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Topic: Casino Whoring for free money.

Casinos do many bonus offers to attract people to them. It's possible to deposit money and wager the required amount of money and profit because of the bonuses.

For example. Deposit $100 into Golden Palace and they will give you $300 extra as long as you wager $8000. Their edge on Blackjack is about 0.5%. So for every $8000 you wager, you'll get back $8000 x 99.5% = $7960. So you'll lose $40. However you'll also gain $300 for the bonus. So you'd be $260 richer. The 0.5% edge is assuming that you play perfect BlackJack, which can be done using a chart such as this one: http://www.casinobonuswhores.com/surrender-strategy.jpg

More information can be found at www.casinowhores.com

It's important that you wager only small amounts so that the variance is not too large. So if you deposit $100, bet $1 per bet 8000 times rather than $100 80 times.

Also, it's mind numbing playing so many hands of BlackJack, but if you're unemployed and haven't got anything better to do, this could be useful.

Happy gambling.

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