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Topic: Sumerian religion/reptilians

Hi everyone.  About eight years ago, I read up a lot on Sumerian religion - namely, The Lesser Key of Solomon, among other more dry, historical things.  Anyway, while it was fascinating, I found it  hard to know what to take as history,  and what to take as interpretation.  Anyways, lately I have been reading a lot about conspiracies, lizard people, etc, and was wondering:  has anybody noticed any similarities between reptilians and malevolent sumerian dieties?  They strike me as having similar characteristics, and I'm probably imagining it, but I kindsay feel that the two are related...But like I said, my understanding of both is iffy, at best.  I'd like to know what others think.


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I've seen some images in my researches and even in college classes, and I really get a chill when I see them. They only serve
to confirm, if not a literally shape shifting reptilian culture,  a mental one, a cultural and a spiritual, if you will, reptilian "agenda."
Mostly it remains hidden, but it surfaces at certain times. Certainly what we have now is descended from those early cultures.
Most people who know of these cultures chock it up to a thing of the past, however we've plenty of evidence that supernatural
symbolism and programming based on this reptilian content, along with horrible actions and evils, are practiced today, and, in
fact, are much worse than any negative reptilian aspects were back then. This is my opinion.

There are many areas that are nuetral or even good with regards to the serpent and it's spirtual connotations for me, but
in these darker connotations and practices, I fear we have a society of violence and hate that is the direct result of it.

So I think there's a connection, many clues, there. I've run into a reptilian overlay myself, and it had some of the strange, remote and aloof darkness and opacity that of some of the reptilians I've seen in art.  Anyway, this stuff has been around
for a long, long, time...and I guess it doesn't want to leave.

That's some of what I think. So I think you are "on to something" big time.

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The Sumerians were the first recorded culture to have written language, libraries, musical instruments, irrigation domesticated animals and plants, and the list goes on and on.  They also are said by historians to have appeared "suddenly."  The story of creation as recorded in Genesis is taken from the Sumerians.

There is no doubt in my mind that the Sumerian culture (as all more recent cultures) are alien/human hybrids.  There is absolutely no scientific evidence that explains the sudden evolution of all of these characteristics of civilization.

Think about this: Since modern man has virtually no hair when compared with all other hominids and roughly 1/3 the body strength of gorillas, apes, chimps etc.....how could natural selection account for this?  Why would natural selection cause ancient man to mutate or evolve into a hairless creature that needed clothing? 

Why would we lose 1/3 of our body strength if we were hunting, gathering, planting tilling and building great structures with no technology other than our physical strength?

How did a cave man decide one day that if took completely indigestible grasses and replanted only the most tender seed and also taught his ancestors to do this for hundreds or thousands of generations that we would end up with wheat?  They forgot to mention genetic engineering by the cave men in the Gieco commercials.

How did we (they) turn wolves into poodles?

Evolution explains none of this.  Alien intervention does.

The Sumerians are fascinating.  They are, no doubt the first hybrids that are taught about in the universities today.

So to answer the first question on this thread: “has anybody noticed any similarities between reptilians and malevolent sumerian dieties?  They strike me as having similar characteristics, and I'm probably imagining it, but I kindsay feel that the two are related...”

Maybe related in another sense of the word that you hadn’t considered?




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There's a lot of evidence of pre-Sumerian civilizations that existed during the last ice age in what were then fertile river valleys near coastlines and were flooded by suddenly rising sea levels when the glaciers melted. Just a thought; the survivors would have been in desperate trouble and if some ETs showed up and offered their "help" humans would have thought of them as gods. The bible's flood story does come from a Sumerian legend.

We're all butterflies flapping our wings and changing the world.

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Re: Sumerian religion/reptilians

Wow these are all great insights.  The 1/3 body strength is an interesting point, which I had never thought of.  I went to a catholic school and we were taught that Darwin's theory was just a theory (implying creation as equally valid).  Since then I have totally embraced Darwin's theory as a kind of rebellion, but it doesn't explain the points you just raised, Winston.

Then again, I am kind of new to all of this, feel like I'm thinking and questioning for the first time.  Glad I found this site.

Back to the sumerian thing, I noticed that the two types of gods were either malevolent or neutral.  Not benevolent.  I find that interesting.


Re: Sumerian religion/reptilians

You may find this video interesting:

Part 1


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http://youtube.com/watch?v=6oLu_ePd2TQ& … mp;search=

I feel that some of this is over the top and I don't agree with everything presented but I think you'll find most of it quite interesting....