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Just reading Tim's comments at … 111#p58111 just gave me an idea.

I'm guessing there's more than a few Noble Realms members with a whole lot of useful skills and perhaps there are also people here that could use those skills (or knows someone that does).

We spend almost all our time here discussing metaphysical subjects, but I have little idea about what anyone does and if they could be of help to me in other ways (Or I be of help to them).

There's a holistic networking event that happens once a year, here in the UK, where you usually write on a card what you need (if anything), and more importantly - how you can be of service.

So if people are interested, I'd like to start a similar thing in this thread. I'll go first.

How I can be of service:

I know quite a bit about creating and promoting websites and I'm happy to give free consultations (time permitting) to any Noble Realms member who needs advice on the following things:

- web design
- internet marketing
- Content management solutions
- Blogging
- Web 2.0 and social networking
- Search Engine Optimisation (ie. how to achieve higher search engine rankings)
- General business marketing

Also, even though I'm not a holistic therapist myself, I know a great deal about how therapists can improve their marketing, so I can also advice on that. If you're a therapist and need more clients, I can probably help you a bit.

Finally, I might also be able to find work for other people in areas relating to web and graphic design (Perhaps we should start a Noble Realms design agency or something!).

How you can help me:

I'm quite busy right now so I'm not really looking for any extra paid work at the moment, although that could change in the future. If I was looking for work then it would be internet related, particularly consulting.

Probably the most useful thing that anyone could do to help me right now would be to help me promote my main website Holistic Local ( If you or anyone you know is in a good position to promote HL to people that are either therapists, or just interested in Holistic and spiritual living then I would love to speak to you.


So there you go. If you're intersted in taking part then just list what you can offer (whether for love or for money -  it doesn't matter) and what skills you're looking for (if anything).

And please remember that no skill is too insignificant. What you know could be exactly what someone else here could use help with.



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Sounds like ahelluvanidea, Aya. 

I've been away for a few days so I have some other things to do first but I'd like to get back to you about this.  I'll have to give some thought as to what skills/services I could offer in return. 

Catch up with you later!

Re: Noble Realms Business & Knowledge Network

What I like to do is PhotoShop stuff smile

My last stuff
Grass cutter abducted (Joke to a friend)

Cat to “cartoon” (This type os treatment is good to enlarge/print and hang in the wall)

Heave makeup (A bit artificial, but the skin is OK)
After … tfxpq2.jpg

Before … duzida.jpg

I an not a designer but could create this DVD insert for Morningsun76
(The front picture and the back Sovereign Earth is not mine) … 800ii6.jpg

What I can help, need a photo manipulation?
What you can help me, need a photo manipulation?

Bye, Pictus


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Re: Noble Realms Business & Knowledge Network

Hi all,

The producer / director of is looking for a volunteer web person to help make a few minor updates to the site for him.  He doesn't have much money to pay for professional service, and is hoping to find someone interested in UFO and related subjects that's willing to help with a small number of changes.   If you or someone you know can be of assistance, please write to Dave catbook <at>