Re: Does anyone recognize this symbol?

Very interresting stuff...

Also this looks related:
The Sacred Symbols of Mu - by James Churchward
The other serpent was covered with feathers instead of scales. This also originated in the
Motherland and was there called Quetzacoatl. It is still to be found in the impenetrable jungles
and swamps of Yucatan and Central America, but extremely rare. During all of my explorations I
have only seen one, and I never want to see another. It is the most venomous serpent ever
known on earth. Its location was apparently along the northern half of the Motherland. One tribe
who made Quetzacoatl their symbol for the Creator, like the Nagas took their name from it, being
known as--the Quetzals. The Quetzacoatl varied in design among these people.

Throughout the world have been found glyphs which archaeologists have called Swastikas. I refer
to a glyph which is formed by crossing the hieratic letters N which are crossed thus
This is not a Swastika but the diphthong Sh in the Motherland's alphabet. Where the ends of a
cross are curved, it is not a Swastika. The arms of a Swastika must be bent over at perfect right
angles to form a perfect two-sided square, the symbol for "Builder."

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Re: Does anyone recognize this symbol?

found that symbol in a diagram format, the one on page 1 of this thread with the 4 interlooping corners that montalk had posted in #6 of this thread.  looks like sperm and snakes.  go here: … &gbv=2

first 4 second row.  very interesting.  will have to find that other one i ran across the same day.  it was really spooky seeing both the same day.  those 4 interlooped corners, the diagram mode of it.  what's it mean?  cool.  will find the other which had a neat description to it.  would like that in a big blown up pic.  how to do that, maybe even make a poster type thing of it for framing.  the snake is my symbol, and all that it means.  year of the snake.  the sperm are all over in that.  swimmers.  this one may not be ancient at all, but attention-getting nontheless.

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Re: Does anyone recognize this symbol?

I came across the following site today and it immediately brought to mind this thread, for some reason. Well, they have similar symbols listed to the one you posted, but not exactly, so I'm not quite sure why I felt a strong connection to this thread. I'm sharing the link in case it has value somehow. Here's the link:

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