.  yes, we are in a police state, have been.  its bad, way bad, and ppl despise TPTB, if they only knew.  but i guess is they do, but dont care.  its all been upon us many many yrs.  i live in the sticks of so cal but it still aint as far out as it could be, or should be,  but since its hard to make a living doing bonfire ecstasy moves all day, (not like it used to be!!!)  theres no sense in living way way out to do that mainly, and be off the grid, when just doing that awhile will not lead these days to much.  too much lockdown already.  altho it would be quite the fun.  i bet.  finding other dionysian-types would be a trip but we'd be driven out  there too, eventually.  but the old crowd, the old tribe i found here, would love every second of it.  sometimes i think fate and putting a stop to it by them, themselves, took place simultaneously to make it cease, since it was so wonderfully good.  and all those great things end sooner or later, or kill ya.

i cant find the orig source i found on the CIBYL.  but it explained alot.  as much has.  will see if i stumble back on it later, and dont wanna lose this post.  its a pleasure talking about the wonders of life.  we hold the vibe no matter what.  we still light up the night skies, by intent alone. 

and yes, the friends that r married and stick in the muds, that can never seem to come out and play.  that is a travesty.  and ive seen it.  it seems many ppl mate with ppl that dont even have the same goals, interests and all that.  i cant hang with ppl like that and they dont seem to party.  only the ones who find a reason to be there, and will enjoy it come together.  the other couples or singles who cant hang dont show and theyd be making a mistake coming anyway.  for some reason, ive been lucky enuf to only know ppl that like to do the same mutual things and they seem to compliment each other while out and about.  no dealings with lone other halves.  cant and wont do it.  conflict in that and it can usurp the purpose.   

and the other day i ran across this and thot--well, hmm, "relationships can mainly be about initiations"  "relationships are torsion fields" and i went hmmm.  theres alot to be said on that.  wow.  i also read at about that time that equinoxes are female, and that solstices are male.  and again, i went, ohl, i see that now, better.  and how powers are used as SUCH at/during those times, for certain outcomes.  lovely.  more mysteries unveil.  u can clearly see how i cant live a mundane life in my own head with all this great info, and how hard it is sometimes to lay low and muddle on.  ive had to tame myself way down thru the yrs.  thank god i like "boring" now on most days.  about the only time i get to communicate with souls in the know is on here.  the rest of the time im entertaining myself.  thankful for that and ole NR all the same.

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Re: Witches & Broomsticks

I've lost a few long posts myself to the electron demons. Very frustrating I know!

Forgot to add.... I hope the fires stay far clear of you there. I read up on the situation, wow things are out of control bad it looks like.

Funny how fire would come up though, in a thread about witches...

I was thinking, were these women persecuted more for their supposed 'beliefs' or because they were the nonconformists of the age?

Sounds to me like many of them just wanted a break from their own matrix. I'm sure they weren't all well meaning, but that can be said about people in all walks. I wouldn't imagine 4D manipulation discriminates very much between the second millenium, or the second millenium BC. Mortals are all prey until they recognize their position in the food chain, it seems. 

And yes, 34 goin' on 35.  The older I get, the more I see age don't mean shit. My definition of wisdom is banging your head hard enough, enough times, to realize... it hurts.
Wise is not a word I would use in my "profile". I do appreciate that someone else thinks so, but I could live to be 1000 (no, please I don't want that) and still not understand what it means.

Some of these witches surely were much more befitted by that word. And some paid or it dearly. And not to minimize their sacrifice, I can draw many parallels to what is going on in our time. People have this notion that, historically speaking, some tales are to be put on a pedestal. You know "look at what they went through, we could never have it that bad". I can rattle off 100 things they never had to deal with. But this isn't a case of who is 'worse off'. We deal with subtle forms of persecution, mostly, but I know there are many on this forum who've had far more invasive things I can't imagine happen.

We'z just trying to put it all together, make some sense of it all, yeah?


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Re: Witches & Broomsticks

Zenden--god I love you!  You carry so many powerful energies and it is a
blessing for us to be able to feel your passion here.
"Let me stand next to your FIRE!" (as Hendrix would say!)

ape-x--most people don't grok on the fact that the early Wise Women or
"witches" as the normal sheeple called them, were in fact healers and
women who had learned the art of herbs and medicines which made them
sought out.  Many became confidantes of the locals and became storehouses
of all kinds of gossip and inside information.  This plus the fact that ANY
power attained by women was considered a threat by the patriarchal
powers that be.  If these women inherited land, then in order to
steal their land and properties from them, MEN would conjure up all manner
of wrongdoing and "unchristian" deeds to charge them with in order to
burn them (and their dangerous knowledge of the underbelly of society's
evils) at the stake and declare the village/town purified of evil.

Evil 'purifying' good is what it was.

Zenden--I hope you have an escape plan if the fires come too close to
you.  I saw on the news how one family grabbed all their precious things,
family pictures, etc. threw them in suitcases and threw them in the car
in order to make a quick getaway.  It wouldn't hurt to inventory your
stuff ahead of time to see what you REALLY want to save in the event
of necessity.  You MUST preserve yourself. 

Tom Paine

Re: Witches & Broomsticks

its ok so far.  i know pamelajean is out here as is Kahnsentrayshun in upland.  the rest of the burning is around about 25 miles to the south and only about 10 to the east in ontario.  but i know PJ in san bernadino has it close.  this, unfortunately, happens alot.  ole Kali, the goddess is on fire for sure and shes hotter than hell, and id guess, pretty pissed.  she rises up quite a few times per year.  shes knows way way too many ppl are up her ass, and id venture to say shes sick of it.  sometimes i feel shes trying to shake off people--get rid of hoards, somehow, since she is in many ways overrun.  i feel a real affinity for her. and oh man, shes drier than a bone.  ppl dont realize ole cali/Kali really is a desert.  not as obvious as AZ type deserts, but san bernadino county is really the gateway to the real desert that does run thru AZ, Nevada, and so forth.  it was so hot here last summer, all that was clear to any doubter, yet we all know how weirdo dierdo the weather is and patterns have changed so much.  we have real seasons here just like in the midwest, and i came here to get away from that.  i thot ole cali was tropical sorta and how wrong i was.  i do have a faked out contingency plan TP--bless u babe--and am really glad i cleaned out that old office and upgraded.  now id just throw the whole one file cabinet, some drawers of shit and take the whole computer tower with me.  and thats about it.  i have a difft insurance agent now and that worries me alot.  but i can tell ya--id go to a frickin motel and charge up the cards way way ever before id ever go to a public shelter.  kill me first rather than that.  talk about snarky.  id be arrested there in about 15 minutes.  signing in, filling out papers--for what?  no way.  it'd be an escape out of the area and way away til all the shit cleared.  i often think what id do on evacuation.  hide or really go?  play along? or?  always hike in a back way and walk thru crap to get home.  ive seen them arrest ppl here before that walked home thru a closed canyon when they closed the roads.  id do it and always have about 3-4 backways in.  its happened here before in the hood in 1991. it can happen again here easily anytime so i better shut up about it and not draw it forth.

i thought so too, ape.  fires and witches and portals all seemed to open that saturday night.  went to bed woke thru tearly AM to see we were on fire starting in malibu.  that was weird just like u said, a synchy coincidence.  that night seemed to be a bad one no doubt and something wasnt right, thats for sure.  there is an unidentified yet on my part, crumby vibe about.  not sure how to label it but isnt pleasant.  it seems as the seasons shift, those weeks of turning the corner from season to season seem to be wrought with high strangeness.  indeed, thats the times of the most hospital admissions, especially admits to psych.  and the ER's run rampant, as they do on full moons.

yesirree  my TP.  i loved what u wrote--exactly IT to a T. the witches were real healers and confidantes and thats the whole story.  wise old ones that had no evil agenda and were responsible, they thot/felt, for the tribe.  they healed, midwived, mated ppl to ppl, (matchmakers), helped with justice, decision making, foretelling.  devoted themselves to the ppl, gathering their herbs, potions, recipes.  thats why allopathic medicine hated their guts.  helped to burn many, stake many, rid of many thru centuries.  since the boys like to charge a wad for their deeds, and keep u coming back.   band aide after bandaide.  missing the real healing too often.  drove the female healers out, esp the midwives and the herbalists.  lots of bad shit in the 1600-early 1900's. not even mentioning the burning times.   healing isnt something u can go into strictly for the money and the power.  i think thats so evil and so abhorrent.  it has to be the old way or not at all.  thats the stand i take now, after many realizations.  the rest of it is a service exchange.  it all went commercial, en masse and woe to the old players, ill even call them as they really do in the medical bizness--hahaha--stakeholders.  aint that a hot one???!!!   hehehehe.  god, that was good.  if the wind would die down and wed get out of these santa ana's wed be better off.  this happens every yr, sometimes at least twice.  but the power's still on and on the net as the daily grind begins again.  tuesday on earth.

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