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Here are links to interviews with Michael Tsarion that goes into enlightening insights to the history of man and other such info.

Pretty darn interesting.  I'm sure some of you have heard these and this might even be here somewhere on this site but here they are .......enjoy.

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This should make it easier to get to the interviews

CLICK HERE - to hear Michael's full interviews - on Coast to Coast, the Rense Show, and with Chris Prillio

If the "click here"  doesn't turn into a link when I submit this then just go to the former link that I posted and scroll down till you see the "CLICK HERE" to here interviews on the page I linked to.

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thanks Joe.  I bought this book and am reading it... also listening to Michael T's interview on Rense.  Thank you very much for the link.

Micheal has some really interesting ideas and insight into our probable True history.  Though some aspects of the book are cumbersome and he often repeats the quotes he uses a couple times, it is really mind-expanding.  It is helping me understand more about where the ego really comes from... deep down in our genetic roots... and why we really have this battle between ego and spirit, all of us...  Eye-opening to say the least.

The direct link to his powerful Rense interview (there are other interviews I haven't gotten into too.)

PS - Micheal Tsarion has a 6-DVD set being released on April 27!  Check out

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whenever i've tried to watch or read tsarion i get a bad feeling... just something amiss.. i stop there. icke is interesting though.