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Restoring Balanced Magnetics
Rounding Off Electrical Fractured Magnetics

according to one ascension source--electrical sources are angular=not good (just like thoth said in the emerald tablets, that dark matter/spirits hide in dark angles, and this is proving out and is illustrated now more than ever.  he warns against angles and the theosophists encourage angles, figures...)

from the SSOA and the gibbon guy source  "The angular electrical energies are considered quite harmful for just about everything on Earth. To give you an idea: it rips apart subtle bodies, etheric bodies and it leads to disease and a short life span. The collective falls of consciousness in our history are often directly related to the fracturing of magnetic DNA into various degrees of fractured magnetic DNA.

Whereas balanced magnetic DNA has the opportunity to tune into associated 'magnetic' thoughts, fractured magnetics are likely to tune into distorted thoughts. Or to put it in other terms: fractured DNA is more likely to tune in and reproduce distortion and harmful thoughts, whereas balanced DNA is inclined to tune into more harmless thoughts.

If we were to get an idea of the possible restoration of the original magnetic DNA, we need to visualize the transformation process from 'angular and harmful electrical' to 'round harmless magnetic'. Ken introduced the so-called 'polyhedrons' to visualize this process. When you increase the number of nodes to make a figure in which the nodes are evenly spaced, you get more complex and rounder shapes.

  * The process of magnetizing one's electrical energies by 'rounding them off'.
  * The process of accessing information which is needed to actually change biological features. "

apparently, going electrical has fractured about everything, not sure how, other than esoterically and etherically.   and magenetics is what is need for correction.  and for the body to biologically reach/attain ascension.  im not sure how, so i will get into that further, in order for us to get/be more specific for application.  i will say however, that im not at all thrilled anymore with anything i read about metatron, supposedly the "magnetic master" of earth grids/and the like, in this sector of the universe.  i read this am that he is actually the angel of death in some circles, and controls by metatron's cube, which not only is correlated with the tree of life, but with THE MATRIX and its control system.  now, that would also figure in and it doesnt sound good.  if he/it is controlling (as an archangel apparently--big time with the hebrews, and was said to have assisted moses in leading them out of the desert, hhmmm) death, then one could assume he may be the one controlling the path to reincarnation--vis a vis the mahatma, and no wonder nobody can get out of that cycle.  dont like the sound of that anymore. 

not clear on this magnetic thing but will see what can be brought out into the open.  now that the cover has been blown for the whole deal and as druid said the other day, and as we know, everything is coming to LIGHT, and the shit is being exposed all over, all the time, just as i read would happen in 1994.

“I intend to ascend.  I intend a complete, authentic, magnetic, sovereign, biological ascension.”

16) Magnetic Resonance
Advanced frequency of remembrance to readjust and realign matter and energy in multidimensional zones. Balances the relationship of positive, negative and null zone forces. Enhances the process of manifesting thought into matter, and physical manifestation into form. Accelerate planetary healing, integrates polarities, return to the Null Zone, Dimensional Harmony and Acceleration, are re-stabilized by this frequency. Souls who remember this technology experience the highest potential of this frequency.  look at

there seems to be alot on it, but mostly, it is very contradictory.  several sites talk about it, but in direct and indirect contradiction.

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Re: Magnetics and Ascension

then i found this, and it goes into it a little better, sorta

"Ah, The Magician First Look"  now this is cool...from

A Magician is defined as Precision in Alignment when doorways open on land unseen and yet created by self. Team magicians utilize energy in a way that individual alignment does not cross its bound-Aries. A human body must be able to advance in physical form with Alchemistry and allow the shifts to enter without stopping them. Humans on the way towards shape shifting attempt to analyze every step of the process. It is when the body carries out service without analytical enterprise that they begin to truthfully escalate in frequency. After the fact is a great sighting, and part of education. When one is in the Grid and in Alignment, shifts happen automatically.

There are three big projects coming in with Magicians. They are aligning with star systems, furthering the ground components of the grid, and flowing in the sacred Peaceful space of light matter. This will set Business into plain view and clear motion. You will be charged with portraying the master at all times while walking the land.

One of the Greatest Gifts a Magician has is the capability to draw EVERYTHING it needs to know to itself, therefore never having to look outside its own parameters. This is the Black behind the White."

now thats magnetic and lookin good, the ability to DRAW /ATTRACT the stuff needed right to ya.  to me, thats the true essence of this.

i find it amazing that stuff that looked good, before, doesnt, and that other stuff is finally sounding and looking way better.  metatron stuff now looks way more sinister these days. yet, stuff not so well understood back about 10 yrs or so, finally fits, and seems to be right on target.  as we have gotten so much more clued in.  we just cant be fooled or drawn in as easily now. and this study is so massive, one really has to develop their own conclusions, from all this info, its so cross-referenced.  in some articles, the first part resonates beautifully, and then in the middle, it begins to off-shoot into an agenda, and oops. yet i hate to throw the whole thing out. my god, the contradiction, in the same body of work.  its so iffy to get a whole massive lead, even if thats possible, given the context of the material. 

what really kills me, and i know others see this, is that the very thing that all this research, the culmination of it, and the process of it itself, in being able to discern and analyze, must be credited, to hanging out on THIS FORUM, on good ole NR!!!  it has become the very apex or endpoint of itself, which has made results occur, i think emotively and biologically.  using NR/montalk's, and other member's terrific discernment applications, and by critiquing and analyzing the content and context, one could say they have, as a result, heightened senses,  that can tune in, and out, concepts and constructs that do not advance.  very quickly now, way more accurately than say, even 6 or 8 months ago.  i feel the biology, neuropathways way more attuned, and aligned, so much more mastery. stuff just keeps a changin YO ASS!!  (oh man SiriArc!)--im on a roll again, and i have to say, i credit it to presence here on NR. to the sage sharing here, to the application of the data.  the DNA has already  mutated, and keeps doin it, i can tell day by day.  while doing the reading on here, and trying to paste together (literally) the info, as we do the thinking and researching, i see, once again, that montalk's and family's methods, applications, dedication to the seeking, the linking we do with each other everyday, has created/developed the very end product as stated above.  a difft biology.  it is automatic now. a new and way better, UPGRADED understanding, that has so much strengthened alignment. wow.  i need a good ole commercial smoke now, and a beer.

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Re: Magnetics and Ascension

Zenden dear,
I've read some of the gibbon guy and I think he's sort of dancing around what WIH had to
say about the danger of the Theocrats.  They don't just drain "some" of your vital life force,
they drain it ALL.
Also, this PHYSICAL ASCENDANCY idea doesn't resonate with me.  I don't think we can
take the HARDWARE (i.e. these worn out physical bodies with all their toxins, etc.) with us
to the next plane.  I'm all for building a NEW astral/higher vibrating body in another level
of existence or dimension, but I just can't see taking this beat up 1956 Ford Crown Victoria
(with a police interceptor engine) to the next City in the Sky. 

Or maybe I've misunderstood the ascendancy thing.  Please enlighten me!
Love and xxes
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Thank you for not saying AWESOME.

Re: Magnetics and Ascension

TP babe--theyve been sayin this take the body with ya thing this time for about the last 10 or so? years and i got it figured like this...since its a christ-like "kristos" LIGHT dealie, this biological ascension thing, u end up taking COMPONENTS with ya, as in the realm we go to, does not reguire the 'death' of it.  we get to shift/arrive on a whole nuther realm, 5d some say, skipping right thru/over 4th, so that one more or less--arrives intact.  no need for decay.  no need for that 3 day wake thing, no need for a "physical death" so to speak, as there is no lower realm anymore to be buried in, or to or that exists anymore.  the whole concept of earth death GOES.  and since its so ascending/asensionistic, u get to have the true essence of self. the way u wanna be or imagine urself to be, at ur highest apex point of self, so that in REALITY, the new reality then, everybody who has shiftd looks like theyre 33 .  u know what i mean?  like when ppl die, ppl see them when theyre 33 or theyre portrayed in their youth and from alot of other side material, everybody looks good, all lit up, all in good health, no pimples and fat rolls, and broken legs, and dropped bladders and all that.

no more gravity held lower world anymore, as the WHOLE THING RAISES/rises.

u r the potential of urself at its finest, purest, crystalline.  the deal is, that all the myths on / of the other side come TRUE in this, as they MERGE.  so im not takin this heap a flesh with me either, r  u kiddin!?  i hear u very well, my good friend.  couldnt agree more.  we get to "go" with what a mental image of what we WANT in thot, and in MATTER with us this time, it wipes out death as it used to be.  thats why all the focus on making mental thots so pure or at least way way improved now, as practice, because we will generate matter by thot.  so u want an orange, think of it and there it is.  see?  ive actually been wanting to say this a long time.  no one envisions say JC as an example, on the other side all tore up and bleeding to death and with flesh all hanging off him, after they beat the shit outta him before they hung him, he appears all nice and tidy and sharp. at 33 in all the tales.  so it finally comes true.  the other side merges and voila.  there is no more stinky earth fat and all that, but a new crystalline s (just go with a new holographic yet new BIOLOGICAL structure), a metamorphed one, that is birthed from us. a new structure of repair.  no need for the OLD anything anymore.  that belonged in 3d.  the new cant even hold that anymore.  everything is upgraded.

and i tend to agree with ya, of course, on gibbon.  lots of dancing around.  did u see he was pointed to WIH by a female colleague and also participated i guess, on casschat and talks lately of how he is trying to merge both those sources of material.  thats very interesting.   i was thinking, by analyzing his dancing, maybe we can come up with more definitives.

i want u to know im takin my little dog (whose name is "CHI") with me.  i hope this helps, as im doin it fast and i wanted to get back to ya pronto.

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Re: Magnetics and Ascension

and another thing, thats why its so hard to do all this visualizing of how we "want"things to be.  we have no idea, as we conjure up stuff, thats still coming from a an old, yet changing DNA mind, from in 3d.  see that?  thats why i had a hard time on sat nite doing our timeline jump trajectory thing deal.  here i am envisioning something thast i had thot of on the way to work the other day.  im driving on a country type road next to cars with pods and sheeple in em, and im visually practicing what it would be like to be riding the finest horses in the water, diving and swimming in above and under water on  a gorgeous stallion, naked with long hair flowing, in warm green turguoise water in a setting like in/on lake como in italy, on another planet or this one, all upgraded with only fellow arcchetypes with me nearby, doing similar or whatever, partying with might experimenting with a new physicality of beast and man.  the water's warm, inviting, my horse is stoked.  im gonna go play in a palace later with pillars and study in the lost libraries of alexandria with friends that night in firelight.  im looking straight ahead and i just know those humans driving alongside me are thinking their own thots, but i betcha not like the ones i have.  and then again, maybe theyre dreamin too, of what they want, how they want things to be.  thats a huge challenge.  thats why it so difficult i think to do a group think thing.  then i also think, i wanna be (secretly) a god/goddess myself, i know i used to be one, and then i go uh oh, ur feeding right into theocracy.  ooops. anyway u look at it, perceive it, there is no need anymore to stay in dirty dumb 3d.  unless in warrior mode and were still fighting battles for an endpoint, and then i realize, again, i have strong war DNA in me, and maybe im doomed.  jus like that mila says, from heredity that was stuck in war all the time, and ive inherited that.  i know one thing tho, if im stuck here and dont ascend with the first wave or whatever it is, i will stay and fight, and we better have that darned electricity going so we can communicate or some good dependable telepathy by then, that generate some bitchin results, as im gonna find my NR ppl, and try to rally forth.  just like u said ud stay and fight, im gonna find u, altho we will have our hands full for sure in our local areas. i even have a crew of ppl that already have assignements for the endtimes, we have a plan, and we talk of it every now and then, just to prepare.  and then i think oops again, YCYOR, so im screwed if i continue that.  oh well.

ps--thats why jc told mm not to TOUCH him when he appeared in that ascended form.  see?  ive been thinking that awhile now, so when i read talk dont but dont touch in WIH, i went OH MY GOD. and i made the connection.  it would draw ?magnetically an old world 3d thing to u that would screw up progress.  wow, so many clues yet who the hell knows?  wow again.

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Re: Magnetics and Ascension

Woman you are overflowing and gushing with all this wow stuff!  Hah!
What you're talking about seems to be what the C's called the Wave which gives us
a chance to go to 4D which is something like What Dreams May Come with Robin Williams,
versus being left here in 3D to live in caves and breathe comet dust and do all that godawful
survival bullshit and go through another freaking AEON of climbing out of the muck.
I'd rather live in a body like those Atlanteans in Coccoon or something like that.  Dress your
spirit in whatever garb suits your vibe...yeah, that's it!
As to the warrior DNA and the survival mode, it's good to have a Plan B, though, isn't it?
Not that you'll attract that life path again, after all , you and I have been there, done that, eh?
Got the T-shirt, battle scars, etc., why bother with it all again when we can go to a higher
level and see that it's just the loosh lushes stirring up hate and retribution so they can lap it
up.  Might stick around to teach THEM a lesson or two...Nope, there I go again!  It's so easy to

Re: Magnetics and Ascension

I see the SSOA has caught on as a programming function here
Also at a very late stage in the game
I advise more caution and more thought-feeling
They will tell that electrical sacred geometry is the root of the matter but this is not strictly so
Alot of these ascension schools are fabricating what amounts to different types of consensus realities, and the thing is they are polarized. Some of this information should be-have been a stepping stone but its getting crystaallized and is not moving, fluid, living, light.....
The ones that move in angles are at both polarities, not just the dark side, and humans are essentially fallen Angels. Also, there is and has been purpose to the fall into matter.
The SSOA is not what it appears to be and also is quite seductive. Be careful of complexities.
Getting back on track with spirit is never complex, but always simple.
It does not require gurus and or techniques.
DNA is a matter of physicality, not Spirit.
Spirit only uses DNA when it comes into physical expression as we have it here.


Re: Magnetics and Ascension

StarCat and Zenbaby---would either of you please tell me what the SSOA stands for?
Some people are talking about ascension but I haven't bothered to read up on it.
Thanks in advance!

Re: Magnetics and Ascension

SSOA is Spiritual School of Ascension based in Hawaii and headed up by a Female channel who calls herself Mila with a male behind her. The material is seductive but not balanced. It pretends absolute truth , but it is fact far from it. Contact me by e-mail if you are inclined and I can give you some additional insights about the charade.


Re: Magnetics and Ascension

I know of a sage man still walking Earth at this time who refers to coming into materialization as the breaking of spirit. Everything that comes here to experience is a form of broken spirit. Thats the price for this type of experience, the breaking of spirit. Again, we would not be able to have the type of experience we have had here without the materializing influence [The Luciferic Force.]
This ascension cult, if you will, is a separative not a unifying one which can easily be seen by reading their volumes. So, in summary...the GodForce does not exclude in the finality of this experiment we have all been a part of. It includes. The move of the spiritual warrior is one of inclusiveness not division, although this is not what it seems because he-she knows there is another world that does not run by the status quo archetypal directorate that has been our current dispensation. This is a realm of non-predatory energy I speak of.
While I am speaking about paradoxes, there is a certain manner of judgement, guilt, and the need
to punish that runs as an undercurrent in some of this new age material. Its there quite plainly, but I'm not going to quote phrases for those not wanting to see the truth of the matter.
Whenever I see a prescription and a hierarchy, I walk the other way.
The Eagle changes his nature and does not disappear.

IN fortitude


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Re: Magnetics and Ascension

StarCat thanks for the explanation.  I've never been attracted to these kinds of things and
have always been leery of them since Jim Jones' People's Temple Kool Aid Party and
Heaven's Gate who all committed suicide to catch a ride with the comet.  And let's not forget
Bo and Peep, that group that was going to meet with the Space Brothers to ascend in the
space ships (to become cattle to feed the aliens, no doubt). 

What seems tragic to me is that these groups attract many people who are pure in heart
but lacking in discernment.

"...It speaks:  I am the greatest of the deceivers, for my purity and innocence shall seduce
the pure and innocent, who but for me should come to the centre of the wheel.  The Wolf
betrayeth only the greedy and treacherous; the Raven betrayeth only the melancholy and
the dishonest.  But I am he of whom it is written:  He shall deceive the very elect.

"...For in the beginning the Father of All called for lying spirits that they might sift the creatures
of the earth in three sieves, according to the three impure souls.  And he chose the Wolf for
the lust of the flesh, and the Raven for the lust of the mind; but me did he choose above all
to simulate the pure prompting of the soul.  Them that are fallen a prey to the Wolf and the
Raven I have not scathed; but them that have rejected me I have given over to the wrath
of the Raven and the Wolf.  And the jaws of one have torn them, and the beak of the other
has devoured the corpse.  Therefore is my flag white, because I have left nothing upon the
earth alive.  I have feasted myself on the blood of the Saints, but I am not suspected of men
to be their enemy, for my fleece is white and warm, and my teeth are not the teeth of one
that teareth flesh; and mine eyes are mild, and they know me not the Chief of the Lying

----Aleister Crowley, The Vision and the Voice (4th Aethyr)

Re: Magnetics and Ascension

Tom Paine wrote:

StarCat thanks for the explanation.  I've never been attracted to these kinds of things and
have always been leery of them since Jim Jones' People's Temple Kool Aid Party....

Well, that's what the mainstream media reported. Apparently the members of Jim Jones' cult were a CIA mind control experiment gone awry.  They were all offed to cover somebody else's butt.

I conspiracy theory.  But in this world, you just never know.  Lot of craziness going on, and nothing is what it seems to be.  You can't take any official report about any situation at face value.  So, just because the media said that it was a koolaid party doesn't mean it really was.   

Anyway, just off topic food for thought.

"Life's journey is not to arrive at the grave safely in a well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, totally worn out, shouting "Holy shit ... what a ride!"  - Anonymous
"I get by with a little help from my (higher density) friends."

Re: Magnetics and Ascension

Thanks lyra, I had heard that all the members were killed by a Delta Squad and all dragged
around to the front of the big tent where the needles and the kool aid were planted to make
it look like a mass suicide.  Funny a lot of the bodies had bullet holes in them.  The investigative
reporter Mark Lane was taken into a room and was told what story to print and tell OR ELSE.
Anyway, I brought it up as an example of a "Christian" Cult.  But again, that was the media
spin on it, as you pointed out.

Re: Magnetics and Ascension

yes starcat, we see that, and i do agree with ur very astute observation that theres a theme encouraging punishment and retribution, with the strong theme to punish and get revenge promoted by some of these newage sites.  yes, i do see that and that is very true.  i figure it must be something like an alignment with the forces behind the material, behind the channeling. some off-worldly faction or other? insisting on factioning-off again, and keeping the pot stirred.  therefore, as TP so adeptly said above, it just keeps the looshfarming going, and been there, done that, got the t-shirt, and sold it on ebay.  geez, just like he said, caught in that same damn old circuit/circle again.  never gets anybody anywhere, but back here in another physical body again.  no way on that next time, not even gonna participate.  dont care what happens, not even gonna do it.  i will say, tho, im not trying to insert HER programming into us, ppl here r too smart for that.   and it is late in the game, but thats why its so interesting, i saw her stuff yrs ago, but didnt remember til lately.  the point being, that it is unifying now to be sharing it/posting excerpts from it, it helps me now to be more in unity, and less separatist.  so it can be critiqued, components can be critiqued now, as everybody is so much more "caught up" than in yrs before.  do u see that?  when a few yrs back, there were fewer sites, with less info.  and no good place to bring them forth.  i could tell u that i even liked drunvalo melchizedek's stuff aabout 10 yrs ago.  now im way more skeptical as i have learned more on the melchizedekian priesthood thru the yrs.  i still love the C's, and i think LKJ is a smart woman, even tho she does things i wouldnt agree with. see what i mean?

now there r so many sites, and stuff is culminating so well, and thats why i used some of her stuff, to expedite more discussion.  it brings us closer to unification if we can cross-reference everything.  i think its beneficial to check out all kinds of sites and works. discern all types, thats the whole point, to look at it all now, knowing what we know . as an example, i found a totally cool place yesterday and posted snippets from it, but a 3rd of the way down the pg the dude started talking about real estate and yahweh, so i went, oh shit, here we go, heres his agenda.  darn it.  this frequently happens.  then im turned off and dont wanna see anymore, for that day.  altho in a difft frame of mind i might go back another time, to really get a more balanced opinion. but overall, when ppl talk of yahweh then my real interest and trust in the material shuts off.  right then. and its too bad, as there is some good info in that disinfo.

i do see the warring sides at work in alot of material, with the need to punish and be punitive that is projected so willfully by these difft factions.  im not THAT aligned with any that i consciously know of, yet i think theres alot to be said about the system of the past that she talks of. all the starwars, some of the history.  i really think the gods did live and did influence man.  i feel really strongly on that, but then again, i grew up on hercules and samson. the iliad and the odyssey.  i had that when i was 6 so i am swayed in that direction. im formulated there and i admit that, but as long as i KNOW that and am not in denial then im on track.  i loved mythology as a kid, and still do, so even that may be/ have been influence by the theocrats to get me from an early age.  hey, dont know but could be, so im really tying it all together with WIH and that book really gets to me.  with both, there are major us against them themes, a persuasion for revenge, sorta, under the giuse of forgiveness.  is that what u see? some of her stuff looks rather "nationalistic" too which is so promoted here on earth.  there is a big draw to get the guilt goin towards some factions, by the other factions, who r inducing it.  thats why i said last time, that its reminiscient of arcturians, vs pleaidians, vs sirians, or therabouts.  thats what it sorta looks like to me.  the deal is to look at all the material, and keep looking.  thats all.  and none of us, particularly TP, and I, and free* world, and even Blue, as some of the ppl into that site lately, are gonna be honed in on joining or going to any of their stuff.  not even.  they wont get a dime out of us. we just read and discern, and since finding gibbon, the guy that broke away, i can see theres real dissension in her ranks, and that speaks volumes, it always does.  yet, he sorta rides a fence too.  its purposeful deception that really pisses me off. as TP put it up there.

i also agree with u on "the fall"  of man, into physicality, literally and metaphorically.  being in a physical body.  yes, no doubt on that.  and it would figure that  spirit would use DNA, yet i think spirit is IN DNA.  and i will also say, i dont think anybody has the absolute truth.  my problem is that i never write in a neutral non-passionate way, even tho i said i was gonna, i just cant and wont tone down.  i cant seem to help myself.  must be the damn progesterone.  i have been tortured for that, i have been beaten to death on that many times, dont care.  i am very hormonal, so just ignore me.  maybe that looks like promotion of material, but its really more like HEY PPL--LOOK WHAT I FOUND, even if its only a turd that hardened and looks like piece of ebony now. just excitement on finding something that cross referenced in.  i will email u tho just to see what u can share with me, as i have a feeling u know plenty on these ppl.  i will take the learning, anyway i can get it.

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Re: Magnetics and Ascension

now u just know ole jim jones is in theocrat heaven right as we speak, and his followers are there, gorging him, plumping up his great gut probably, as are the ppl that shot em, if dead CIA by now. and cant u just see it?  that was a mind control experiment gone wrong, and he went mainly to black neighborhoods in long beach, CA to get that going.  i had a friend once who's mother was in it.  evangelicals, money, power, deceit.  CULT. ?practice.

and TP--i loved that movie.  alot.  i cried at the mother trapped thing.  if we ever end up at the bar toegether at the NR conference, i gotta tell u about Kenny, the psychic--who called himself "the psychic to the stars"  he was one of my pts and he was really good at pastlife readings, and amazing seer, but he had other probs which got him in a mess o' trouble.  but it was really strange that the stuff he told me about some of my own family stuff, ended up looking just like the trapped mother in that movie.  and, if i hadnt seen that movie, then i wouldnt a known what he meant and foresaw.  man, what a congruency.  it still freaks me to this day, that he had it so right.  it all ties in , helluva movie.  and the biological ascension thing goes with the deal that "Its never done before thing"  the whole idea being as the C's said, we get to live in it, this time, when in the old days/times, u had to more or less, die, to get to that realm.  this time we get to go in ALIVE.  hey==WE GET out of this alive this time.  thats why im not paying off my house, in the next 10 yrs or under.  no need.  i even tried to talk us out of buying a new furnace/Ac unit this summer.  i go why?  we only have a few more yrs, i hope i hope i hope.  its a waste of money, but we got a new one anyway.

then again, what if a potato is worth more than a diamond again, then, like with WWII in germany.  ppl would walk down the road with wheelbarrows full of cash and it was worthless, but a fight would ensue over a potato.  crap--to be prepared or not, to ascend or not.  who cares if its magnetic or crystalline or not.  clues clues clues.  it is so hard aint it?  since it is all i care about, nothing better to do.  i hope i dont get majorly disappointedly surprised, and end up having to be the poor man's doc in my neighborhood, with a bunch of busted up survivors, talk about finishing a service cycle.  how appropo.  i think im getting out and i end up doing all this survivor service on the damn way out, and there is no out, as expected. and i gotta poop in a bucket on the sideyard.  man ill be pissed.  ill have wished i was in theocrat heaven by then maybe.  its so damn confusing.  yet, i want to hurry this up, and i have to say, that i read on gibbon's site i think, that to want ascension just as a rescue measure, or as an escape is really really wrong and bad and it wont work or something like that so we better watch out, eh?!  i say let the SHTF.  and quit dilly dallying 3d.  geez, ever seen such a hanger on mentality as this?  thats a new theme then--ARRESTED and BOOKed, imprisoned for wanting to kill 3d.

GNOTHI SEAUTON "Know Thyself!"