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Topic: Notching and A Secret of Spirituality

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*Take a blank sheet of paper: This represents The ALL Possible, no Parameters established.

*Along the bottom, draw a scale: On the left note (-), on the right note (+): This sets the parameters to Polarity / Duality.

*In the center of the page, make a Dot: This represents the Spark of YOUR Awareness, YOUR ESSENCE, come to Chart the Experience of Duality (and maybe something Deeper).

*From the Dot, draw a line angled toward the (-) and another angled toward the (+): From the entire scale, this is the area you will experience / work with *Initially*. This area becomes the Realm of Probability.......

*The Idea of Notching is to use Love (Caring), Light (Information) and Will (Intent Backed by Action) to Move / Notch YOUR Entire Experience to the Right (+): Whereby: The (-) Becomes less (-) and the (+) Becomes more (+). (-)Experiences that were probable are no longer there and (+)Experiences that were just out of reach or not even considered Become Probable.

*An example would be Working with Water: Out of the tap, it has a certain potential / probability - Using YOUR Tools, YOU Notch it from that state to a Higher one.......

*This is a Linear Perspective.

*From a Higher Perspective, this takes on the Appearance of a CONE (maybe it's 4 units along the base and 9 units on the slope): In this Sense, the DOT / YOUR ESSENCE Looks and Acts like a SINGULARITY, like The ESCHATON - A "Cosmic Vacuum" TRANSDUCING and SYNERGIZING what is / was into Someting Different.......

*Consider: In the Cocoon, as the Caterpillar Dissolves, nothing is added : the Codes / Blueprints were established Before it ever came into Being. The Caterpillar was absolutely necessary for What Comes Next.......


"It's not about fixing, It's about CHANGE."

"When YOU Heal (CHANGE) YOURSELF, there is More Health in the World, not just one more Healthy person, More Health in the World."   *Lazaris*



>>>So Frank,

Since this is a new idea for me, would you mind sharing how you would move toward the positive? I need something more tangible to understand, which is probably not easy, but if you could explain a little more, I would appreciate it.



A Secret of Spirituality:


In a sense, it's automatic, it's an Intrinsic aspect of Who WE Really Are - It's DESTINY - It Becomes Empowered Destiny when you Consciously use your Tools of: LOVE, LIGHT and WILL - Keep in mind that that from a Deeper Perspective, you are constantly INTEGRATING the (+) AND the (-) and ALCHEMICALLY BLENDING them into something NEW.

As Caterpillars (EMPATHS), WE have moved through this SET TRANSDUCING the positive and negative just by living our lives - And NOW, via the TIME CODES, the Hypothalamus is starting to Secrete and what has been is starting to DISSOLVE.......This LIFETIME is the COCOON - The RECAPITULATION prior to DEPARTURE.......

The NOTCHING Triangle/Cone is actually 1/3 of a larger picture:
During '86, I was listening to a tape and heard the following statement: "One of the Secrets of Spirituality is that the Tree of Life is drawn upside-down with it's Mirror Image Above and Below".......

I stopped the tape and decided to draw this - rather than trying to draw trees, I let a equilateral triangle represent a tree - so the base would point up and the apex down.......So draw three vertical triangles: the middle is the Tree of Life so it's drawn upside-down: apex pointing up, base pointing down (i.e. the NOTCHING triangle/cone) -The bottom triangle touches base to base, the top triangle touches apex to apex - these are the Mirror Images.

Over the ensuing years, for me, this came to represent:

The Apex of the bottom triangle is a White Hole, “exploding"  (in this Set) into the Exploration / Experience of Polarity / Duality: 1 Became 3 Became 7 Became Many - as WE Explored Both the (-) and the (+) in a Spiraling, Diverging way.

The base, shared by the bottom and middle triangles represents the Limit of Exploration and the Event Horizon of a Black Hole - Having gained the Wisdom and In-Sight, WE Exercise OUR Free Will and step ACROSS into the middle triangle and start Spiraling in the opposite direction, Converging toward the Apex - The Singularity / Eschaton:  Many Became 7 Became 3 Became 1 - The CAPSTONE of this Apex is Where / What WE are NOW.

The top triangle touches the middle one Apex to Apex and represents another White Hole - EMERGENCE from the COCOON into a VIRGIN FUTURE.......




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Re: Notching and A Secret of Spirituality

Vade Meccum Volventibus Annis

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Phlux wrote:

Vade Meccum Volventibus Annis

Which Translates to: ??????? tongue

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Re: Notching and A Secret of Spirituality

SiriArc wrote:
Phlux wrote:

Vade Meccum Volventibus Annis

Which Translates to: ??????? tongue

"Come with me and travel in a circle (or revolving) in our time of life, age or circuit". It seems that Phlux wants you to join him in his quest and go the full circle or find out it is circle.  That's the best I can do SiriArc.


Re: Notching and A Secret of Spirituality

This article was written by Owen Waters, author of
'The Shift: The Revolution in Human Consciousness'


How to Heal the World:

The Shift to the New Reality has been gaining speed for many
years. We have entered a phase of The Shift which is now
bringing rapid transformation to our world.

In physics, transformation emerges from within chaos. The
existence of chaos is not an option, it's just the way the
universe works. The global chaos that we are experiencing is,
according to physics, normal. From mankind's point of view,
to put it in everyday parlance, this is not a good thing.
The effects can range from mild discomfort to extreme trauma.

The good news is that the energy of transformation can express
itself at many levels. The energy has to go somewhere, so if
the energy of transformation fails to find expression at a
higher frequency level, it will spiral downwards until it
does find an outlet for its expression. But it can be absorbed
and used at the spiritual level, diverting any need for
physical upheaval.

The energy of transformation can be channeled into a spiritual
focus, into emotional release or it can be allowed to manifest
in the only remaining field of popular action, the physical
world. There it will erupt through emotion-driven, physical
phenomena - volcanic eruption, earthquakes and violent storms,
for example. All of these "natural" disasters are driven by
the chaotic emotional energy of mankind. All of them can be
healed and prevented when people channel enough spiritual
energy to soothe the chaos.

Today, it is more important than ever to send healing
energies into the world. If enough people enter their
inner, spiritual space regularly, then the incoming energies
of transformation can be expressed on a spiritual level.

You can make all the difference in the world today when you
help balance the incoming energies of transformation by using
the following technique.

The Infinite Being Heal the World Technique:

Reconnect with your spiritual source daily. Use the Infinite
Being meditation from the InfiniteBeing.com web site, or your
own meditation technique, the first thing every day. Make it a
habit, a part of your morning routine.

End your meditation session by spending time in gratitude for
life, nature and the Infinite Being from which you
materialized. Let a sense of gratitude for everything in
your life fill your heart.

Then, intend world peace and enlightenment. Send this
intention out into the world as love energy through the
heart chakra just in front of your breastbone.

This alone would be enough to make a big difference in the
world today. However, by adding a third component to the
technique, it becomes enormously powerful and effective.

Powerful acts of creation all have three essential components
- intent, feeling and motion. Those are the only three tools
which Infinite Being used to create the universe and
everything within it. That's how powerful those three
components are, when used together in equal balance.

So far you have set the first component,

(1) Your intention - world peace and enlightenment.

You have also set the second component,

(2) A love-inspired environment - gratitude for the universe
and everything in your life.

Now, it's time for the third component,

(3) Action. It is time to move that energy, in large
quantities, into the global mind atmosphere surrounding the
Earth. This is how:

On every in-breath, imagine white light from the Cosmos
entering your crown chakra, above the head, and traveling
down your spine to the level of your heart, then traveling
forward into your heart chakra, just in front of your

At the same time, see white light from the Earth entering the
base of your spine and traveling up the spine, then forward,
to merge with the cosmic energy in the heart chakra.

The energies of the Cosmos and the Earth will fuse together
and cause an energetic reaction at the frequency of the heart
chakra. This fusion forms a ball of energetic white light in
the heart chakra.

With every out-breath, send the power of this energetic
reaction out to the world. Direct it as a beam of white light
from your heart chakra, out into the world.

Continue this in-breath, out-breath cycle for at least five
minutes each morning and you will not only help heal the
world, you will change your entire day for the better.

The universe reflects who you are. When you practice healing
the world, by automatic reflection, you heal who you are. Any
and all issues which have been challenging for you will move
closer towards resolution as you help the world in this way.

There's nothing like starting your day helping to heal the
world in these critical days of transformation. It's one of
those things that brightens your day and makes you feel good
to be alive.


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Re: Notching and A Secret of Spirituality



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Re: Notching and A Secret of Spirituality

Cool stuff. Yeah, I remember telling this random guy out of nowhere at a party about the significance of this shirt he was wearing. It was a tree with a plus sign in the middle...so I asked him "What's that on your shirt". He said "Oh, it's just a skateboarding company". I replied "Yeah, but it's got some pretty cool symbols on it. The plus is the union of the heavens (vertical) and Earth (horizontal), female/male energy, the four winds, like ying and yang. The tree..well, it's actually upside down. You see the top-point of it? That's our waking-selves, the point we perceive the world with, and the roots of the tree symbolize how we need the energy of the cosmos, of life, and of eachother, to survive."
He was like "Whoa, never thought about that. Thanks man!".
So everything is connected, and whether you perceive this as a symbiotic or parasitical relationship depends entirely on your perspective.

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I know that picture, it is a July 2006 crop circle.
http://www.cropcircleconnector.com/2006 … 2006a.html

Bye, Pictus


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Re: Notching and A Secret of Spirituality


http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Epiphany_( … _Atlantis)


While scouting a planet by Jumper, the team notices what appears to be a massive crater on the surface. McKay asks to check out the rim of the crater as that he has detected energy readings, but once they get there, all they find is a doorway and some Ancient writing.

.......allowing Sheppard to pass through. A problem arises, however, when Sheppard is unable to pass back through the doorway, and suffers injuries from the stresses of the barrier. What is more troubling though, is that time within the barrier seems to be passing much faster than time outside the barrier.......

Trapped in a cave without food, water, or word from his team, Sheppard is discouraged. The arrival of the supplies helps, but when more days pass with no further contact, he's forced to seek food elsewhere. He discovers that, on the other side of the immense mountain range above him, the cave opens into a verdant valley.

.......the Ancients created this valley as a place for people to meditate on spiritual truths and, eventually, Ascend to a higher plane of existence. To Sheppard's horror, they add that, except by Ascending, no one can leave the valley.

Inside the field Teer confidently responds that her lifetime of spiritual practice has given her precognitive abilities. She has foreseen that Sheppard will defeat the beast and lead her people to Ascension. She also reveals that Sheppard's team will be attacked by the beast and so he moves to help them. But this time he gets help from the villagers who have realized that the beast is only a manifestation of their fears. Now that they have realized this they all ascend - and although he is offered to join them Sheppard declines. Instead he leaves the barrier which will however remain to help other people to ascend.

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Re: Notching and A Secret of Spirituality

This is fascinating stuff: well done everyone, especially you SiriArc! smile

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Re: Notching and A Secret of Spirituality


In reference to the line drawing you posted SiriArc.

Re: Notching and A Secret of Spirituality

Thank you for the articles and the information, very interesting!


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Just wanted to add to the visual aid base on this thread... wink


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