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I've been meaning to start a thread about this for many months. Better late than never, eh? big_smile

Things are moving so fast right now. Everything is changing before our eyes. All of us here know the basics, some knowing more than others. Tom and many other masters have shown us the knowledge and the way out.  For the truth seeker, this forum has been like candy to a kid. Ask and you shall receive. Reach out and it will be there.

Here we are taught to ask the right questions, to think for ourselves, to break out of the matrix. I do believe that we are the ones we've been waiting for this whole time.

I wanted to write about the Law of Attraction on the forum last year. Unfortunately, I was asleep for so long that when I did start to wake up, I didn't have time to start many threads because I was so busy catching up with you guys!  No time, I tell you. I am grateful that I found this place and am sad because I couldn't contribute very much. I was learning from you all and teaching in my little sphere. Not to mention trying to keep my body alive. wink 

Anyway, I wanted to start a thread about using the LOA to manifest a new creation, a new physical reality.  I felt very strongly that we should be using the laws to create a new dream. Then I thought that I might come across as hokey or new-agey or whatever. I was not sure when or how to bring it up.

Then low and behold, a thread about Dolores Cannon's books gets bumped up for me to read last month. I had not seen it before. Or if I had, I wasn't ready for it yet so my subconscious never prodded me to click on the thread.  But of course, all in good time my dear...

So in the past 2 weeks I've read four of these books. My thanks goes to Lyra for starting that thread, and to Darkstar for bumping it.  smile  I have to say that I'm blown away. I read "Keepers of the Garden", "The Custodians", and both "Convoluted Universe" books. I just finished the second one of that series last night during the lunar eclipse.

I guess I'll try to get to the point.  The last chapters in that book spurred me to come here and finally speak up on this.  The new Earth. That's the subject.  We all know that things have gotten so bad here that it is near irreversible. A wave or shift is coming/is already here. We are on the cusp and we came here to do the impossible.

Why not create the new reality/dream together? The more the merrier. If we each concentrate on what we DO want, then we can make the next dimension the place that we wish this place would be. 

I'm being as serious as the heart attack I almost had 2 weeks ago.  We can do this. Indeed, we MUST do this.  Tom has told us countless times that we have to raise our vibrations to make it in these challenging times. He's right, and we can use those to also create the new earth that will undoubtedly separate from the old earth. Even in the 33 arks, it talks about how we'll split off.  Okay, well where are we splitting to?? 

Here's just a few of my visions, but I urge you all to take the time to VISUALIZE your vision of the perfect reality/dream/existence.  Do this often, and use your whole heart and soul/spirit.

My perfect physical/semi-physical reality:

--Peaceful and civil ways of handling disagreements (which would be rare in the first place because of the higher vibrations and frequencies)
--Each person/family allowed their own bit of land to take care of and live off
--No killing necessary to fuel our bodies, or if we continued to eat meat, the animals would be treated fairly and humanely
--All are equal, in that we treat each other as we would want others to treat us. Fairness and honesty are the keywords
--No big brother! We are self-governing
--Each person doing their part to take care of each other, themselves, and the other living things
--Free, clean, and unobtrusive sources of energy
--Better yet, use cosmic energy for everything!
--Beautiful, clean, unspoiled planet, kept that way by all
--Respect for one another, for ourselves, and for all life including the planet
--Information is freely given to those that seek
--Everyone has access to knowledge and seeds, etc., so that we may all grow our own food
--Self sufficiency (as in not being co-dependant on the guv)
--Communities supporting each other
--Bartering instead of paper money
--Education available to all, regardless of differences and lack of money
--Able to control our own population. Bodies expire when we're bored and want to go to a different level; self-regulation so overcrowding is not a concern
--Plenty of food for everyone, and/or the ability to use cosmic energy as fuel
--Telepathic communication
--No disease. Death by this route not necessary because we control our population and therefore do not need these things to maintain balance
--A giant, beautiful bar called the Zen Den where we can all meet and talk about our adventures and nurse ourselves back to wholeness smile

These are just a few of the things that run through my head when I think about how and where I want to be.  Everyone can do this.  Just see how you want our new earth to be. Make it so.  This is our only hope for a home that is free of the bondage that has tied us down for so long.  Those crats think they have it all sewed up.  If they keep everyone thinking about the bad stuff, they'll win.  Well, we can play by our own rules. We'll make them up.  Playing by theirs hasn't gotten us anywhere. We use a different tactic. Use the back door. Sneaky-like....

So.  We can stay here and join the ranks of unfortunate souls who still need a few more lessons in the earth plane, or we can create our own new future earth.  What'll it be?  Let's step into the next dimension, shall we?

See ya on the other side! smile:)

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See you at the Zen Den big_smile

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Belly UP.  we're on our way.  that is FANTASTIC MANIFESTATION SEEKING.  and how it may never have been done before.  a New World.  guided and ruled by the hearts of Men.  by a new mankind.  a new firma terra.  manifested by choice, by vibrational frequency to make it so.  BY CHOICE.

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Such a great post Seeking the Truth, and this is exactly what's been on my mind this last 6 months or so. There's been quite a bit of whining here recently and I think several Noble Realms members (mostly the younger ones) are forgetting just how powerful we really are. I guess it's probably easy to forget if you're being slimed by negative entities, but the whole reason you're being slimed is because they're scared of how powerful you are!!

I truly believe in the law of attraction, or FRV or whatever you want to call, and we all need to be very clear about what we want to attract into our lives!

You reminded me that I actually wrote down a very similar idea many months ago because I think it's so important to clarify exactly what reality we want to move into. I think you nailed it better than I did, but here's a few notes I wrote in my notepad many months ago.

A New Earth - What do I want heaven on Earth to be?

- Joyful and wonder-filled
- harmonious - we all live in harmony with nature and with ecah other
- Peaceful
- Relaxed
- Fun
- Beautiful - no pollution
- Friendly - Everyone works to help each other
- Psychic - thoughts and feelings are easily read
- Unified - Countries may still exist but differences and diversity are celebrated. There are no divisions.
- Connected - Everyone knows and feels connected to each other and the godforce we originate from
- Purposeful - Everyone lives with a purpose

Anyway, thanks for reminding me of that!

Much love

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Yes For Goal Setting! Yeah Eyah Eyah Yeha Yeha Hyeah!!

"The universe is on fire with wonder, beauty, and ecstasy." - From the Undines to Humanity

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Great post! People who resonate with this thread and this idea in general might enjoy reading "The Handbook for the New Paradigm" and its two sequels; that's what the books are all about. Would anyone be interested in discussing this idea some more over in the Noble Dreams forum?

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Okay Seeking--Count me in!

lawofattraction--yes.  See you over there.

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If you are a believer in the coming wave then I feel it is important not to limit thinking linearly as in thinking in terms of what we want to see.  I think the way for us to fully "awaken" is to analyze what we believe to be sleep, or the imagination/dream world.  It is through this world that the next stage of conscious evolution of us takes place.  And what you believe about physicality will no longer be irrelevant if we do achieve this ascended state.  I have written more about it in post number five of this thread

Seeking, when I saw the other side I remember hearing "Chill out, relax, its all gonna be ok"  "Don't be so serious"  So if you almost had a heart attack, maybe this could be some advice for you.  I have this mental image of a really disciplined , intelligent, hard working stoner, as the way to "get there".  Freedom and relaxation, but hard working and diligent all rolled into one nice little package. 

And good luck to everyone on the future of their own New World.

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Hola friends smile

Thanks to all of you for your replies. I'm glad I won't be alone!  I will most definitely start a thread at ND linked back to this so that we can continue.  I thought of something else:

--Perfect weather!!!

Oh yeah... I will be so happy when I don't have to shovel snow, scrap ice off windshields, chop wood, and avoid newbies who don't know how to drive in the fluff!! Woohoo! lol

Seriously though. I hope nobody thinks that I am advocating complacency or just giving up on our current reality.  I will be the last to give up the fight to bring this place back to balance. I don't necessarily think that anything will happen in 2012. I just know I feel a change and everything that I've read has pointed to some kind of shift, at least in consciousness. So until then, I will continue to collect rainwater, grow some of my own food (wish I had more land), compost all of my kitchen scraps, hang my clothes out on the line when the weather agrees, recycle, reuse, use canvas bags for shopping, make my own clothing, continue to boycott wally world by shopping at locally-owned stores and the farmers market, blab my mouth to whomever has ears to listen, etc. 

I am being the change that I want to see in the world.  I have a water distiller that doesn't use electricity; a large pressure canner and tons of jars; a dehydrator for awesome food preservation; a deep freeze full of beef that came from a local farmer who doesn't poison and confine their animals; a medicine cabinet full of homepathic, herbal and even a couple pharmaceutical remedies (mostly pain meds for the pharma end, in case of emergency); a library of books on healing, self-sufficiency, and spirituality; subscriptions to mags like Mother Earth News, Backwoods Home, Countryside and S.S. Journal, and 2 herbal/alternative health magazines; and two garden plots and a coldframe made from salvaged material.  I'd say that's a pretty good start.  wink

On that note, I'd like to share with you a card that a friend gave me last year on my birthday; my new motto:

[center]risk more than others think is safe,

care more than others think is wise,

dream more than others think is practical,

expect more than others think is possible.

--cadet maxim[/center]

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Seeking the Truth wrote:

I will most definitely start a thread at ND linked back to this so that we can continue.

The discussion continues here.

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HEY! THIS IS MY DREAM TOO!!!LOL, i really enjoy this post good job.


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Awesome post and great vision, seeking.  I'm gonna work on making a similar list, and will surely be working on this with ya!

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lawofattraction wrote:
Seeking the Truth wrote:

I will most definitely start a thread at ND linked back to this so that we can continue.

The discussion continues here.

Sweet smile 

Thanks for the kind words everyone!  Let's keep up our vibes and break on through to the other side.  (and yes I know that Jim was allegedly a mind-control victim wink) It's all good, though...

All right, well this will be my last post here tonight. I would just like to thank Tom again for his outstanding service to humanity.  I never would have made it under the wire had it not been for montalk and this forum.  I owe you all a huge debt of gratitude.

Blessings and peace to you all,

The dove