Topic: Getting a quick return on your money? (Need money to make money)

I often hear the term "You need money to make money".  Well, I understand the principle - long term investments, stocks and shares etc...but when it comes down to it I really don't have a clue.  Long term investments seem...well...too long.  Stocks and shares are risky - fair enough - but where to start?  I look at websites, magazines or newspapers, I take a search on Google - and the whole situation just seems overly complex and full of gobbledegook!

Then there is the possibility of trading currency - this looks a good oppertunity, but when it comes down to it - it's almost as messy as stocks and shares.

So what am I missing here?  I need money to make money - well I still have a small bit laying around and before it goes I want to do something with it.  Where do I start?  What possibilities are there?

I really don't believe it is as complicated or risky as it is made out to be.  People have been making lots of money for too long now for it to be that complex.  It seems to me that it is surely just a case of knowing what to do.

...and I don't know what that is.  I don't even know where to start looking.

So - anyone here able to give some pointers?  I have the money - now how can it make me more??

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Re: Getting a quick return on your money? (Need money to make money)

Hi Marcus the only advice on this subject is find a person that has made bundles and find out how they did it, their are a lot of scamers so beware. I have no personal experince with stocks but have read a lot and find that it seemes complicated my brain can not comprehend so don't mess with it. Also think about (IF) (small word Big meaning) the econmy goes down hill stocks do to, have noticed that wall street is up and down so short term buy and sell IF you know when to buy and when to sell would be to your advantage. Here is a site that you can experiment with.                                                                                  &
Their are more if you goggle or altavista or any other search. (If) you use the sites give a email address that you do not care about= if it gets flooded it does not matter and if you give your adress they will send you mail=fire starters. Sorry could not help more. Wish you the Best.

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Re: Getting a quick return on your money? (Need money to make money)

1. Hustle
2. Gamble
3. Play Poker
4. Invest

1. Could be done if you know the right kind of people (bad gambler types). eg my dad thinks that if 20 cars enter a race, each car has a 1/20 change of winning. Easy money.
2. > World Cup > Top Scorer > Michael Owen 19-1 > fill your boots (this is a hunch, but it's a good hunch. Previous hunches include econominc crash christmas 2004, enter the tsunami. Political leader being assasinated early 2005, Arafat pops his clogs. Chavez to be assasinated, this was in a dream and is unresolved, as he's still breathing)
3. Hard way to make easy money. Will require a modest investment of $200 and lots of time.
4. Total novice on this

Re: Getting a quick return on your money? (Need money to make money)

Potential reward generally equals potential risk.

Stocks that can make you quick money can cause you to lose that money just as quickly.

Here are the few facts I know about investing.

1)  Pay off your debt ASAP because debt payments are after tax money. 
     ie. You had to earn 15 thousand dollars to pay off that 10 thousand dollars of mortgage.
          The tax man took the rest.

2) The index will beat 80 percent of the mutual funds.
     Mutual funds have something called management expense ratios (MER).
     That is a 2 to 3 percent fee that the fund pays to the management company to handle the fund. If you were to buy the index instead of a mutual fund you would only be paying about .5 percent MER since no thought is needed by the manager. The index fund is the top 30 companies of that index. (Dow Jones link below.). This is the main reason that the index beats 80 % of mutual funds. … c2coff%3D1

3) On average, the DOW Jones goes up 8 % yearly.
    Inflation is about 3 % yearly so you are making about 5% of pre tax money, yearly.

4) The index doubles every 10 years.

There is no easy money.

Re: Getting a quick return on your money? (Need money to make money)

Hey Google,

I agree with #1 above as a starting point and also with other points made on the buy silver thread by tenet and ----.

Potential reward generally equals potential risk.

I agree..

Each person has to come to terms with their risk tolerance. And their ability to handle losses.

There is no easy money.

I disagree

Get a government job. Inherit money and knowing how (having a mentor) to invest in whatever vehicle you choose helps.

If you buy something because you really, really, really want to invest...that is probably the worst time to buy. Knowing how and when to buy is when you make your money no matter what vehicle you choose for investing!....silver may still be a good investment but about 4-5 years ago it was half the price it is know. Coins and art were probably cheaper too. So was Oil( more like a 1/3 to a 1/4).

Stocks if you know your plan and how to identify your entry then on average you should make money...but it depends on you and your system.

You really can buy real estate with nothing down or minimal down. Or invest in real estate without actually buying any "real" lein certificates.

Mutuals funds can be  worth while IF they are a NO LOAD and you have no desire for any other vehicle. ETF's can be good, again if you know your system/plan they can move like stocks.

You have 3 outlets to gain income...Employment work/ W2
                                                   Entrepreneur : starting a business tax benefits, income character changing/ income splitting
                                                   Real : Stocks, bonds, houses etc,

now there can be overlaps with these but those are the basics. each have their own time frame...working and "saving" taking the longest.

It can be a toss up between entrepreneur and "real" because here "it depends" is the most appropriate answer.

The three paths that effect the " it depends" are time, energy/ effort, and initial input of money. (sound familiar Andy wink ?)

Mostly no matter what path you choose you need a plan, time, energy effort to do it or learn it and an initial amount of money.

Just my thoughts from my meager experience.


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Re: Getting a quick return on your money? (Need money to make money)

Marcus wrote:

I have the money - now how can it make me more??

Follow your bliss.  Follow your passion.  See if you can find a way to link what you really like to do with a way to make money.

If you maintain integrity, then you don't have to cheapen what you love.

Re: Getting a quick return on your money? (Need money to make money)

Thanks for the replies and suggestions.

So it seems it is best to go for multiple streams of income, even if some of them only make small amounts of money.  At least to start with.  Also for me motivation is a big issue.  If I have to start something now for example and I won't see a return for 3 - 6 months+ it gives me less inclination to go ahead with it.

But saying that - I always look back and think "If I did this 3 months ago..."

Well I have a few ideas and have even got a few things going.  The biggest aspect for me to get past though is promotion / advertising etc.  (increasing awareness of my services / products etc).

Also as in another thread buying gold and silver is always good - though that is more of a long term thing really...

Re: Getting a quick return on your money? (Need money to make money)

hey man the solution is before your ayes man
GOLD AND SILVER dude, and REAL ONE, buy it and keep with you.
a big NO to stock markets, because the owners of them are the same people and
they will know exactly WHEN to sell or buy before the crash, to make the profits.

Re: Getting a quick return on your money? (Need money to make money)

There is a saying on Wall Street and I have learned this from bitter experience: "pigs get fed, hogs get slaughtered."  The most important things (besides not being attached to money) are preservation of capital and maintenance of a steady high income.